Dragon Ball Super episode 47 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 47 : “SOS from the Future! A Black New Enemy Appears!”


  • Cabba


    “Legendary of Lucky” gg guy

  • Goodwork

    Is Trunks in Super Saiyan Blue form?

    • Zack Harris

      No; that is what color his hair was meant to be but Toei fucked it up in Z. He is just regular normal Trunks.

      • SSJ-Mad

        No SSB is his base form Toriyama said so

        • Justin S


    • SSJ-Mad

      Yes SSB is his base form its confirmed


        thats the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard.. his hair would be standing just like any of his other ssj forms.. he just has blue hair.. thats def no SSB, don’t u ppl know anyhing about DB?


          its impossible for him to be SSB for one.. you have to have 5 other saiyans give another one energy.. and he’s the only saiyan alive

          • Connor Burge

            Vegeta has SSB and he got there on his own without the borrowed energy of saiyan’s

          • SSGBardock

            Plus isn’t Bulma’s hair blue? He could have the same hair as his mums

          • The ultimate SSJ

            So Bulma is also SSB OH GOD!! LoL!!

          • Predator

            Lol sure this would be great

          • Ryan Smith

            It is completely impossible for future Trunks from DBZ to be SSB, this is because he didn’t go through the SSGSS process due to being from a different timeline therefore no god ki therefore no SSB

          • SSJ-Mad

            He is the same Trunks from the present timeline, he already learnt SSB years ago, its confirmed.

          • HZGrenade

            No its not go kys.

          • The ultimate SSJ

            Yeah.. y this people arguing that Trunks is SSB, theres still no information about his new look..

          • Remember goku and vegeta train with whis

          • theschooler

            little slow there aren’t you vegeta wan’t given any energy at all super sayian blue is them tapping into god energy combined with super sayian blue so yes it is possible ya derp

          • Justin S

            I agree with LifeLongFan on the fact that trunks isnt a ssgss or ssb but also agree with The Schooler on the fact that vegeta learn ssgss with whis on his own. So you guys are both half right. But we cant be1a 100% sure until ep 47 airs.

      • Lowell

        LOL it is NOT confirmed! He is not in Super Saiyan Blue smh

        • Justin S

          U strongly agree with Lowell lol Its just toriyama being toriyama ha.

          • Justin S


        • SSJ-Mad


          • Justin S

            NO TRUNKS IS NOT SSB!!! You will be proven wrong in 20 minutes lol

          • SSJ-Mad

            The whole episode will be of Z fighters collecting vegetables dude, wait till episode 48 haha

          • Justin S

            Your a troll you know nothing about the series little girl

      • Justin S


  • Master Ricky Khang

    oh boy cant wait for episode 47

  • Dexter Fox

    Whoa.. Too much hype for episode 47.. ” Future trunks ARC”

  • Dexter Fox

    Whoa.. Too much hype for episode 47.. ” Future trunks ARC”

  • Angelo Regene Hermoso-Tarre

    the enemy they mentioned could it be dark gouku?

    • SSJ-Mad

      Its the dark dragon of Trunks Timeline. that Absorbs anything worthy, it absorbs Bulma but trunks escapes and so it makes a time machine to find Trunk

      • Justin S

        False information

        • SSJ-Mad

          its just my theory man

          • Justin S

            False theory

          • SSJ-Mad


  • akira toriyama disappoints again

    • hitsugaya main

      i wanna kill you, you piece of shit, akira made an awesome choice with returning future trunks to the dragon ball series, plus if you didnt know future trunks is his fave character and mine too

      • Crappy Gamer

        ya you’re right returning trunks is a good idea fuck you weld9legend thank you Akira.

      • dam you take this shit too seriously. go jack off to hentai you non getting pussy fuck boy

      • guru

        piccolo is toriyama’s favorite

      • Zach Sixx Biersack

        Please shut the fuck up and see whats happening in 47 fucking fools dont know the shit fight like hoes bitch pussy retards just wait and see fucking crazy cunts..

    • The ultimate SSJ

      Just fuck-off if u dont like it, then dont watch DB series again..

      • oh go fuck yourself yo gay bitch! i wouldn’t been here if i didn’t like DBS
        akira toriyama still disappoints

        • The ultimate SSJ

          akira toriyama disappoints? to what? he?

          • Bakatyler

            I mean… the Buu saga was kind of a disappointment. and the first two sagas of DBS were disappointing if you didn’t know that they where just copying the movies.

        • The ultimate SSJ

          thats the ultimate shit ass ive ever heard in the history of humanity

    • Zach Sixx Biersack

      he never disappoint us:)

  • Jack Gomari

    hey guys take care with your mouth dont use bed words because childrens may wach this cartoon i dont know way i cant play it show just the black page nothig els


      fuck you don’t you bad words i’ll say whatever I want bittttch!


      • James Doucet

        “Takes you to grammar school”

        • The ultimate SSJ

          WTF!! and you think that your grammar and spelling is correct? lol ..go study kid

      • Jack Gomari

        excuse me what is this why do u offend me i did not to u pleas dont effend people its not good

        • cellza

          it wont play because the episode isnt out yet. theres a countdown

          • Jack Gomari

            thank you so much im so galde so have people like you in here with all respect from my side 😀

      • SSJ-Mad

        You need church

        • Justin S

          You need to get smart and stop being a troll and stop fucking lying

          • SSJ-Mad

            Troll? no justin, its just my theory

          • Justin S

            Ok wrong theory

  • donte

    Haha dbz is adult swim haha

  • James Doucet

    Holy crap, you guys are making it embarrassing to like Dragon Ball.

    • Xman321

      …what do you mean?

  • Justin S

    im goku and im insane

    • Justin S

      “Vegeta” He means saiyan. . .

  • Tyler Darmon

    i dont care if its not in english sup. i will still watch it.

  • Caleb Macdonnell

    I’m back friends! The episode will begin with Hit removing the king of all’s heart and returning to his hideout on Dagobah. Future Trunks has heard about Hit and intends to stop him. Little does he know that the Earth he is returning to has been wiped out by none other than the nerd (Gohan) who has been hiding as Broly for many years. He sheds tears at his unloving father’s death and swears revenge on the nerd. Most of all, he blames Goku’s parenting as he knows the feeling of being neglected as a child. He sets out to destroy Goku, Hit and the nerd. Along the way, he discovers a way to resurrect one person of his choosing. He stupidly chooses Piccolo. They arrive on Dagobah. Piccolo screams. It is too late… Trunks turns round to witness the machete being withdrawn from Piccolo’s heart. A black hand grips the handle. “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii” greets…. Mr Popo….

    • Tuchdown

      I think evil goku might kill beerus

      • Richard Leal

        In this timeline, Goku is already dead. Maybe black magic brings him back? Maybe Beerus brings goku back just so he can do his bidding?

        • Caleb Macdonnell

          Beerus is living as a black market wasabi dealer at this point.

      • Caleb Macdonnell

        Evil Goku is the fusion of Goku and Hit that was supposed to be used to destroy Gohan. However, future Trunks killed Gohan first and that is why evil Goku wants to kill future Trunks in the future as revenge for being better than him.

    • Loki311

      Mr. Popo Gives me nightmares. (•_•’)

      • Caleb Macdonnell

        Mr Popo is everywhere

  • barakaibrahim

    am wait the episode for 10 heors

  • Who else is waiting to see Black Goku >?

    • SSJ-Mad

      we wont see it till episode 48-49

      • Mikel Wright

        You were wrong!

      • Oh word

        nice predict bruh

  • Saitasensei

    How can I watch the live episode?

  • Kv Galaxy

    cant wait so happy

  • zloan93

    the fucking theories about the earring. im betting hes an alternate universe goku pulling a jet li and absorbing his counterparts to get stronger by forcing an earring on them

  • Thomas Madrid

    this episode was over 9000 thousandsssssssssssssss hype is real

    • Roger-Charles Manga

      agree but i didn’t get Trunks and Mai living together or having some kind of relationship ? but hey if they were using Scouter the scouter couldn’t keep up with Kuro and he has a very nice theme !

      • ShidoShinichi

        A better question is… WHY DIDNT HE GO SUPER SAYAIN???? WAS IT BECAUSE GOHAN???!???!!

        • Pratama Endrawan

          The reason he stays normal is because Black Goku can feel his Ki easily. Trunks tries to hide from him. At the end though trunks is in his base form Black Goku can still find him.

        • The ultimate SSJ

          i will never be gohan, better you say goten because goten is alike that body.

          • Christopher

            It’s Gohan with a Goku wig that turned evil and is out to kill Toriyama for fucking him up.

      • Richard Leal

        Whoever is saying that this is not Goku is WRONG! The reason trunks has to hide his Ki is because Goku can sense it IMMEDIATELY!!! In this episode, as soon as he heard about Vegeta training, he sensed his ki and then teleported to him.

  • Roger-Charles Manga

    finally the good old days are back! they could have at least change the opening it just doesn’t feel and this Black dude seems enjoying destruction ! so this Trunks is linked to our verse and not some other ?
    i like the outfit of Kuro and i didn’t get the relationship between Maii and Trunks! gotta wait the subs! but i think that DRAGON BALL SUPER has started!

  • Deeznuts Ha! Got em

    seriously we only got at least 5 minutes of action even if it was live. Trunk ran around on foot for the whole episode. I’m mad I waited thinking something good was to happen. This episode reminds me of the time when I was trying to get some and this girl talked so much that when I pulled my pants down she got the idea and when I was about to bust one an officer came by the park and caught us and I went home with blue balls. Unforgivable!

    • dbz

      you are retarded



  • Issac Johnson

    Why is a ad coveringvthe video

  • Hit

    This episode is disgusting. No action, no reaction, no conception, no conclusion, Nothing. All we seen is just Trunks randomly running around, goku and vegeta fucking with each other. GG.

    • CACA

      Oh shut the fuck up there was death, FUCKING DEATH in dragon ball super, there was a fight between trunks vs black goku, there was suspence and drama

      • Hit

        One death in dragon ball series is considered to be decent. A FIGHT between goku and trunks? Open your eyes dumbass, trunks barely touched goku’s hand with his sword and slashed few of goku’s ki blasts. I consider this as a poor fighting.

    • CACA

      Stop hating the serie omfg

      • Hit

        Shut up and take my opinion. It is not hating, it’s critisizing one episode.

    • Bruce Wayne

      Bro I feel you. Also the garbage animation at times. smh

    • …and there was a plot..

      • Hit

        Okay okay, maybe there was some kind of plot, but one plot on an entire episode and a week of hype does not redeem itself.

  • Black Goku Reveal | Black Goku Face Reveal

    comment for theory

    • Jt

      I think goku fused to someone using those earings but at the time when they may have separated goku’s soul become evil…….or somthing like may happened as he become BLACk…..

      • John Smith

        There is kaioshen in the op too. Seems to apply supreme kais are invovled.

      • Richard Leal

        Yes I think there was a permanent fusion with those earrings.

    • yeahhhhh!

      • The ultimate SSJ

        So hype! so hype ! soooooooooo hypppeee

        • Tuchdown

          who you tellin I can’t wait to see evil goku vs goku

      • that face look better

    • He has a very malicious look on his face.

    • KOTP

      Just a thought but what if it’s not Goku at all. What if it’s Goten?

      • Rinol F Hodge

        trunks is and will be a whack ass character . they fuck up Gohan for Trunks and he has goting everyone killed

        • Trunks

          First of all learn how to spell before you insult me again, secondly the universe 7 Earth would have been destroyed by Freeza if it wasn’t for me, thirdly shut up.

          • DBZ FAN


      • Kristian Lindenmuth

        Goten was never born in that timeline because goku died of the heart virus befor he was consived.

        • florin

          so was goku, kill…, so who is he, and why isn`t he from what it could be there actualy future and is the same trunks from cell and anroids time line?

          • tutu

            It s goku as we saw before he has difficulties to control himself

        • Kyron Harrison

          goten is 1 year younger then tunks

        • mowmow32

          Actually, Goten would have to have to been conceived before the heart virus struck. If you remember, the Cell Games almost immediately followed the Android Saga, which overlapped with Goku’s time fighting the heart virus (unconscious). He also died at the end of the Cell Games, meaning the most likely time for Goku and Chichi to have conceived a child is just before Goku left to fight Android 19 and Dr. Gero, which fits the rest of the timeline pretty well, actually.

        • mowmow32

          Also, we don’t know for sure that this is even the same future timeline, and judging from Mai’s age it would make more sense for this timeline to have split off from a point after DB Super began anyway.

      • Sergeant Gutter

        his face looks like vegeta & goku have fused. goten may also be a good shout. the earring though, links with the Kais

        • justbelikemike

          Can’t be goten, he shouldn’t have been born in that timeline.

