Dragon Ball Super episode 43 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 43 : “Goku’s “Ki” is Out of Control?! Looking After Pan is A Lot of Trouble”


  • Cabba


    “Legendary of Lucky”

    • LegendaryVegeta

      its me

  • Wiwin Sang Delegasi Gifted


  • Third. 🙂

  • 4th 😀

  • ⦕яǤ⦖


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  • Wheatbix

    FloydMoneymakerMayweather “woohoo aren’t you so special buddy……”

  • A Girl

    this ep was adorbs

  • Aw Wai Kit

    Le cute Pan

  • ⦕яǤ⦖

    Can’t go full screen.

  • WhyY?

    I can’t understand it. I am an American waiting for my fix. Why you call this subbed? it is not subbed. at least not yet

    • Grisha Diachenko

      stop crying omfg, have some patience. Don’t you have anything else to do?

      • SSJ-Mad

        how come a lot of people have the same profile picture?

      • LegendaryVegeta

        lol so many bardocks

  • Nunya Biznuss

    Um…it’s not subbed?

  • emille mcmillan

    Well I’m gonna go watch some Hentai till it comes out

    • Avinash Sharma

      did someone say hentai…….

      • emille mcmillan

        Yeah but I already fapped and let me tell u it wasn’t my proudest

        • lmao

        • csa

          do u have bf?

          • emille mcmillan

            I’m a guy,don’t tell me the name sounds like a girl own right?

          • Patrick Stark

            emille is a guys name if people wanna read it “emily” then they’re fools

        • Dr Dickass

          Ive fapped to worse

          • emille mcmillan

            Like what,that’s impossible I’m the one who tapped to worse hints like girls getting banged by tentacles lol

          • Dr Dickass

            boys who look like girls getting banged by tentacles

          • emille mcmillan

            Ok that shit is gay

          • Dr Dickass

            chicks with dicks, twice the fun

          • emille mcmillan

            Oh I thought u meant girls who are actually guys but if it’s like a curse and the girl has a dick dosent really make her a guy well what ever it’s fun to watch girl do each other

          • Dr Dickass


          • Dan Sword

            I’m fapping to worse right now.

      • terabaap

        bhai woh ladka hai..
        tera to ganda pachka ho gaya…. rolf

    • Son-Goku

      suggest me some.. I’m into hentai like.. aki sora, to love ru, kiss x sis, sexual persuit…

      • emille mcmillan

        Well to love ru and kiss x sis aren’t Hentai there ecchi not Hentai Hentai is where they do it for real and they show it well if u really want a Hentai /anime there’s always yosuga no sora that can be labeled as soft core porn because they don’t show anything

  • Avinash Sharma

    man, only fight scene are worth watching untill subs come out, but when episodes with only talking in it. ……..boring

    • Hassan Uchiha

      Are you stupid or something? Episodes like these are important for character development and it wasn’t boring at all. It was hilarious. You can’t just have a show where everyone is just fighting for no apparent reason now can you?

      • Hunter Patton

        ya but unless you understand Japanese a significant majority of the character development is lost because you have no clue what they are saying. I believe that is the point OP is trying to make with the “until subs come out” comment

        • Avinash Sharma

          yeah bro

      • Avinash Sharma

        are you stupid? i didnt say these eps are waste. i just told that only fight scenes are worth watching even before proper sub comes out , because in the eps where there is only talking, no one understands.

        • LjRoc23 .

          Episode was a waste. This was the opposite of character development. Piccalo use to be my favorite character. Now he’s literally the bud of Goku’s jokes. Nothing in this episode was worth seeing.

  • Mega Blaziken


  • Sleepy Champuru

    Did..Piccolo just school them in parenting? lmao.

  • Mystplayz

    It’s not subbed :/

    • SSJ-Mad

      is it now phag

  • SSJ-Mad

    Ok so how many more bad episodes do we have to put up with, man i wished i didn’t find out about black goku because that’s all i want to see!

    • Mao

      Thanks for openly sharing the information you regret knowing.
      That way you can spoil it for everyone

      • SSJ-Mad

        Lol you read the comments after the episode dum dum. not before you should know that.