          • Mai isn’t supposed to be there as well but she is anyway, Mai is older than Goku and she became young after a wish but since there’s no dragon balls in the timeline of mirai Trunk it dosen’t make any sense. Can’t be Goten obviously but who know, if Mai is as old as mirai Trunk in his timeline even if she wasn’t supposed to be, we can just assume his timeline is fucked up and full of BS.My call is It’s Goku who was dead, and just like Goku with Buu, he got a day to visit the living and it went wrong, something happened at that time and he got corrupted.

        • RLRaGE

          as he only has one earring on, I think he will try to fuse with goku when he meets him.

        • musicgamingdon jayden

          Goten wasnt born in that since trunks and gohan was the only ones alive timeline

          • Kkkkk

            But, didn’t future trunks wish everybody back with the dragon balls?

          • musicgamingdon jayden

            They couldnt wish anyone back they was no dragonballs in that timeline. The wasno episode taken place

          • DDroid45

            if you ask me trunks is uninformed. how come no one remembers the namekian race, why not take a space there and have them create balls for a wish to restore everything, of course they would do it, they indebted to the z warriors

          • musicgamingdon jayden

            Yeah trunks doesnt no much about the past. But his future is so different no majin buu or anything like that happen.

          • senai

            Because trunks doesn’t know anything about the namekian race

            And trunks timeline was so messed up everything was destroyed so bulma barely had enough parts to build a time machine let alone a spaceship

          • DDroid45

            I mean if you ask me… A space ship should be less complicated than a space ship the size of a saiyan pod … And the z warriors stupid too… Twice trunks came back.. Probably more than twice and none of them even mentioned the namekian race… Like how not… And what else is dumb… How bulma don’t send back in time the requirements to time travel. That way… It wouldn’t be that hard to. per se time travel

          • DDroid45

            I mean if you ask me… A space ship should be less complicated than a space ship the size of a saiyan pod … And the z warriors stupid too… Twice trunks came back.. Probably more than twice and none of them even mentioned the namekian race… Like how not… And what else is dumb… How bulma don’t send back in time the requirements to time travel. That way… It wouldn’t be that hard to. per se time travel

          • SSB Popo (Jason)

            Namek blew up after Frieza Saga. Goku was the one to find new namek and get dende to make the new dragon balls. If its anyones fault it’s King Kai’s fault for not contacting Trunks to tell him where New Namek is.

          • Thomas Rodriguez

            Trunks being the only one alive, he doesn’t know where the planet the nameks reside on besides the ones who died.

          • Jbeckz23


          • Dave Dave

            No when he went back to the past he change the futur so goku was alive and every body else to

          • SSB Popo (Jason)

            That’s not how time travel works in Dragon Ball

          • Trunks

            No I made a alternate reality Goku is still dead in my time line

          • Yup

            No because kame was already dead so there were no dragon balls

          • Goten


        • EzSkinzEzLifeBitch

          probably something went wrong when Vegeta and Goku fused.

        • Yup

          For Vegeta and Goku to have fused they would need both potara earrings and he was only wearing one

          • Trunks

            Plus the potara earrings when dad and Goku fused were gold these ones are green

          • Andrew Hines

            We can all agree that it probably is 1/2 of an earring from a kai

          • Subriev Vodka

            i think black goku from universe 7.. look their kais used green potara earring
            kais from universe 6 is used yellow.. that hint

          • Sergeant Gutter

            they only have to have the pair on when they fuse. My understanding is that potara fusion is permanent, regardless of whether yo take the earrings off or not

          • Tony J Mirabella

            Yes. One you fuse with the earrings, that’s it. It’s permanent. Unless you get absorbed by Buu! LOL.

          • Pranav SSJSS

            It could be like once they fused one of the potara rings was broken by future trunks in a fight

      • goku

        future trunks cant catch a break cant he?
        everyone has to die on him

        • killingerk

          yes come on dbz give future trunks a break

        • Trunks

          I know, but its okay i WILL GET REVENGE

          • Tommy Calvin Jennings

            What if goku never really died in trunk’s time. What if it’s more than one goku. What if Dr.gero had a backup super computer. What if there are some super dildos with synthetic saiyan cum fucking and rapping all the women in dragon ball super???????? what if chichi cheated on goku with vegeta. The world may never know UNTIL SUNDAY NEXT TIME ON DRAGON BALL SUPER

          • Trunks

            Yeah (coughs) No

      • JetLaw02

        What if it not a saiyan 😮

        • Alexsayan1

          IDIOT HE IS JUST NOBODY KNOWS WHY IS HE KILLING ALL AND HE IS NOT GOTEN he could be bardozk cuz i heard bardock falled in warmhole when freeza was destroying his planet go watch all db

          • Kirito

            Well it couldn’t be Bardock. If it was Bardock Black would look much older and a bloodstained bandage for a bandana. Not to mention he would have the scar on his left cheek. Plus it’s probably not a saiyan as never in Dragon Ball have we heard another saiyan call a saiyan “Saiyan” rather than their name. We have heard characters like Freezer call Goku “saiyan” rather than his name, so could it be that Black is an android or something? We all don’t know. We just have to stay tuned for the next couple episodes of the Future Trunks arc.

          • Don Breed

            Sayians don’t age fast…..remember Son-Goku is 80years old

          • Sito

            He’s not 80, if he was 80 then Chi Chi would be around the same age, 80 years old is when they start to actually age

          • Don Breed

            I do think that’s what Vegeta said….

          • king ketan

            I think hes a kai who looks same as goku and remember the creator decided ssgss hair to be blue for the reason mentioned by him was bcoz of a future enemy so this means his color will be diff from ssgss also his aura.was black color and called trunks a saiyan.this all means he is just kai or something who is looks just like goku and is not a saiyan for sure…

          • Christopher

            Goku is not 80. Wtf dude?

          • Dragóóóón

            Well.. he clearly has Goku’s voice..

          • Dragóóóón

            Well, he clearly has Goku’s voice..

          • SSB Popo (Jason)

            It’s definitely not Bardock

      • Farhan Mirza

        gOTEN WAS NEVER born since goku died…………………

        Adult goten dosnt have simlar hair to goku…….

        • Adi Pratama

          gohan kill cell, future is change. goku still alive

          • SSB Popo (Jason)

            Remember when Trunks goes back to the future and killed the androids and Cell in his time

          • _Flip_

            The future trunks is in can’t be altered if the pass is changed.

      • Alexsayan1

        its not goten

      • Matthew Minnich

        but why would he call trunks “saiyan” if he was one too. there must be something to that

        • RLRaGE

          thought that as well.

          • Kkkkk

            Me too

          • Dusty Morgan

            I think this is an Android that was built with the likeness of Goku, designed to eradicate all Saiyans but went rogue. Maybe was designed to infiltrate and kill off Goku’s friends, Dr. Gero is up to his old tricks. Unlike Goku, this version doesn’t hesitate to kill or destroy, he is on a mission and doesn’t toy around.

          • Biswarup Chakraborty

            hey I think the face is familiar with VEGITO . You can see the ear rings

          • Lee

            *ear ring.
            There’s only one.

          • Elfa

            That we can see.

          • Felix DahAwesome

            He literally turned and showed that there was nothing in his right ear.

          • Cozy Jto Thek

            its cell 😉

        • Dragóóóón

          Yup me too, that’s the first thing that I thought, 100% that’s not Goku.

        • The Legendary Troll

          I think Gohan had a son in that timeline that went rogue. Must’ve inherited Gokus features from him. Either that or Goku and chi chi made Goten early before he died.

          • Trunks

            The Legendary NO

          • Black


          • duh

            1.I don’t think so because even if Gohan had a son he wouldn’t be that old.
            2.Remember Goku died due to his battle with the heart virus. So in that timeline Goten had never been conceived.

          • Super Brad

            That’s not exactly true. See, the Android saga takes place ovr the course of several weeks. It’s possible that he was concieved before the heart virus.

          • Thomas Rodriguez

            Gohan died in that timeline remember? He was killed by the androids.

        • Kryptice

          It’s also possible he is a species that invades/swaps bodies such as the Tuffles (Bebi) / Ginyu

          • Don Breed


        • Headhunter- itzyo


        • TheRobloxianMinecart

          maybe a new race?!?! EPIC TWIST!

          • TheRobloxianMinecart

            maybe he is a saiyan and wants to make himself the only one alive so no one can overpower him?

        • Vegeta

          Well then it’d be a major coincidence he just so happened to have Goku’s face, eyes, and hair.

      • vιewѕ ғroм тнe cнrι$$$

        Goku died before he and Chi Chi were even given a chance to make Goten

        • Ik but then how Goku back. They probably use dragon ball and suppose to on trunks timeline

          • Jenator

            you cant revive someone who died from natural causes In Dragon ball Z so i would think its the same in DBS

          • Then why did he back

          • Zeno-chan

            the earring has the ability to bring someone to the world of the living without them necessarily having to be alive as in the buu saga.

          • Good theory

          • Elijah

            But what the super dragonballs the could of used those

          • Oh yeah good so there will able to use that

          • Lorebrarian

            I doubt that in Trunk’s timeline that they are aware of the existence of the super dragon balls.

          • senai

            Actually he couldn’t Cuz they were scattered across the universe and u have to speak god language

          • SSB Popo (Jason)

            How would trunks have found the super dragon balls. They’re scattered across the universe, and Beerus is still asleep in Trunks universe

          • Subriev Vodka

            super dragon ball supe

          • vιewѕ ғroм тнe cнrι$$$

            Like I said before either a evil Goku clone or a evil Kai that has taken control of Goku

          • Thomas Rodriguez

            At that time Piccolo was killed meaning no dragon balls to bring them back.

        • duh

          Thats what I’m saying

      • Vegetasan

        which goten? don’t mix multiverse or some fanmanga with it.

      • Joeker Wilde

        I’m pretty sure it was a 3 year gap where perhaps Vegeta and Bulma sporked on the 2nd year and Goku and Chichi sporked on the third year and Goku died before Goten is born. Maybe Gohan had to go away with Piccolo and train and hide from even his family to keep them safe.

        • Christopher

          Goten was conceived within the ten days leading up to the Cell Games. Goku died many years before then in the Future timeline. It can’t be him.

          • Dickhead21

            It looks like a evil version of Vegito … same fusion earrings! From the Majin Boo Saga

      • Taoufik Touti

        he has an earring! fusion earrings!

      • N.W.R.

        I was thinking the same thing i know its goten he looks younger

      • capcomxd meek

        That would be possible

      • Buusaysmoo

        What if it is goten…but from the earth beerus wished back and then he used champas box to travel across to trunks’ universe it would make sense as to why it’s happening in the future as goten would be of age by then and the next few episodes could be goku vegeta and the others preparing for either the arrival of black or more plausibly preparing for the tournament in order to make sure that the other universes earth fighters don’t win and wish for champas box as their prize and kick start the chain of events that lead trunks to travel back in time again

        • SSB Popo (Jason)

          The saiyans never traveled to Champs earth so its not possible

      • FourFooted Messiah

        Aye, the face is much too thin for Goku. I was thinking Gohan gone bad.

        Say, when people fuse using the Kai earrings, the fused one winds up wearing both, don’t they? This guy only has one.

      • senai

        Bruh that’s what I said to
        Because vegeta and the others aren’t around so I thought goku died

        And also I said it was goten because black goku is way to skinny and looks the same age as trunks

      • Darrion

        It must be Goku but the person who fused with Goku must be more evil and the fused being is taking the personality of that fused being

      • SSB Popo (Jason)

        They didn’t even call him Goku. Goku’s dead in this timeline, this guys name is Black and he looks like Goku. And its not Goten. Goten was never born

      • Romell Fleming

        what if this new enemy is a potara fusion enemy

      • Mike

        It’s clearly a fusion. Look at the earing. It’s the same ones used to make vegto. Maybe Goku fused with someone evil to save the world in this time line and they were to strong and took him over?

      • AndroidGoku

        He is an Android.

      • Omega-3 Shenron

        Notice the earring, get ready for some epic fusion story of how gotanks got separated and now goten is stuck being evil or some shit and he is killing everyone naturally because its dragon ball. AND when trunks came back from the future it was not an alternate universe, it was the future. He came back in order to SAVE goku. The entire point of his trip to the past was to prevent everyone’s death. Goku would definitely still be alive when future trunks returns because ultimately the androids were defeated so after the cell games Future trunks’ world would have synced with the DBZ universe. And since Future Trunks’ destination in time is after the cell games, he would have returned to the world we are all fairly familiar with. Now since he hasn’t reached that age in dragon ball Super yet, the gap between current young trunks and future trunks, I’m sure, is about to be explained.

        • Miguel Ortiz

          Hopefully everything gets explained about what started the destruction of trunks world in the next episode

        • David Starnes

          Multiverse theory. Everyone dead in Trunks’ world will stay dead and him going back in time to save Goku created an alternate reality. When Trunks went home he went to his own timeline he never saw any changes based on his actions in the past. Even in DBZ this is kind of evident. Trunks saves Goku, comes back to fight the androids and Cell, but then goes home to kill the androids and Cell. Cell had to kill Trunks in his alternate reality to get the time machine in the first place. So now you have two different futures: one with Trunks and one without. This gives the writers an easy out to write things as they please with Trunks because his timeline is so shattered by the time travel.

        • CoronaXeno

          Trunks went back to his future and destroyed Android 17, 18 and an Imperfect Cell.

      • Papi GOAT

        We need less retards like you in the world

      • Trunks


      • Zeno-chan

        I think it’s far more likely that. Goku was dead went on an adventure in the after life and became evil that way. Those earrings/earring can be used to bring someone back to the world of the living remember. So maybe makaioshin brought this evil goku back as his pawn.

      • Kenny Le-Tre

        It is impossible cuz Goten do not look like Goku when he is adult.

      • albiee

        he could be gotens because mai is front wey back in drangoball when goku was a kid

      • Don Breed

        Remember, Goten wouldn’t have been born in that time line.

      • Hamza Eshoul


      • Naweed Aziz

        Goten Was never born in this timeline. Goku Died from the heart Disease before cell.

      • Gamster Brites

        it sounded like frieza to me any 1 else?

    • kogee snypa


      • Kristian Lindenmuth

        Goten was never born in that timeline because goku died of the heart virus befor he was consived.

        • Kristian Lindenmuth

          by bad wrong person

        • kogee snypa

          i thought black goku is a kai

          • Street Cred

            i think he is too a kai that went rogue

          • kogee snypa

            yeah , did you see the other green kai

          • Street Cred


          • kogee snypa

            theres a new opening , of dbs , the new dark arc

        • Mega

          no trunks corrected that with that medicine he gave him due to it being in the same time line when trunks went into the past in “Z” Goku should have lived till then due to having the proper medicine same goes for the androids they shouldn’t have been a problem in the future due to them defeating cell in the “cell games”

          • Tommy Fay

            WRONG it doesnt change HIS future idiot only theirs. stop trying to prove everyone wrong

          • Max Oberle

            multiverse theory, if that had actually corrected the timeline, future trunks would not have existed, and in this timeline trunks remembers going back to the past.

          • RLRaGE

            soon as trunks arrived and defeated freezer he created another timeline parallel to his, he can not go back in time and change his time line events but he can bring the Z fighters to his time, they touched up on this when trunks returns the second time in DBZ after he gave goku the medicine but his time line was the same.

      • yeah

    • Shiva Teja

      I think this is goku from universe 7 .

      • AlucardFlamel

        Wouldn’t Champa have tried to get him in the tournament then? I think it’s possible that he’s from another universe and stole one of the cubes that lets you travel anywhere(like the one Hit was promised he’d get if he had won the tournament) in another universe and he travel through that to this time to get revenge on the Saiyans in all universes in his timeline or something similar.

        • alive2play

          He didn’t exist there until Beerus wished for earth to be restored AFTER the tournament. They might have something to do with this timeline 🙂

          • Benz

            No one destroyed sayan planet in that universe, so Universe 6 Goku probably grew up on planet Sadala, and is much different than our Goku, maybe even evil O_o ?

          • SSB Popo (Jason)

            That makes no sense at all…

      • AlucardFlamel

        Also, the main characters are from universe 7, Hit and Champa are from Universe 6 if that’s what you meant

      • Max Oberle

        What if Trunks(future) revived goku with the namekian Dragon Balls. Then Many Years Later, BABY from GT came and took over Goku’s body

        • JetLaw02

          Boi gt is not cannon

          • mosdra

            who cares canon don’t exist anymore that was thrown out of the window years ago

          • #TheMoose

            gt is canon it was only screwed up since akiras bosses forced him too make another seires

          • Sina

            but pan isnt’t cannon too right? then why is she born

          • Christopher

            Because Pan IS canon. She appears in the last episode, ever, of DBZ.

          • trunkskillsgoten

            GT is cannon its an alternate timeline

        • alive2play

          it’s noted in this episode that around a year has passed. and GT isn’t canon.

      • Blaaa

        U mean universe 6?

        • Shiva Teja

          see above ^

          • trunkskillsgoten


      • Spinoza Trivel

        you mean…6?

        • Shiva Teja

          oh! yea…from the other universe which is similar to our universe . I think just like in our universe goku came to earth but he didn’t get his head hit so, that goku remained bad guy .but in our universe goku fell off a cliff when he was a small kid and became good . since beerus revived the Earth of other universe , that bad goku was revived too…

    • This Goku is an android from another universe. My two zeni.

      • Xman321

        Does it need to be from another universe?

        • I was thinking a different time dimension. Also the earring reminds me of the ones Demigra wore, and I think Dabora wore the same ones too.

    • Ashick Shajan

      He will fuse with someone?!

    • Fawaz

      He does not look buffed up not anywhere near Goku

      • Xman321


    • Roy Jones

      it can be turles becuase he looks just like goku

      • Maybe, let see until he say his name

        • SSB Popo (Jason)

          They called him Black in the episode

    • Don Breed

      Can’t be Goten….wouldn’t have been conceived. Either,it’s Gohan after he learned from the Kais’…..or when Beerus wished back the Earth for Dimension 6…..he could be from their dimension….
      What if it is an ANDROID!!!????????????????

      • vιewѕ ғroм тнe cнrι$$$

        Maybe a Goku clone?

        • Don Breed

          Anything’s possible

    • alive2play

      it’s not goku it’s Goten from a different dimension. Must be. they wouldn’t have given so much emphasis to different dimensions if it wasn’t a part of what’s going on here. I think that the guy with the other earring is that green guy from the opening. The earrings and him looking like a kai from champa’s dimension got me thinking this can be the reason. For some reason they hate saiyans. And also – remember that Beerus wished champa’s earth would be restored by the super dragon balls. that means they might have a goku and co of their own now!

      • They can’t enter other universe. But same person won’t exist in other universe.

        • alive2play

          We don’t really know if they have a rule that no two people can exist in different dimension. I don’t see why it’s not possible.

      • also I see green kai with orange earring I think they might fusion later

        • alive2play

          I think they already do actually. I think the silhouetted guy is not actually goten but their fusion

          • We don’t know we will find out until black goku say his name. But there will fusion hopefully

      • SSB Popo (Jason)

        The only universe that is said to be a mirror universe is Universe 6, and Goten isn’t alive in Universe 6, since the saiyans never went to Earth in Universe 6. Also the guy called Trunks a Saiyan. The only people that do that are non-saiyans. Also Trunks called the guy Black. Not Dark Goku or anything. His name is Black

    • 2shadez

      Yo I just thought of something what if that’s a half saiyan half Kai and this is Akira’s verison of Xicor. Not that he directly fucks with Dragon ball AF its just a thought.

      • If they fusion this might look like xicor

    • killingerk

      saiyan cant be black color you see no black man saiyan yes

    • Shorty Driggers

      Maybe the from Champa’s universe

    • Dragon BS

      The earrings are making me think fusion? Perhaps Goku fused with someone evil and their mind is just stronger? Maybe an android? a fusion between him and 16? idk.
      Or maybe it is goten, or goten fuse goku. don’t think that’ll work though. More guesses!

      • Goku, Goten, Bardock, and Turle is alot look like black goku

    • Miguel Santillano

      I think goku and black goku will fuse willingly or forcefully but either way their individual good and evil will balance out kinda like when piccolo and kame fuse or like in GT when android 17 fused with himself

    • Rec 101

      looks cool af

    • Mike

      I just had another theory. What if Goku progressed faster in this time line and Berus retired, so Goku got the god of destruction job. Weis mentioned that Goku might one day get the job. Maybe a requirement of the job is to destroy your home planet first.

      • haha good theory mike

      • Xman321

        Shouldn’t he just be blowing up the planet then? Instead of playing with the population for at least a year (as evidenced by Bulma working on the Time Machine fuel)

    • Headhunter- itzyo

      Hes an Android

      • Vegetasan

        he’s Yajirobie, and stop with bullsh*t already, I’m not telling you but everyone.

        • Headhunter- itzyo

          Lol XD nah i think hes an android

      • Maybe

    • Meh?

      I’m trying to tie some relevance between Black Goku and that dude pictured in the opening (0:55, 1:19). The dude seems to be a Kai and has the same Potara-esque (Black Goku and Kai aren’t confirmed Potara earring users in scans) earrings as Black Goku. Perhaps the latter has something to do with Black Goku coming to be. As for who Black Goku is, considering that the camaraderie between Black and Trunks has Black acknowledge Trunks as a Saiyan but in a derogatory way, just as the other main antagonists in the previous series, I have a feeling that Black Goku could be a creation of the Kai I discussed earlier whom have gone rogue or have accidentally brought to existence in possession of an earring in hopes of fusing with someone to becoming stronger. Perhaps Black Goku is merely a form Black takes with Black being a shapeshifter? The fact that they bring space and time in this makes this much too complicated for us to make any valid speculation. But we’ll see soon.

    • Luminaga

      this is goten as he was train by the supreme kai of this current universe. apparently the supreme kai of this universe doestn’t like saiyans and has trained goten in a different for of power. the earing he wears surpresses his saiyan power which is then refered to as “black” power as opposed to Super saiyan “gold power”. This goten doesn’t know that he is of saiyan blood and is on some holy war against all things saiyan.

      • Mhm that will be green kai. You’re have good theory bro

    • Jorge Aragon

      I’m surprised nobody has thought of the idea that maybe he is from another Universe, just like Frost is to Frieza. This is another person similar to Goku from a different universe. Black actually beats real Goku in the universe tournaments and then goes on to kill all other saiyans from their universe.

    • Attique

      IS he so poor to get another ring so sad

    • fucku

      A fucking image spoilers thanks.

      • Then why u reading comment before watch?

    • Niklas

      Guys it’s obvious.. This is not Goku or anyone from the Family. this is a guy from one of the other universes.

    • d

      Remember way back when goku hit his head when his pod landed on earth. What if this is goku without losing his memory.

    • Kumar Shubham

      Maybe goku gets his memory back and starts the job for which he was initially sent to earth i.e to destroy it.. Remember he had forgotten all those stuff when he got hurt on his head in his childhood. So he starts killing humans and mixed saiyans such as trunks.

    • Bryant Randolph

      he is a kai! look at the earing

    • SSJB

      I bet the guy with the white hair in the previews is the new villain they were talking about with the white hair.

    • kai009

      It is bardock…

    • ICan’tBelieveSomeoneActully

      the earrings tho, it tells us something

    • Triston Ioppini

      He could be the replica of goku in evil form from universe 6 or something. remember how frieza had frost as a replica. Goku or goten could have a replica of themselves as an evil guy in a different universe

  • Mikel Wright

    Black Goku is obviously very evil but honestly, he doesn’t look all that strong or intimidating. That being said, I’m excited to see where they go with this one.

  • Rogers Bryant

    AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH IM SO HYPE MY EYES ARE TEARING UP. Kid Trunks looks like he’s having a mental breakdown. I wonder how Vegeta will react to seeing Future Trunks again, since they had such a strained relationship the first time they met.

  • dingus

    this shit aint subbed yet? da fuq

  • Jih Gumb

    Okay I have to ask…
    What is with Krillin and Tacos?

  • Sam

    HEY isn’t Trunk’s girlfriend (or whoever that girl was) that little girl who kept trying to steal the dragonballs with her other little friends?

    • Because they listen to pilar during kid. But adult they not order anymore

      • Sam

        ohhh well now she’s hurt or dead ………..for now

  • Tryggr

    Aghhh gotta wait 9 hours before watching the sub. Before I watch it can anyone tell me if Trunks comeback impresses? I’m not one for spoilers but does he go super saiyan at least? And my final question, how strong do yall think Trunks is or will become by the end of this arc? Think he has potential to reach SSG Blue? I believe it’s very possible being that during the Cell arc he and Vegeta did train together in the HTC. I don’t see why Vegeta wouldn’t try to help Trunks achieve SSG. Even if Vegeta doesn’t help Trunks has to know by now that he’s not strong enough to protect the future, and if enemies like Black can pop up then he has to become stronger.

  • Goku

    I was searching for episode dbsuper and finlaay !!!! i got it

  • Jt

    I think goku fused to someone using those earings but at the time when they may have separated goku’s soul become evil…….or somthing like may happened as he become BLACK????

    • Adi Pratama

      its not goku, but goten

      • Hoang Huy Tran

        That guy is a lot skinnier than Goku.
        I think you are right. It is most likely Goten.

        • Freshmaker21258

          How can he be Goten? In Future Trunks world. Everybody died by the Androids, so there was no Goten in the first place. He could not make it unhappen by traveling the past in fact he just created a new timeline but his own stayed the same. Thats why, when he came back he had to destroy the Androids and Cell in his present. If its Goku, then he had to somehow be ressurected because he is dead or he is indeed from another universe. Otherwise it would not make any sence

          • Amir Basri

            another theories is, the future trunks this time are actually from the current timeline.. i mean, how is Mai so young then. and this trunk looks young too.