        • Glenn De Breuck

          you are saying shit about black goku while there is nothing being said in this time of DBS, so basically everyone who refuses to know spoilers, are now fucked by your incredible stupid comment.

  • Hassan Uchiha


  • noskcile

    pan shall be a beast

  • 1080P Uploaded.

  • Sam Reader

    Baby pan stronger than one punch man. Haha

    • no


  • Faiz Sayed

    “i didnt just come here to see your sagging breasts” -goku2k16

    • Patrick Stark

      He’s an accidental pimp.

    • disqus_z7oJUkLJVV

      saiyans are savage by nature

    • Frank Daniel Boguszewski

      Such an utterly hilarious and insightful comment. Such intellectual prowess. uhh…. you millennials got jokes. I wish you’d look in your drug pipes for 5 brain cells to rub together.

      • Kahmad

        It was a simple comment, the fuck you being an ass about it for?

        • Dan Sword

          Yeah. Evidently, he has some lofty expectations for this site which is dedicated to the theft of a cartoon show.

          • Black Bird

            Lol don’t you just love the people who believe that unless you say everything in an insightful or eloquent manner then you have the intelligence of a mop and bucket? Frank’s insecurities about his intelligence shine like a super nova off one comment.

          • Dan Sword

            The only people who think that way are insecure idiots who are just barely smart enough to know deep down how stupid they are. They are constantly fronting by constantly using the most complex language that they are capable of using (which usually isn’t terribly complex). This strategy is incredibly transparent and only outs people as *secret morons*.

          • dpb

            Dan Sword – you win the internet sir

        • simon


      • Damha B

        He was quoting a line from the show you numbnuts. Millenials are 18-34 so hes as much a mellenial as yourself. Not to mention, thank you for demonstrating how much more insightful you yourself are you confused pseudo intellectual tard.

        Drug pipes? Do you have the vocabulary of a 5 year old and the logic of a 1 yr old?

        p.s those were all rhetorical questions so dont bother answering bitch

    • Hentai Master

      When he says it in dubbed it’s fucking hilarious he says it in a deep tone and it’s amazing

      • Larkspur94

        but the dubbed isn’t out yet. where did you hear this?

  • Dragóóóón

    Hmm.. Pan can fly already.. Maybe a bit too much,

    • in ya face

      pan has already turned into a ss1 so no its not.

      • Dragóóóón

        She has not lol, never. maybe in some fanmade stuff.

        • k

          in videls stomach

          • Dragóóóón

            That’s actually cuse she absorbed A LOT of Engery from Goku, Vegeta, Gohan. Trunks, Goten. also why Videls hair was glowing Golden like a super saiyan, and shes a Human.

    • Dreadkos_Otherworld★

      In the last DBZ manga she was 4, and she flew apparently quickly aroud the entire Earth and she knocked a grown man flat (according to her family’s cheers, she could’ve even killed him)
      I don’t think this is too much.

      • Sully “Saulty”

        That was GT, not DBZ

        • Trae Jimenez

          you’re wrong, it WAS dbz. Read the manga. i own it and am looking at it right now

  • Eryk Ross

    Yknow, couldn’t they have just sensed where Pan was?

    • SSJ-Mad

      man exactly, or sense she powered up

    • Potato Pirate

      Not strong enough to sense.

  • Son-Goku

    Now pan can flew.. wtf.. they are making super saiyan a joke. !

    • Mao

      remember when goten and trunx couldn’t fly?
      wtf is up with this?

    • disqus_z7oJUkLJVV

      maybe she can fly but doesn’t have super saiyan?

    • SSJ-Mad

      I know right, if she can fly as a baby imagine what she is like as a kid, she will be unstoppable! yeah right, knowing Toriyama she will end up like Gohan.

      • Dan Sword

        She sorta *did* end up like Gohan. Pan is weak-sauce all through GT. *Somebody* certainly doesn’t think that girls & boys are equals in everything ;p

  • Juan Gabriel Martinez Rodrique

    Babysitter Piccolo should be one of Toriyamas one shot mangas.