          • Freshmaker21258

            That would not make scence either, cause he remembered traveling back to the cell games. So it has to be the same future trunks from back then. That means no Goten and no other living Z-Fighters for him…

          • Hoang Huy Tran

            It is a different future because Goku survived from the poison, right?
            So Goten does exist in that Trunks’ future. Do you notice the hair color difference of Trunks in Androids’ Arc and this, right?
            Goku from another universe is unlikely a possibility because only the gods have the ability to warp dimensions. If there is an entity from another universe wrecking Earth, a god of creation like Wiss or god of destruction like Beerus should have noticed and destroyed him, unless they are all dead, killed by that Goku.

          • Freshmaker21258

            have you even watched dragonball z?? There was an episode where you could see what happened when trunks returned. Everyone was still dead, only thing that changed for him was that he was now strong enough to face cell and the androids in his time. When they learned about cell and how he killed the future trunks in his own timeline he recognized himself that he everything he does will not effect his own timeline, but will create a new one. He then decided to not let this time become like his own, but accepted he cant turn his world back to the way it was. This is no assumption of mine just clearly what happened and is stated by trunks himself. There is nothing to missunderstand. In Future trunks world has never been an goten and the Z fighters died by the androids. What happened after trunks killed them is still unknown

          • Hoang Huy Tran

            Well because that Trunks belongs to that dimensional time-space. This Trunks is not.
            You need to understand how the theoretical space-time dimensions work.
            Each time traveler belongs to his own dimension. He might return to the past to alter the events but the changes won’t affect the world he is from. Do you know why? Tell me; if you can’t I will explain it thoroughly.

          • Freshmaker21258

            That is what iam telling you the whole time… Since it does not affect his own time there is no goten. And its already proven that it is the same trunks from back then cause he remembered traveling back. The Point ist toriyama is actually killing his own logic. Traveling back in time created a new timeline. the one where gokus vegeta and the others a living right now. Future trunks timeline stayed the same. So if he wants to travel back lets say 10 years. He would stay in his own timeline and would just meet himself while the others a dead, cause the goku from the timeline we know is not part of his past. If he would want to meet them he would have to travel back to the cyborg time once aagain.

            And a future trunks that is from the same timeline as our goku would not have remembered traveling back to cell because he did never travel back in time.

          • Hoang Huy Tran

            You forgot that Goten is only a few month younger than Trunks. So Chi Chi was pregnant at the time of 1st Trunks Arc. So Goten probably does exist.
            However, you are right about the flashback in the episode, I didn’t pay attention to it.

          • Freshmaker21258

            Trunks never mentioned Goten. Chi Chi died as well in his time. The words by trunks himself: only him and Gohan were left from any of the fighters. There was never a goten in the time. I think the fusion theorie is most likely right. That would explan the kaioshin in the intro as well. Since kaioshin can visit the dead it would explain where they could possibly meet goku. The other possible thing is that toriyama gives a fuck about the logic or does not even remember what he wrote back then and does what the fuck he wants. Like i explained it would actually not be possible for trunks to meet the goku from the timeline we know, unless of course he can choose which time dimension he wants to enter

          • Hoang Huy Tran

            Well, this is a chapter-by-chapter released series or Arc-by-Arc released series meaning even the author sometimes misses some important details in the last Arc but existed in the next Arc.
            Goten appears in Majin Bu Arc and about 6 months (or less) younger than Trunks. So when Toriyama wrote Androids Arc, there was still no Goten, but he came up with making a new same-age friend for Trunks in Majin Bu Arc. This would explain why Trunks doesn’t mention Goten at all.

            Another hypothesis is Toriyama over did the flashback a bit by putting cut scenes from Androids Arc instead of Majin Bu Arc and this Blue Trunks is not that Pink Trunks because Blue Trunks is going to return to this Gods Arc most likely. This hypothesis is very unlikely to happen, but still, it is still a small chance. Instant novels for kids like this have flaws in every parts.

          • Hoang Huy Tran

            Yes, I did.
            But You need to understand how this theoretical Multi- Time-Space Dimensions work. This Trunks is not that Trunks because they are from 2 different dimensions.
            No matter what they do to change the outcomes of past, their futures stay the same.
            (Don’t why my previous reply didn’t show up after so long, hope this will post)

  • confuseds

    dark goku or Maybe Hes goten i feel like they somehow they dont explain his future much. somehow he got controlled became strong.

  • Miles Wright

    Does anyone know who that green kaioshin looking person (woman?) is at the end of the intro?

  • Loki311

    So much foreshadowing happened in those first episodes where we thought nothing was going on.

  • Robin Moderno

    The original kakarot could be…

    • Oh word

      a homosexual

  • The ultimate SSJ

    who is that green guy? ohh god! cant w8 for SUB!!

  • BlackingAyo

    is it wrong that evil goku is gonna be my 2nd fav dbz character after gohan

  • Goku

    Please upload the english sub first as i cannot understand what is goin on

  • Deeznutz ha got em!

    Its captain Ginyu who took over gokus body obviously.

    • SSJ-Mad


    • Then why no “M” letter on his face

      • Cayenne

        That was Majin. Captain ginyu is from the the frieza saga

  • Jesus Nicolas

    Damn this episode was lit af

  • Deeznutz ha got em!

    To be serious here is my theory. If you recall bulma using some sort of machine when she asked Monaka for help. The thing that came out of the machine also looks like the same thing future bulma was working on when she gave the object to Trunks right? Also Id think it be badass if Vegeta fight evil goku especially since he killed bulma, and we know how crazy Vegeta get when you lay a hand on bulma soo why not we got to see copy Vegeta vs goku why not evil Goku vs Vegeta?

    • Anonymous010

      I’m fine with evil Goku, but I think that a cooler concept would be for Trunks, Bulma, and Mai to be the actual bad guys who did something so terrible that it drove Goku to become vengeful and ruthless towards them. Of course, all this would be hidden until later on in the arc, and we’d see the story unfold from Trunks’s point of view as he tries to convince everybody that Black Goku is the evil one.

      Yes, it’s been done before in other shows/movies/books. What hasn’t?

    • wack

      I was literally thinking the same thing about the fuel she was creating!!!

  • Tirukovela Sai Anirudh

    he is pretty strong

  • SSJ-Mad

    I thought trunks was in SSB as base form and we won’t get to see evil Goku till episode 48/49, sorry for that all.

    • Xman321

      SSB isn’t a base form. It CAN’T be a base form. SSB is simply using God Ki to go SSJ. That wouldn’t work for base form, especially since there’s no real way Trunks should be able to use that ki.

  • This is so stupid. Why didn’t Trunks go Super Saiyan? Why did he let Bulma & Mai confront the so-called “Black Goku” when it’s obvious they’re going to die? This show just throws out all previously established canon to make things fit the plot. Also, despite it being filler, why wouldn’t Goku & Piccolo just lift all the vegetables out with telekenisis? Or at least have Piccolo do it that way.

    And bigger question; since the Namekians have a reestablished planet in both universes (Future Trunks & the Prime universe), why have Trunks & Bulma not made any contact to get some wishes done? They never even went over any of that. Surely there’s a way to communicate with them. Wouldn’t Goku be with King Kai if he died in the Future Trunks Universe? That would be enough to at least talk with the people across the galaxy if other communications were unavailable. Or, you know, the spaceships they have built in the past.

    • Xman321

      1. He didn’t go SSJ, likely to hide his Ki. He’s not expecting to win a fight against this guy, he’s just trying to waste time until Mai could get in the machine. When she died…well HE needs to go back in time now, so no point fighting.

      2. He didn’t. Bulma TOLD Trunks to leave, and even before Trunks could react, she died. Mai just ran in and got herself killed before Trunks could do anything.

      3. They didn’t use telekenisis because it wouldn’t be training if they did. Goku wanted to use his BODY to harvest the vegetables, that was explained. Piccolo only came FOR training, so he goes along with it.

      4. So…how do you expect them to find New Namek when they have no idea where it is? Even Goku had to go to King Kai’s to find it. Even if they did, I don’t think Trunks thought it was necessary at that point. They died, the future was safe, and rebuilding the planet was the main concern.

      • 1. While this would make sense if he was hiding, he charges in to fight without going Super Saiyan. He could have provided a better distraction than that weak display of force.

        2. Really? Letting your Mom die rather than at least flying her away. Okay. Again, actions only existing to fit the plot.

        3. I’m sure there’s lots of training at their power level from pulling vegetables. It’s just filler, like I said, so it’s moot.

        4. Goku, and potentially the other Z fighters, would be on King Kai’s planet – they never even went over why contact was never made. It’s a plot hole that’s never been explored. Also, they’ve already established that the Dragon Balls can revive people past 1 year – and further, it could very easily have assisted in rebuilding the earth.

        My point is, they keep making bigger plot holes on Dragon Ball Super.

        Why is Gohan so weak that he struggles against basic Freeza low-level warriors? The same goes for the other Z fighters at the Resurrection of Freeza battle. Any one of them, with the exception of Roshi, should have been able to wipe out that whole group in one blast. For comparison, Krillin whipped the shit out of those 4 Saibamen on Earth when he had 1/100th of his current power. It’s already been established that the low-level warriors in Freeza’s army were sub 1,000-2,000 power level, with the exception of Freeza’s elite, whom were all wiped out.

        I just like established canon to be respected. Super has ignored all of that from the beginning.

        • Xman321

          1. I highly doubt he even planned to fight. Plus, he’s exhausted.

          2. What part of “Killed before he could react” don’t you understand. He heard what his mother said, then Black blew up the place.

          3. Canon filler, but filler none the less.

          4. They CAN, but they’d die instantly if they were revived. Cause they’re body is old and decayed. Freeza lived because of his weird alien body structure. Also, are we SURE the Namek balls don’t have a time limit?

          5. Gohan was that weak because fuck you. It doesn’t make much sense, but that arc was terrible and I’d rather pretend it never happened.

          • No, I get it, it’s just shoddy writing.

            But on the point of (4), they’ve already revived people without bodies. Chiaotzu was revived, Yamcha and Tien’s body wasn’t preserved from what I remember. I’m sure there are others.

            As far as the Namekian Dragon Balls go, they have no known time limit, but they can only revive one person at a time. So fine, revive Dende, summon the earth Dragon, and wish everyone back much like they did in the Buu Saga. And I’m referring to once Trunks got back and beat the future Androids & Cell. Like, rather than manually rebuilding.

            We’ll see how they handle “Black”. Probably going to do a fusion to defeat him.

          • Xman321

            They’ve revived people without bodies, but that’s a year before their death. Shenron can make a body for them one year after death, but afterwards he can only stick the soul inside the old body. Or at least, that’s how I understand it was explained.

            Even if they revived Dende (even though he never died in the Trunks timeline. Piccolo dying is why they don’t have dragon balls) the dragon balls couldn’t resurrect the dead warriors, or even civilians. Aside from anyone the Androids had killed in the last year.

  • Gregor Jozef

    looks like black goku blows up all food supply on planet cause he looks like 15 years old boy on ketogenic diet … only think they do in super is eating but they forgot muscles somewhere gues this is a trend nowdays in japan be skinny little faggot…

  • Tuchdown

    Goku was evil before when he first came to earth remember

    • Xman321

      Yes, and he was super weak compared to everyone else. Vegeta’s stated that the reason Goku keeps surpassing him is because of his kind heart and will to fight for others.

  • abdulrahman

    still its hard to undrstand whats happening

  • abdulrahman

    will that black evil goku be in the past

  • kogee snypa



    • Xman321


      • kogee snypa

        i mean gohan

  • Zorawar Heisenberg


    • Xman321

      They aren’t being lazy. They have to finish Kai Buu still.

  • Kristian Lindenmuth

    What if Black goku is the Super Sayian God of Destruction in this universe. and after Gohan lost his life to the androids and when he heard about it he stopped caring for Human/Alien and decided to become the next god of destruction by making a deal with the king of the universe. Goku gets his life back and all he needs to do is destroy, Fight, and kill. also what if black goku can go Super Sayian Demon/Akuma because he went dark side.

  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    Funimation could eat a dick .. .50 FUCKING episodes into the most popular anime EVER AND YET , they HAVEN’T gotten a single DUB in ….. I WANT TO HEAR SEAN SCHEMMEL AS GOKU , NOT SOME OLD LADY ! PLEASE FOR FUCK SAKE , START DUBBING F@GS

    • Richard Leal

      You want the American sounding Goku even though this entire anime has asian written all over it? lol

      • AvatarDan

        dragon ball dub has always been better than the sub, like many other animes. just cus it’s sub does not automatically make it better.

        • Xman321

          The dub isn’t any better. They’re equal, IMO.

    • SSJ-Mad

      Dude you know how long it took for DBZ to get dubbed? it took YEARS!!, get over it, because your going to be eating yourself up every week whinging about how there is no DUB.

      ROF and BOG didn’t take as long only because Toei wanted to see how much money they would make first from the SUB, and look at it this way DBS Dubbed would be watched in a few days of 47 episodes and you’ll be back to whinging again.