  • Son Edward

    I love that Piccolo and Gohan are still close! It’s kool to see how much Piccolo cares, to go from evil, to being a babysitter and part of the world’s most unorthodox family!

  • Avinash Sharma

    i dont get it.. whats with all these bardock profile pics? it was goku day last week. not bardock day

    • LegendaryVegeta

      yeah no love for vegeta

      • Dan Sword

        Mister Vegeta. sir! I would be honored if you would spit in my mouth please, sir!

  • 8bitretro 69

    was the animation drawn by a 5 year old because this is terriblle

    • Saitama Hero

      IF you are going to insult the animators atleast make it a good one. Please show us one drawing the looks like one of these frames.

      • 8bitretro 69

        compared to dbz, super is fucking terrible

  • WandererD

    Ah, such a better sub than last time, glad to see you guys are back on your quality stuff! Although, I have to admit, 12:37 made me chuckle a bit.

  • Russell *

    I didn’t watch 43 yet, but i heard about it from my friend…. This episode is for all of you pedophiles….

  • disqus_z7oJUkLJVV

    Why is Krillin’s daughter poking the smiley face poopie

  • beatleboy13

    Another Filler Episode next week. -sigh-

  • Jaki May

    I liked this one. We need more like this, just more peaceful episodes with funny and heart-warming scenes.

  • Dan Sword

    Whoooaaaaa-oooooohhhh-oooh-oooooh! Whoaaaaaa-oooohhh-oooooooh-ooooh!

    That was the most worthless post-arc episode in all of Dragon Ball Z (and Super) as far as I can remember – and that’s saying something (post-arc episodes are always snooze-fests where nothing whatsoever happens). But damn… Nuuuuuuh-uuuuuh-uuuuuh-thing at all happens in this episode..!

    • Amy Westerbank

      As someone who watched the original run, I’m kind of glad that Toriyama isn’t just throwing endless episodes of fighting at us and expecting us to not complain. In this one we actually get plot development. The characters get arcs and everything introduced so far has purpose for later. So what if it’s not always action and violence? Maybe your memory isn’t so great but the fights in DBZ were almost painfully long. For instance, if you remove all the extra bits and just focused on the fight, Cell vs Gohan was 2 hours and 23 minutes long. If you divide just the fight by the minutes of runtime a typical episode has (About 19 minutes after removing opening and ending credits) this comes out to 8 episodes dedicated to the two basically punching back and forth and little else. Goku vs frieza, with all the fluff removed, was a staggering 4 hours 13 minutes and 45 seconds long. That comes to 13 episodes of them just fighting and that’s it. To say nothing of the intermediate plot in between. Further, most of Dragon ball had little violence overall and the action was clustered around specific moments, with fights rarely lasting more than 10-20 minutes. So when people complain about worthless post arc episodes and nothing whatsoever happening, I invite you to watch all 153 episodes of the original dragon ball anime and let me know how much “Something happens” during that series.

  • Kartikey Seth

    its so cute that piccolo cares so much for pan

  • Zexelrob master of the bird


  • Nathaniel Montalbo

    Any video of dragon ball supper wont play. Any solution/s?

  • campking

    omg gokus face at 7:00 was the most depressed face ever

  • campking

    freakin piccolo and his child loving self

  • campking

    strongest baby to ever live

  • Amy Westerbank

    “I have things to do too” Piccolo
    “Like what, stand in the middle of the wasteland and pretend to plan world domination?” – Nail
    “Shut up nail!” – P
    “I for one am hoping he will go out to see that new Por- I mean, new movie” K-S

  • ultimatecurse

    this show is starting to get ridiculous now babies are super saiyans haha

  • Dat dude

    Was Pan looking at her future of taking to the stars….but GT has nothing to do with this right?

  • Shahid Ahmed


  • FriendsCallMeBatman

    Broken iFrame.

  • JefferyMuterx13

    King Kai doesn’t sound bad anymore!!!! He can yell again!!!!


    I just watched a flying baby… A FREAKING FLYING BABY!!! it’s like baby geniuses all over again.

  • Michael Lindelauf

    piccolo the super nanny XD