    • Jimmie Rustle

      Lol, the dumb american is too lazy to read subtitles? Anime is better with original voices, not gay american accent

      • justbelikemike

        Your opinion is valid, but the majority prefer sean schemmel as goku. Back when funimation started dubbing it was pretty bad with translation accuracy but comon how awesome was Kai’s freiza? Anime dubbing has gotten way better over the years and I think Cowboy Bebop was the turning point of how good a dub can be.

  • Goodwork

    Who is the green kai?

    • Cecilthedarknight_28

      most likely the supreme kai for trunks time line.

      • Xman321

        Trunks has the same stuff as everyone in the “main” timeline. He’s not a different universe.

        • Cecilthedarknight_28

          This is Toriyama where talking about here, he probably forgot.

          • Xman321

            He forgets stuff, but not THAT. He’s established that only one universe is a mirror universe, and that there is only 12 universes. You know, as opposed to the infinite timelines.

          • MelcheesDoor

            Well it was mentioned there was 18 universes at one time perhaps someone managed to survive and now seeking revenge after all it was said no one is stronger than omni king in all the 12 universes but was never mentioned if anyone was stronger in any of the previously destroyed universes.

          • Probably omni king destroyed 6 universe. and u right that whis also say omni king strongest in all universe no one above him

    • I wonder too

    • Proman

      It’s the one from universe 6, look at a few episodes back. The start of the tournament, all those kai’s are green.

  • Farhan Mirza

    is it me because Black goku is skiner than real one.Also how Mai is young since with no dbs pilaf cant wish for youth. Mai is older than Bulma.

  • Avigoku

    just hold the fck up everyone…. did anyone see mai there? does she look 40? and you know why? because she became young because of the wish earlier in the dbs episodes… that means,.. its the trunks from current timeline

    • Oh word

      What about that flashback then?

      • Avigoku


    • Xman321

      OOOOOR going back in time caused a butterfly effect that forced Pilaf to wait to make that wish when in Trunks’s timeline they did it before the androids showed up.

      Or more likely she just looks young and that’s that.

    • John Connor

      very likely it is the case! notice this trunks hair looks diff to future trunks from cell saga, bulmas blue vs eggplant purple(quote by vegeta)

    • SSB Popo (Jason)

      How would current timeline trunks have memories of Future Trunks

      • Avigoku

        yeah didnt saw that one..

  • Triny Ruano

    what if that goku never hits his head that made him good

    • the theorist

      u idiot if goku never hit his head then he might even be able to reach kaioken or super saiyan u fool

      • Xman321

        It MIGHT work if we’re talking about a mirror universe. Assuming that everything is, you know, mirrored, that means that the universe’s Goku should start off good, then hit his head and turn Evil.

        Perhaps he gained his transformation the hard way, as Vegeta did it without a pure heart, he doesn’t need Kaioken, and based on the Kai in the opening, he might have forced a kai to unlock his potential.

  • Alfred Robles

    When Cell saga started, future trunks said that goku died in the future. For sure he was wrong. Or perhaps goku was revived. The black goku’s earring is quite a mystery.

    • Mega

      no trunks corrected that with that medicine he gave him due to it being in the same time line when trunks went into the past in “Z” Goku should have lived till then due to having the proper medicine same goes for the androids they shouldn’t have been a problem in the future due to them defeating cell in the “cell games

      • AvatarDan

        no it’s a different timeline, even though trunks went back, nothing changed in his timeline.

      • Oh word

        Time travel in this series creates alternate timelines, it doesn’t correct an existing timeline, as evidenced by everything still being fucked up when trunks went back to his future and killed the androids and cell

  • Avigoku

    trunks kunnnnn…….. ughhh… that japanese bulmas voice always reminds me of hentai idk why

  • Andy Martin

    finally the old ass b¡tch dies does any one else realize that Mi is older then trunks mom by like maybe 10 years or so idk how she got turned into a kid her or emperor pilof and the talking dog if GT was just a parallel universe why are thoes 3 still kids in design and not old adults

    • Avigoku

      yeah dude, thats what iam saying… but dude.. mai is like 40 , same as bulma.. if you have seen dragon ball you would know that.. and also.. because of the wish in the earlier episodes of dragon ball super. she got turned into a kid.. now the question is HOW THE FCK CAN THAT TRUNKS BE FROM CELL TIMELINE.. . THE FCK.

      • Xman321

        Why wouldn’t it be the Trunks from the Cell timeline?

        Mai doesn’t look that young. She looks about the same age as Bulma, she’s just not drawn like an old lady.

        • Avigoku

          it is trunks gf man.. havent you heard the news?

          • Xman321

            Yes. In the current timeline.

            We haven’t really seen anything that tells us they’re anything more than close friends in this timeline. Plus, Trunks is like 40, and almost everyone is dead. I think even if they are Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Trunks is gonna take what he can get.

    • Richard Leal

      Age is just a number. I would still date lol

  • Lolz, Future Mai gets in the intro and was said to play a major role in the ar-

    … She died.


    • Norris

      If you see the preview of the next episode, she survived and came back to present along with Trunks.

      • HZGrenade

        No, it does not show her in the preview at all. It only shows Present Mai.

      • You’re seeing present Mai, not Future Mai.

  • tyrone cash

    “SOS from the Future” he still in the fucking future. Im taking a break from DBZ Super for a few weeks. So i can watch these episodes back to back

  • Apocalypse

    Black Goku in all probability is a fusion of Goku ( one who has been resurrected) and some other evil guy ( as indicated by the Potaro ear ring). Perhaps Vegeta and Goku would attain a new level (Say Super Saiyan White) with the help of Zeno sama’s training and defeat Black/Dark Goku (who might follow Future Trunks into this timeline.

  • AlucardFlamel

    Wouldn’t Champa have tried to get him in the tournament then? I think it’s possible that he’s from another universe and stole one of the cubes that lets you travel anywhere(like the one Hit was promised he’d get if he had won the tournament) in another universe and he travel through that to this time to get revenge on the Saiyans in all universes in his timeline or something similar

    • Alucardflamel

      Meant to delete this one, but I don’t think I can since I’m a guest, meh.

  • AlucardFlamel

    It’s possible that he’s from another universe and stole one of the cubes that lets you travel anywhere(like the one Hit was promised he’d get if he had won the tournament) in another universe and he travel through that to this time to get revenge on the Saiyans in all universes in his timeline or something similar.

  • Nikita Georg Belotskij

    Black goku is not a sayajin in my opinion
    Because he said: this will be your Last breath, sayajin

  • Clark44

    It’s been a while since i last took interest in any DBS episode. I have to admit that the animation looks weird but finally this arc is getting interesting, i hope this black goku or whatever gives the present fighters (goku and vegeta) a worthwhile fight. I also do hope to see gogita if not vegito. Vegeta shouldn’t have any problem now to perform the fusion dance considering he has done more embarrassing things now so far in this series we couldn’t imagine him doing.
    Now we can assume this black goku is not a product of potara earings, or maybe he is and just lost the other piece during fight. Maybe it’s just his style to wear only one? Anything is possible at this point. We won’t know for sure until the future trunks tells his story in the present to goku and his friends.

    Anyway guys, this was a nice episode, i didn’t felt bored. I really hate that they messed up the animation considering how krillin looked in this episode. Overall it was a decent episode.


    wow…. epic episode…but dammit…future bulma…mai… my bet is mai will be revived and damn..Goku black pure evil XDDDDD

    • SSJ-Mad

      How will she fit in the time machine?


        who knows lol i heard that mai’s voice actor had a lot of lines too say unless i’m mistaken xD

        • SSJ-Mad

          Hmmm its so confusing once again lol o well..


            yup lol

  • Scheurmuis

    TRUNKS <3 so much hype for this ark <3. <3 do u guys think this has something to do with the Earth copy Beerus gave to Champa?

    • Max Oberle

      No The timeline is 22 Years in the future that would make no sense, since it did not copy the 5 saiyans along with it.

  • Ryaku Hitachi

    His voice sounds like Goku mixed with Frieza. If they fused…

    • Max Oberle

      If Goku and Frieza fuzed it would look discusting, Probobly like some tortured Human, Demon Hybrid

  • faizanamin

    why is black goku is a skinny gay……………..

    • Terrygriim

      because your gay and you love muscles

  • Constantin Gata

    in the opening song,in front of black goku comes pilaf ,in front of mai comes mai,in front of trunks comes trnks !! i guess is pilaf who used the dragonballs

  • Max Oberle

    Guys stop Calling it Black Goku, even if that is goku, its not. Most likely it’s not an evil goku. Goku died from a heart virus. The only way he would be evil is if They revived him with Namekian Dragon Balls, then Someone like Baby from GT took over his body

    • Xman321

      Considering the official name we were given is Black Goku, and the name “Black” kinda sounds dumb, people are gonna call him that until we get confirmation about who he is.

  • Max Oberle

    I like how Toddler trunks was scared shitless. He was like WHO the FUCK is that. Wait is That me??? WTF. lol

  • Saiyan pride

    He called trunks “saiyan” either black is an android capable of gathering energy like cell hence the reason he’s so strong remember cell was born after 17 & 18 blow up the lab and killed gero black could be born on a different lab or he is something from a different race entirely like an evil Kai hence the potara earring whatever the case I love the concept of goku being the greatest hero of all vs black the greatest threat of all time the only thing that will make this even better then that would be if vegeta finally gets what he’s craved since he very first got beaten by goku in saiyan saga and kills black (goku in his eyes) even when vegeta was disappearing from superhuman water effect the idea of goku beating vegetas copy was enough to piss him off MASSIVELY because as much as vegeta needs goku to train and get stronger he has never let his saiyan Pride go it is who he is same goes for his pride to defeat goku it’s his burning goal to once again take he’s rightful place as the prince of all saiyans the most powerful being in the universe

    • goku

      i say black is a clone created by bulma (future) but well went corrupt

  • Qbrain

    so what iftrunks never time travelled in the first place, but that this just makes him transfer to anoher universe? This has all the looks of it. Maybe this is universe 10 or something.


  • Hasim Rahman

    trunks didnt even try to save mai

    • Oh word

      He gonna get it in with the one in our present

  • Hasim Rahman

    i am sure he goten he has the blue thingy as well

  • Amit Garg

    it seems goku did a fusion and it becomes permanent… during tournament organized by King of All

  • Amit Garg

    It seems goku did fusion during the tournament organized by King of All and it turn into some bad mess.

  • King Lo

    The earring is a sign that he is one of the gods. Doesn’t nessesarily mean that he fused with anyone.

  • Sleepy Champuru

    Maybe hes one of the last of that one planet with all the scientists that help build and manufacture a lot of the saiyan technology. I cant remember but they were betrayed by saiyans

  • Farhan Mirza

    I seems black goku is a tuffle.. Like baby.

  • Derpy

    Kid trunks in so fucking confused

    • Derpy


  • Expleeds

    I wanna see trunks cut someone up again.

  • SayianFan

    I think this Saga will be an epic one.
    Plus I Love Future Trunks!

    611 Hours for the next episode!

  • Robin Moderno

    that look thoo..

  • It has to be someone controlling gokus body. Since goku is dead in this timeline it wouldnt make sense to have him “go bad”. Also, i doubt hes a fusion. It he would need to be wearing two earrings to show that he fused. I think the earring is the source of his behaviour. I think its allowing something to use gokus dead body. Goku also seems to be dressed like some sort of kai too. My opinion is that the kais are using gokus body to get rid of saiyans. Or at least a corrupt kai. It would be ironic seeing as though kais helped the z fighters in the other timeline. My take on all of this is either goku’s deceased body is being manipulated by that earring, the enemy disguises himself as goku but is actually a kai, or he was created by a kai. I think a kai is behind this not only because one is in the opening. But because more kais became important to the story after cell died. So something must have gone wrong in the transition to the buu saga of future trunks’ time

  • gokusamakie

    i think its baby and goku from universe 6 or goten instead of goku

  • Kame hame cellphone

    Remember when Beerus used his wish to rebuild the Earth in the 6th Universe ? This makes it possible for someone from the 6th Universe to have traveled to trunks future’s universe including a Saiyan because he rebuild Earth so that Champa could have the food people from earth eat especialy Bulma’s.

    I don’t know who or why this person is here though.

  • Andy James

    Why does ChiChi talk strangely..What dialect of japanese is that

  • Andy James

    Adding my 2 zeni worth of theory here.. That’s an ancient kai, the one who created the saiyans in the beginning of time. After that he left to another dimension and let the saiyans do their thing, being bad and brutal and all that, all the while increasing in power and potential. Now that the surviving saiyans have all achieved super saiyan level, some even becoming gods, he has returned to take their power as his own. The reason he came for trunks first is because for some reason that is the timeline he kinda came out of the portal of (coz he lost track of time or some shit), and so that nobody can go back to the past and warn the older (stronger) fighters. After he collected their powers, Im gonna guess he’s gonna try and take out the gods of destruction, take their powers as well and eventually kill omni king.

  • Sheldon Gibbs

    Going just by the opening song/intro scenes Black Goku is a probably the green kai and Goku’s body fused somehow. And the green kai is in control of a Goku’s powerful body.

  • A

    Wasn’t there an evil kai with the same black ki?

  • A

    Not to mention the sorta greenish attacks Broly has

  • Don Breed

    He might not be 80, but Chi Chi was sad when she said,he still looks the same and she looks old. He told Hitto he was old till he found out Hitto was 1000…..anyway
    Now this “Black”.. …
    Can’t be Goten….wouldn’t have been conceived. Either,it’s Gohan after he learned from the Kais’…..or when Beerus wished back the Earth for Dimension 6…..he could be from their dimension….

  • A

    Goten somehow?

  • Vladimir Krstic

    This guy is not Goku lol Ginyu maybe but not Goku.

  • Roy Jones

    I think its Turles because Turles always looked like Goku and he wasint a saiyain

    • Xman321


      Turles IS a Saiyan. He has the same fucking tail!

  • Kyle

    Im thinking that chappa wanted to make his own earth… What if he succeeds in this time line. And a goku who never went to earth grew up under sayan ways. Then sent to earth to eradicate life. Or…. He found his way to another universe earth. All the z-fighters already dead. All he needs to kill is trunks. Do he was tracking him getting rid of everyone, and everything in his path to kill the only threat

  • N

    I dont get why trunks didn’t even try to put up a serious fight with black. Why couldn’t he have at least tried and gone super saiyan or do something other than swing his sword lol? Maybe something has happened to his power? Also there is no way black can be goten unless Black is also either Goku or Goten from another universe or timeline. But the earring gives reason for him to be a Kai and him calling Trunks a saiyan gives reason to believe he isn’t one.

    • alive2play

      he isn’t drawn like Goku so I think it’s not Goku. My bet is it’s Goten from a different dimension!

      • KiNGS

        I’ll bet you your life it’s not Goten.

    • KiNGS

      Because Trunks isn’t an idiot who thinks like you. Why would he go all out against black when he KNOWS he needs to use the energy to go back in time and he KNOWS he will die and all hope will be lost if he does take him on. Don’t be stupid, come up with some hard thought questions. Also lets put an end to this ridiculous “it’s trunks, no it’s Gohan” discussions. For one they are just stupid thoughts and hopeful thinking. Don’t even need to go any further on that.

  • Alijah

    All you retard fanboys thinking black goku was actually an african american, can SUCK IT. I better not see anymore speculation videos revolving black goku with the picture of a chocolate skinned goku after today. I just better fucking not

    • Black goku is clearly from Zimbabwe. I better not hear anymore lies coming out of you buddy.

      • Alijah


    • South take this L

      Shut up asshole

  • Here u go

  • Goku dream

    Omni King Smile

  • South take this L

    I haven’t been this pumped in so long i can’t wait till next week

  • Deon Wyman

    They said its not really goku something took over him

    • We know but if took over him just proof

  • NyaTanni

    Wait, Mai’s DEAD?! Then why were they hyping her up with Trunks in the intro?

    • capcomxd meek

      maybe she is still alive

  • Brandon Jefferson

    Im so tired of dragon ball super it has so many holes in the story..like why the fuck is trunks running around scared like a kid..and back in the day he was in the hyperbolic time chamber with vageta and turned into a boss… now he just stands there in his normal form and watches his mom die and that girl.. he didnt even turn sayin 1 fucking dumbbbbbbbbbbbb…this show bowsssss

    • KiNGS

      It was his mother who told him to go. If he would’ve had stayed and fought he surely would have died and the energy they spent a year gathering up would have also been destroyed. Not to mention he would’ve ignored his mothers dying wish. You got the rage but your weak mind keeps you short sighted. Lol I’m playin, but seriously it would’ve been really stupid to throw away the last bit of hope they had for an act of rage. These “Warriors” aren’t stupid (with the exception of goku) and are fighting for something greater than their own selfish reasons. Trunks is smart enough to know that his pride will be the death of him, he is not his father. Don’t get me wrong they become stronger when fighting with their pride but their pride will die along with them after the fight is over. He’s obviously outclassed, I shouldn’t even be writing this.

    • Osuman

      Um dude has been dog food. He definitely doesn’t have the energy to fight all the time.

  • It’s Goten

    It’s goten

  • Klumziie

    this is probably highly unlikely but what if it was gohan’s son from another timeline? It would explain the name (gokus son is named gohan because grandpa gohan so gohan’s son would be goku) but it has a lot of holes in it like how would he be so strong, why is he destroying everything etc. idk that’s all i got.

  • It’s Goten

    Because look at his clothes

  • Miguel Santillano

    I think black is wanting to fuse with someone and since hes evil and goku is pure they will balance out if they were to fuse willingly or forcefully…similar to super android 17 in gt

  • Adam Baker

    Since its future Trunk’s timeline, I might guess that its another android somehow. Gero was obsessed with killing Goku, so why not make one that was exactly like him? I don’t like this theory because it means he would’ve created 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20(himself), and Cell aaaallll with the mindset that each one would fail, but its as good a theory as any…

  • Guest

    What if they are actually tuffles?

  • It’s Goten

    I think future trunks is actually kid trunks since in cell saga they killed cell so when trunks went back to the future he still has his memories and kid trunk’s memories so that explains why Mai is there

    • Osuman

      Kid Trunks was a baby then. He wouldn’t remember that at all. It’s Future Trunks that came from the future in DBZ.

  • Ahmad Sufian

    Goku become evil due to seek more power and crazy.. so, he changed to evil..like Bezita being control Babidi (majin buu master)..

  • Dajka László

    Mai’s outfit reminded me of some HL2 civil survivor or

  • Coreyten

    I think freeza somehow got them earings onto goku and is taking his revenge for future trunks killing him

    • Sina

      i like this theory because it is freeza’s voice

  • Sky

    Obviously a villian from an alternate universe in future trunks timeline. Maybe in future trunks timeline the omniking didnt destroy the other 6 universes allowing an enemy like this to appear in that timeline.

  • Black Goku and Goku look perfect

    I like both of them

  • Dude


  • SaiyaMan

    Another reason black could’ve called him “Saiyan” is cause Trunks is obviously from another universe so according to the multiverse theory everything is changed up, people are different, that “goku” might not even been a saiyan, he might be a tuffle since things are different

    • SSB Popo (Jason)

      I mean Trunks isn’t from another Universe, just alternate timeline. But yeah “goku” probably isn’t a saiyan

  • Sina

    yea i mean how could they ever come back? there aren’t any magical wish orbs wich can grant kind of every wish you want….. ohhh

    • SSB Popo (Jason)

      Not in the future man. And I don’t think you can wish to bring someone back to life when they technically didn’t die yet.

  • Isaiah Davi

    glad i skipped the opening! so i did spoil evil goku! WOO! WOO! HYPE CALLED IT! NO SPOILS FOR THIS GUY

    • If u still see opening there spoiling xD but update

  • Spinoza Trivel

    maybe that’s not exactly a potara, but another magic earring that gives someone control over the wearer’s body. so Black isn’t a saiyan, but is controlling the body of one?

    Or, as many think : this is Goku of universe 6 (and possibly Trunks of universe 6, cuz of his blue hair. Universe 7 Trunks has purple hair)

    • Spinoza Trivel

      (didn’t find the edit button)
      Or, as many think : this is Goku of universe 6 (and possibly trunks of universe 6, cuz of his blue hair, universe 7 trunks has purple hair)

    • SSB Popo (Jason)

      This is Universe 7 trunks. he has memories of Universe 7 DBZ trunks. U6 probably doesn’t have a trunks, since the saiyans stayed on Planet Salad.

  • diddyman

    i think pilaf done something like a bad wish, why else would he be in the opening

  • DDroid45

    screw goku vs black goku… the most epic fight in this saga should be black goku vs vegeta… lately i been feeling like there is something being hidden about vegeta. especially when goku was fighting copy vegeta.. vegeta questioned if goku could really defeat him, even after his knowledge about goku’s ability to (fuse god ki with kayoken)

  • Daniel Webb

    What Happned to buff trunks

  • capcomxd meek

    Did trunks do getsugetensho?

  • Virgil Relo


    Remember doctor jiro and some of the other androids wore those earrings also. It fits in that trunks went back to kill cell not knowing dr.jiro had another android hidden growing who is this evil goku. Makes sense and explains why he said “Saiyan” the way he did and also jiro was able to give cell all the powers like kamehameha etc so he could make a powerful evil Goku aswell. That’s my guess either way will be interesting..

    • SSB Popo (Jason)

      Black’s definitely not an android mate. They wouldn’t have Trunks go back in time, again, cause of an android.

  • Benz

    I think that it`s Goku from universe 6 somehow, because:
    – Firstly universe 6 Goku would probably be completely different from Universe 7 Goku, because in 6. Sayan planet wasn’t destroyed, so why would Goku be on Earth? He probably grew up in different conditions and would be completelly different from our Goku, EVIL maybe?
    – Secondly, all this time in Super, they emphasized new and different universes, do you really think we wouldn’t get a villain that threatens all multiverse?

  • possessedbykakorat

    i think the person who got god of everything angry has fused with bardock and gotten transported in to the future as bardock might have been brought back by him and by taking the earring out bardock lost his control over the part of his body and walla

    • SSB Popo (Jason)

      Bardock is like thousands of years in the past, and Trunks has the only time machine.

      Also I don’t even think Bardock’s journey to the past is canon to the anime, and if it isn’t he’s technically dead.

  • possessedbykakorat

    I think the person who got god of everything angry has fused with bardock and gotten transported in to the future as bardock might have been brought back by him and by taking the earring out bardock lost his control over the part of his body and it all fits

  • that one guy

    that earring looks like demigra’s from dragon ball xenoverse

  • tommy west

    I would just like to say this defo looks like hes using the kamahamaha technique in the beginning credits just different colour ki so it must be some form of goku just maby taken over maby someone tricked him when he was dead in otherworld and put the potara earing on him cause vegita was dead when they fused and vegito was very much alive as he didn’t have a halo

  • megasxlr01

    what if this is another android? lol

  • Sam

    For some reason I just randomly remembered Hit, i know it probably has nothing to do with this episode but WTF

  • Dragon BS

    Another question, would this Trunks be the same Future Trunks from DBZ? He said he killed cell, so I hope so. It would make sense.

    • Osuman

      It’s confirmed that it is.

  • Uhoh-spaghetti-no

    What if it is goten…but from the earth beerus wished back and then he used champas box to travel across to trunks’ universe it would make sense as to why it’s happening in the future as goten would be of age by then and the next few episodes could be goku vegeta and the others preparing for either the arrival of black or more plausibly preparing for the tournament in order to make sure that the other universes earth fighters don’t win and wish for champas box as their prize and kick start the chain of events that lead trunks to travel back in time again

    • SSB Popo (Jason)

      Saiyans in u6 stayed on their version of planet vegeta = no saiyans on u6 earth = no goku meeting chichi = no goten in u6

  • Miguel Santillano

    Okay so kakarot was sent to earth but hit his head and became pure known as goku so what if in universe 6 when beerus wished back earth he also came back to life but in this universe he never hit his head and stayed as he originally was supposed to be and thats evil known as kakarot

    • SSB Popo (Jason)

      Wishing back his earth in the present doesn’t just magically send u6 goku to the earth as a baby, when if there is a u6 Goku he’d be as old as u7 goku and living on Planet Salad.

      • Miguel Santillano

        I was thinking that too because they would of never sent him to earth right because the saiyians from u6 dont destroy and takeover planets

  • Miguel Santillano

    Hmmm well cabba said universe 6 sayains are good so maybe they never sent kakarot to earth…but if they did send him that means he should still have his tail and maybe just maybe he can turn ssj4….ssj4 Black vs ssjgss Goku

  • Danger Zone

    is it me or does it look like vegeta achieved a new level…or almost did

  • Ultimate Benegal

    What if Black Goku is actually Ultimate Turles or Goku from another universe/timeline where he doesn’t disobey the Saiyan race and actually wipes out Earth?

  • Peter Garcia

    Interesting… I wonder how Trunks made it in one piece if he was so beat up and overpowered by Black Goku, who said in that episode that it was there where Trunks would take his final breath. Was Black Goku not aware of the time machine? He killed Bulma just after Trunks and Bulma finished discussing the time machine. He saw the vile on multiple occasions and followed Mai and Trunks to the Corporation… Also, it’s not like Black let Trunks live and go to the other timeline, right? Unless… Well, we’ll see next episode.

    • JP Gagnon-Barry

      Yeah very true… The fact that he says “Saiyan” at the end in that tone makes me think either A. He has a reason to hate the Saiyans and wants them all wiped out. or B. He isn’t a Saiyan and wants them all wiped out…Lol

  • JP Gagnon-Barry

    Wow!!! What a great episode. They really set it up for the next chapter! I’m impressed with Black’s power. We don’t know it’s Goku tho, so I like the speculation that it might be Goten:) That would be quite a twist.. Hmmmm Cant Freaking Wait For Next Week!!!!!!

    • Peter Garcia

      Many Worlds interpretation perhaps? There’s already a multiverse, but perhaps there are multiple universes for every universe and there is a different dimension to all of this, and it’s in this that Goten from an alternate reality that becomes Black.

      • JP Gagnon-Barry

        Damn that would be cool..

  • Allen

    Gentlemen Trucks came back in DBZ to change the future of Goku with that virus he could be alive. Remember Trucks was trained by gohan do to Goku dies . When he got the antidote that changed history. I believe this Goku is from champas earth that Beerus wished for him.

    • JP Gagnon-Barry

      That’s very possible. Probably the most possible…

    • SSB Popo (Jason)

      Since teh Saiyans in U6 weren’t the same as the U7 ones, as in they don’t travel to other planets to conquer them, Champa doesn’t have any Saiyans like Goku on his earth

    • Osuman

      DB goes by the Multiverse theory so that isn’t possible.

  • JP Gagnon-Barry

    Ooo or maybe this Black character is the Universes way of “balancing out” what with Goku and Vegeta being so strong and Beerus not really doing much destroying lately.. Maybe he was created by Omni-King or somebody to counteract Goku’s creating and love with destruction, thus bringing balance back to the Universe…..Just a thought

  • Allen

    True a lot of possibilities only thing to is if when beerus wished another plant earth it made it completely opposite but also with that ear ring where is the other there would be a dark vegeta

  • Opex

    It is a new character didn’t you see the single ear ring? He is there to kill off the rest of the wait an race

    • Opex

      Saiyan race*

  • V@run

    Why do I feel that Black Goku is an Android of some sort

  • Swiss Superman 2.0

    Does Future Trunks now have SSGSS power too based on the blue hair?

    • SSB Popo (Jason)

      You need 5 other saiyans to get that power. So no

      • Xman321

        No, Vegeta did it without that.

  • Janice Ho

    oh its fine, i didn’t wait for a week just to see black goku, its fine that you stopped there. :()

  • The Legendary Troll

    Let me guess, Gohan had a son in this timeline that went evil?

    • SSB Popo (Jason)

      Probably not no

  • Alec Horowitz

    How about this:
    I’m now convinced that this, “Black Goku” is some type of alternate Goku from Universe 6; Champa’s universe. Specifically, I think he’s directly related to Beerus’ wish to restore Champa’s Earth.
    We already know that Universe 6 is a mirror twin of Universe 7, though to what degree we don’t know. We DO know that there’s a replica Earth in Universe 6, as well as a Saiyan race, so there has to be at least some degree of similarity between them both.
    However, I think that Universe 6’s Earth was destroyed not by its own humans, but by Black
    Goku in some sort of universal fight, possibly involving Champa and/or Vados, and that Beerus’ wish to restore the planet for his brother also resurrected Black Goku as an unexpected side effect.
    Tying in some loose Xenoverse aspects, Future Trunks is the one to travel back in time to warn Goku and co. of the impending danger, as Black Goku is strong enough to threaten the multiverse as a whole, which is how he barely escaped with is life once Black Goku crossed over to this universe into the Future Timeline. (Remember, back in the Buu Arc, Gotenks was strong enough to tear a hole through dimensions and escape the sealed RoSaT, so someone possibly as strong as God Goku/Vegeta could possibly do the same thing, but between universes.)
    I think this is a perfect way to tie the Universal Tournament arc into the Future Trunks arc, and it shows the butterfly effect to perfect fruition. How it would be written in a way that makes sense I don’t know, but I’m sure that if Toriyama went with something like that, he’d make it work.

    • SSB Popo (Jason)

      We know that the u6 Saiyans were peaceful compared to the u7 saiyans and they stayed on their version of planet vegeta. We know that until Beerus made the wish all life on u6 earth was destroyed. And the wish wouldn’t just add in elements that werent there in the first place (the saiyans) when restorying the earth.

      We also know that the guys name is Black, and they haven’t even called him Black Goku yet. He looks like Goku, but so did Turles. It could be an alien, a shapeshifter, etc. Doesn’t have to be Goku.

      • Alec Horowitz

        We know that the Universe 6 Saiyans are mostly peaceful only according to Cabba – it’s highly possible that there could be one or more that turned evil against the norm, just like how it turned out that there were one or two that became good against the norm in Universe 7.
        And Black Goku COULD have been resurrected along with the destroyed Universe 6 Earth if the Earth was destroyed along with Black Goku – ie, if Champa/Vados/Zeno destroyed him along with the planet. Then it’s completely possible that the restoration of the world could have brought Black Goku back.
        And while it’s obvious that he physically resembles Goku, it’s still possible that he’s not Goku himself, rather, he could be an alternate version of him, or just someone else who looks strikingly like him. Turles isn’t canon, and I don’t see the reason why a shapeshifter would take on the form of an evil Goku – as of right now, it doesn’t make sense.
        Another possibility: what I think (or might like to see) is that Black Goku IS in fact Future Goku – yes, the Future Goku that dies from the Heart Virus. And similar to the present timeline Goku, he had many adventures in the afterlife, although unlike the Goku we all know, something befell this Future Goku to either turn him evil/posses him, and he was resurrected by the same person who could be responsible for turning him/controlling him.
        As of yet, everything is just idle speculation simply because we don’t have enough conclusive evidence to go off of.

        • SSB Popo (Jason)

          The way I see it is that Black is an entirely new character in himself. Like how they referred to Baby Vegeta as Baby, Black could very well be a parasite like him. I’d support the theory that Black found Goku in the afterlife and took his body, and then somehow brought goku back to life. That’s possible.
          And a shapeshifter isn’t entirely out of place. I mean, maybe he could’ve read Trunks mind or something and decided to choose the friendliest face in his head (Goku is a lot more friendly than Future Gohan) or something along those lines. Have someone close to him be the one to kill him.
          Of course everything is just speculation, but I feel like we can rule out characters from the other universes. I mean, theres a pretty good chance that Beerus never woke up in Trunks’ timeline, meaning Trunks wouldn’t know about other universes and the u6-u7 tournament wouldn’t have happened. Plus a saiyan from u6 traveling to u7 to kill a saiyan, when he has a planet full of them in his universe is a little far fetched imo. Especially when they have to address how a non-god character crossed universes.

  • SSB Popo (Jason)

    All we know for a fact is that this guys name is Black, and that this Trunks is the same Future Trunks from DBZ. Don’t know if it’s Goku, could be someone who can shapeshift or something. He probably has a connection to the kai in the promo. We don’t know if the kai is from u7 or u6. So we techincally don’t know if Black is from u7 or u6, but my money is on u7 since the only thing that can cross universes is Champa’s cube, and i guess the Omni King and other gods.

    It most likely definitely isn’t Goten from any universe or timeline. Future Trunks was never able to wish back Goku or any of the Z fighters in his time. Goku and Chi Chi never concieved Goten. And in u6 just because the planet was restored, doesn’t magically automatically add the saiyans to it. The saiyans in u6 were said to still be on planet salad and be a peaceful race compared to the u7 saiyans.

  • AizenSamaKing X

    Chi Chi will turn Goten into the next piss poor child like she did Gohan.

    • Xman321


  • kavon kirkland

    Man sometimes the dbz fan base is retarded.use a little logic…can’t be goku because he’s dead..and piccolo is dead so no dragon ball..not goten cause again goku is dead..think outside the box guys..maybe it’s just a bad guy that looks like goku but not actually a saiyan…

  • Goku

    What if that black.Goku comes from planet earth of universe form Champa. He said ” Saiyan” to Trunks like he is not a Saiyan. What if that Black Goku is a human in Champas Universe and lives on that earth and from there went to universe of Beerus…

  • Romell Fleming

    hmmm so dragon ball super is technically overwriting gt

    • JP Gagnon-Barry

      Yeah and thank god they are haha. Nothing against GT but with Super as the new follow up to DBZ it’s okay with me.

  • Jb

    Trunks should at least go ssj wtf

  • JP Gagnon-Barry

    Just going to think of Black as a new character altogether, a new villain, until they say differently:) So ready for next episode!!!!!

  • Wong Yik Chun

    Maybe that is the other universe of goku and black want to fuse with Saiyan so he said Saiyan

    That’s my opinion

  • Arthur Nieto

    Yes! Broly is back!!!

  • Sheldon bbt

    I got a feeling the tuffles are involved in this or that green kaioshin guy

  • Nicholas

    I think there was an enemy attacking the Kai’s and goku and vegeta went to help, had to fuse through the use of the Kai’s earrings but vegeta somehow died before they could fuse and then gokus body and mind fall under the control of the new enemy.

  • Robin Moderno

    I think… This Black guy…. try to kills all saiyan in Multiverse… agree? no?

    • JP Gagnon-Barry

      Black definitely wants all the Saiyans dead. But is he a Saiyan??? I just don’t know yet… He certainly has the hair!:)

  • Havok

    its a red ribbon clone but a complete version similar to the clone of brolly movie.

  • deon

    trunks went back andatacked goku thinking he is black and looses then told goku what the future held that a sayin of great power was the earts destroyer but blak is goku and vagita fused using the patora earrings from gt but vegita evil side overwelmed goku’s putity and black was created

  • Gandeezy

    hey so just watched Buu series and Black goku is definitely fusion of goku and vegeta (maybe from another universe) because when super sayain 3 goku battles majin buu fat form majin buu uses one of vegeta’s attacks which is identical to the attack that black goku uses in episode 47. if you don’t believe me then watch super sayain 3 goku entire fight with majinn buu fat form and goku even acknowledges an attack that is “vegetas” that is identical to attack black goku uses in episode 47. also the kai earring suggests that black goku fused so maybe he fused with vegeta and vegetas dark side took over majority of newly fused body that lasts forever. maybe even possibily of triple fuse with the supreme kai who’s part of universe six. Creator of dbz even said that this chapter of super would be “confusing” so I definitely would not put idea of triple fusion by him.

  • Seed1ccs

    There is no way thats a fusion or potara, when either of those happen there are 2 voices within 1

    • SSJ-Mad

      he is 5 man fusion like on DB fusions

    • JP Gagnon-Barry

      Yes! I agree. And why is there only one earring?

  • Rei Qosja

    I think that Goku must have fought someone too powerful and right before fusing with vegeta something invaded his body. (that explains the earing at least)

  • _Flip_

    My theory, he’s from one of that universes that The King destroyed but managed to escape. The King of All was looking for him so he had to leave so he managed time travel by finding one of the kais and used a special earing. Trunks travels back in time to warn the others, he follows him and meets Goku.

    • SSJ-Mad

      he is from universe 6

  • Rei Qosja

    That would explain a lot but why stay on earth?

  • nicky

    im guessing its someone fused with goku judging by the earing

  • nicky

    not gonna lie i always wanted to see gokus actual sayain face its pretty badass.

  • endoplasmic

    hey guys i think this goku is an android !! 🙂

  • Superball Dragon

    DBM + DBAF = DBS. If Black is clone being controlled by a long lost evil Kai then Toriyama is being a shameless plagiarizer

    • Xman321

      Every idea comes from somewhere.

  • leon sutherland

    hmm is it me or does hes voice sound a bit like freeza???

  • DarkLord7814

    Turlus from the Dragon Ball Z Movie 03: Tree of Might? but the earring is quite confusing?

    • Xman321

      Nope. Turles isn’t canon.

  • heera_gabroo007

    I think he is goku from another universe it’s all 12 universe there one of that born goku evil i think so

    • Xman321

      Only ONE universe is like the one we know. Universe 6.

  • its goku and vegeta fuse from universe 6 ,, I know he has a back ground story, probably hes from champas world , remember berus brought back universe 6 , I think he’s from there but long time ago he was killed somehow ,, remember they use those big Dagon balls ,I think he was brought alive when universe 6 was resurrected , remember universe 6 has a different background story than the original dbz story, I know black time travel some how from universe 6 to trunks universe long time and he die young , then when universe 6 was reborn he cam back that why he’s same age as trunks , he’s from majin buu saga ,, there’s so many clues in this episode , by the way burdock is still alive but he’s in different universe at the moment . after trunks saga bardock saga comes next,,,

  • Richard

    None of this makes sense.. How can the same future trunks from the android saga travel back in time to our current Z-fighters time? If he traveled back in time, wouldn’t he just be back to around when the androids were still around? Think about it, let’s just say that the first time he traveled back in time was year 1995 (guessing on the year), met up with Goku and changed their future. He went back to his present time, then this new black guy showed up (let’s say it’s 2034). If he went back in time to 2016, it would be his 2016 when Goku is dead, not the 2016 we have been watching in super. I don’t know how they will able to explain this…..

    • Xman321

      The same way he made it back to his own time.

  • JP Gagnon-Barry

    Why is there only one earring if it’s a fusion?? I don’t think fusion at all. He must have gotten that earring from his Kai friend (the green one) but we don’t know what it does yet. It might be what’s controlling him. I think the green kai found a universe that had a Saiyan he could shape to his will and control. Now he’s gonna wipe out all the Saiyans again for some reason…

    • Vegetasan

      maybe he become tuffle or majin like Dabura

  • Annoymous

    Ok, this doesn’t seem like the future Trunks timeline that was in DBZ, cause if it was Mai would no be with trunks, cause the Pilaf gang was turned into kids sometime before “Battle of Gods”, So that means that this is a DBS future trunks timeline and not DBZ, and that black could very well be Goten

    • Xman321

      Nope. Why would Trunks mention that he’s gone in the past before?

      About Mai, either a butterfly effect occurred in the timeline we know and Future Trunks’s timeline had the pilaf gang turn into kids earlier, or Mai just happens to LOOK young.

  • Havic22123


  • JustBeing Von

    What y’all don’t understand is there’s a difference between a different timeline and a different universe. Trunks (future) is of the same universe as the original story it’s just a different time. Trunks changed the future of that timeline but his timeline never changed and remember he’s 20 years ahead of the original timeline. Black can’t be Goten because Goten was conceived during the 10 day time period where the Z fighters prepared to fight cell at the Cell games and in Trunk’s timeline, Goku died way before that. We can sprout out all of the theories we want, but we won’t truly know anything or much until Sunday

  • wugga

    i just find it to be a little weird that he has a long sleeve shirt just like goten

  • cj

    i think it is an evil mind control type character like baby who has used the potara earings to fuse with gokus dead body

  • cj

    they must be an evil type guy like demigra because all of the supreme kai’s have bright coloured potara earings but demons have green earings

  • cj

    wugga you said about the long sleeved shirt being like goten

  • cj

    with the potara fusions it fuses the bodies to mainly the strongest person unless they are equal

  • cj

    and the clothes are also fused to combine what they look like

  • cj

    so if it was a potara fusion then it would depend on what the two components (peoples) clothes
    so one persons clothes could have long sleeves and be orange and one could be short sleeved with the colour of black

  • Ahsan Malik

    Clearing this up once and for all:

    – Goten does not exist in Future Trunks timeline.

    – Universe 6 Earth IS NOT Future Trunks timeline.

    – Goten was conceived during the peaceful days before the Cell Game in the main timeline and born months after Cell was killed by Gohan.

    – Goku (the real one) died of a heart virus in the future before Goten could be conceived.

    Goku Black is not Goten. Please spread this out to those who are confused or forgot. Thanks.

  • JoshuaKissoon

    Voice similar, Face & Hair similar but that’s definitely not Goku.

  • trunkskillsgoten

    he’s from another universe he’s gotta be hunting trunks for a time crime or something

  • Trunks keeps Goku from dying in the past, which brings Goku back to life in the future (weakest part of theory), or maybe Goku just trains in the other world or something. Either way, from there, the Beerus ark plays out etc, and then the multiverse tournament happens. In this tournament, Goku fights a guy who possesses him or fuses, maybe a body switch, who really knows. The person develops a plan to transcend the omni-king by taking Goku’s power. In this episode we see Bulma disolve in his hand, as if her very existence had decayed. In this same episode we learn that the omni-king is basically capable of making things not exist. He isn’t “strong” but has the ability to erase anything that exists. I think it is more than coincidence that this black Goku demonstrates a similar power.

  • Blake Betti

    I have this feeling its Goku from universe 6, think about everything is opposite in that universe which means universe 6 Goku would be evil, it can’t be the real Goku gone bad cause obliviously Goku and Black Goku are gonna fight and why would he want to kill his past self? that would kill him too

  • BigMan BigMan

    I always heard there was a third brother of raditz Goku fam or uncle or something that was away from planet vegeta when destroyed

  • Juan Kulero

    Android! What better android to defeat goku than goku himself…..ANDROID

  • ZWARRIOR2000

    when i heard Black speak

  • Casey

    Uhm I personally think that they will use some sort of universe 6 goku was still alive fought the black thing or took over his body for power and it’s some sort of alien that can travel through the universes this berus is probably afraid of or some legend that will be brought up when trunks go back in time tell goku/bulma ect. And they won’t know ask berus or wis and they will probably have some sort of knowledge about it kinda like the Supreme Kai did with buu or something. I can see that.

  • DUH

    Couldn’t they use the Namekian Dragon Balls. I feel that is Bulma could build a time machine she could build a Spaceship that goes far enough and comes back.

    • SSJ-Mad

      the dragon balls don’t exist anymore, on namek because no piccolo > no kami > no dendi. meaning all dragon balls are gone, except the super dragon balls, but there is no way they could go into space and locate them without wiz or beers

  • DUH

    Im telling you guys, it’s a tuffle.ಠ_ಠ

  • Riccolo

    This still might not be black goku yet.. 5 faces came up at the end of the starting credits like it was introducing the new characters, mai, this black suit guy, a green supreme kai, future trunks and goku was in the middle lookin angry. I dont think that was our goku._
    This black suit guy does NOT really look like goku

  • supervegeto

    ok seriously where did trunks his ascended super saiyan powers go?!?

  • Ban バン

    I wonder if Black goku has a form

  • Sam Hussain

    What if Black Goku is the Goku of the other universe??? o.0

    • Ban バン

      Yeah it could be! but black goku is in universe 7 and im confused by how did black goku come to existence?

      • Sam Hussain

        and think about it, trunks hair is blue in this episode so he could be from the other universe too!

  • Ban バン

    Now we all know omni king zeno is the strongest dbs character of all time

  • JP Gagnon-Barry

    So far there has been no mention or use of any strictly GT characters in any of the Super episodes. So there is no reason why we should think Tuffles or anything from the GT timeline has anything to do with it. DB Super actually starts as an alternate timeline BEFORE the last tournament in DBZ since Uub is still a baby in DB Super. Keep GT out of the argument LOL. Black might be a form of Goku but there is no evidence to support that either, so I’m sticking with my claim that this is an entirely new villain until they prove differently:)

  • Waylon

    goku is dead in trunks timeline. So that makes it impossible for it to be goten. trunks never found the namekian dragonballs because there was no technology that they could use.

  • Rasheed

    Probably he’s from the other Saiyan planet that little Saiyan was talking about that fight with vegeta

  • Conspiracy Brother™

    why doesn’t goku teach anyone instant transmission??

  • Shamsuddin Lehri

    Wow Finally Black Goku Appeared.

  • Nate Gapinski

    why the fuck is trunks’ hair blue now… “yeah just copy and paste bulma’s hair color its cool”

  • Golden

    Goku could’ve became a god of destruction somehow maybe

  • Yash Raj

    Most probably Black is the goku from other universe in which he is full with dark energy and he came to this universe after the competition kept by omni King.

  • black is the first sayaying that was born in another universe , its the strory of the legendary super sayaying from planet vegeta , kai and vegeta mention this ,, hes the one that destroy planet plant , cz he had to much power o hes from universe 6

  • spoiler

    wtf is this spoilers in the fucking comment

  • Nimaruichi

    I think he (goku) merged with the kai shown in Opening in other world by accident (putting on ear ring) and the result was evil goku for some reason.

  • David

    Could be Turles

  • Zoom

    maybe it is Beerus fault,cause he restore earth 6 and all people on it. the future trunks we saw is the same who went back in tim, never changed his time line in future. We all know that the Earth was near destroyed cause of cell so if Beerus restore the Earth from universe 6 what happen 17 years latter? and what about the Makaioshin? Is it possible that he took goku by restoring earth 6

  • Cream God

    Um, looks like Goten. Too slim to be Goku. And in the android saga, Trunks cured Goku of the past. Theoretically, that should have changed the situation on the future. Unless Goku died again. Doesn’t make since for him to be dead if Trunks went back to prevent it from happening.

    • LikeAPlayer

      They said in DBZ that Trunks created a separate time line when he went to the past.

  • Patora

    I don’t think it’s goku, because his just to slender in build. Mean look at him, his just waaay to slender to be goku, who’s pretty damn muscular. Goten i thought could be it, until it was made clear that the trunks who went back in time before was this one. But don’t forget about alternate realities here. Cell was from future too and he killed future trunks, but he was from another reality than our future trunks. This future trunks could be from another reality than the one from dbz, cause future trunks traveled in time twice. But it’s time travel, it ain’t ever easy to deal with more so if you bring it back into a story more than once.

    Think the author of dbz might have forgotten some things though about him, cause of a few things.
    1. Mai. Mean she’s the first thing anyone can realize just doesn’t fit. By how she looks the future mai is the same one who turned into a kid in the present during trunks birthday party, which shouldn’t have happened for a ton of reasons. Main one though? no dragon balls people. The dragon went away while trunks was a baby, so the fact mai appears as young as she does in the future is a plot hole right there.
    2. Fuel. The time machine only needed six months to recharge fully for a round trip, yet the supposed ‘fuel’ for it took a whole year to get just enough for a one way trip. It just don’t make sense, that it’d go from three months to a full year for a one way trip.
    3. ‘black goku’. Black goku doesn’t make sense period. His to slender to be goku, who’s incredibly muscular. There are some theories about him around already, but really none of them make much sense. Something that could explain him would be his from another universe, ala the universal tournament that’s coming up in the present. BUT that raises a whole other plot hole for that.
    4. Universal Tournament. It got started because of the tournament between beerus and champa, and this is really the best theory for black goku or just for somebody who LOOKS like goku, but major flaw with this. The saiyans all died but gohan and trunks at the time beerus would have arrived to earth. Now seeing the earth was still there, likely he never went to earth which would have meant no him vs champa, which means no universal tournament.

    A lot of plot holes are involved with this. Clear plot holes involving future trunks timeline, the time machine’s fuel, and potentially ‘black goku’ himself could be a literal walking plot hole if not given a proper way of even being there. Toriyama has shown some lack of knowledge about dragon ball before, which is understandable given he finished it two decades ago, but he really should have brushed up on it. At the least he could have brushed up on future trunks if he had this idea for a while, wouldn’t take long, maybe an hour or two?

    I’m not complaining or anything, love the series and i like dragon ball super, LOVE that future trunks is coming back, i just don’t like all the plot holes, more so since a few could have just showed up in literally one episode.

    • SSJ-Mad

      Too complicated for the fans, a simpler theory is the green Kai which is most likely a Makaioshin(evil Kai) He Resurrected Goku and swapped bodies with him.

  • Zeroxoz

    people are focusing on the wrong thing this ep Mai is now #bae and fuck ya im all about it

  • SSJ-Mad

    Pretty sure The Green Makioshin Resurrected Goku, Swapped Bodies with him,

  • Augustine Acuna

    People talking about andriod/robot/goten/bardock of being this new black enemy….How about this theory?
    We just learned that there is alternate universes. Goku in that future universe 6 has passed away due to the illness…So what about the Goku in universe 7? He may be alive and if he is he may be an evil being over there on that side. He could even possibly be mind controlled by someone else!…..
    So I think this goku could be the alternate universe one……

    Then another theory is that who ever is behind all this could have went back in time took goku as a child or just took control of his mind and brought him back to the future to bother trunks for meddling with the timeline…..

    but i guess we all will find out soon enough..

  • CJ

    we are all coming up with thes crazy theories when the easiest way to know is to wait for the next episode lol.

  • ⦕яǤ⦖

    Hmm. Maybe it isn’t Goku. The way he said saiyan was as if he wasn’t one. Also look at the earing. It reminds me of the potara earrings. Maybe an alien or an evil person fused made Goku fuse with them. Or maybe Goku got dropped on his head again and forgot everything and became evil. That earring seems to be important. I don’t know why.

  • Goku

    only one question why is Trunks’ hair blue?

  • Zakaria Elaboudi

    Are you guys all retarded? its not that hard, couple episodes ago they revived the other universes earth which only means it will also have a Goku who perhaps didn’t fall on his head and lost his memories, its not that hard.

    • SSJ-Mad

      Dude you are the dummy, because that earths universe doesn’t havea Goku

      • Zakaria Elaboudi

        what? who the hell told you that? the earth in the 6th universe was revived so just like there was a another version of freeza im sure there wil be another version of goku who got very strong that he was able to travel to another universe, just as you saw in the preview of next weeks episode, he traveled through time on his own like it was no biggie.

        • SSJ-Mad

          Dude the Frieza Race looks very similar overall. So we already know that they are not identical to Universe 7. If there was another Goku he would look nothing like Universe 7 Goku, And can’t be Black Goku.

          • Zakaria Elaboudi

            well only time will tell.

  • SSJ-Mad

    No new episode for 4 weeks break now

  • Abele Pakuna

    Isnt Mai the little girl that worked with the little Blue Namekian looking dude that wanted the Dragon Balls?

  • Tony J Mirabella

    He seems skinnier than good Goku. Not as buff. Maybe it’s just the clothing. He looks more like his power is mystic rather than from raw ki.

  • Buu

    What if they bring buu back in time to absorb black so he splits again. It’s a good plan. Then buu can go crazy and get super strong and turn into an epic battle between present time goku and vegeta.

  • Damion McConnell

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