Dragon Ball Super episode 51 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 51 : “Goku vs. Black! The Road Towards the Sealed Future”


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    waiting for ths episiods 51.. love it .. big fan of dragon ball super

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    • *—(UzumakiNaruto)—*

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      • Sina

        i think he means the whole thing like previous episodes. “that Black guy is quite powerfull” – Beerus, comments that are making fun of quotes like that

        • *—(UzumakiNaruto)—*

          Ah I see. Thanks. People are always going to make dumb jokes and won’t stop till we completely ignore them.

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  • Mike Johnson

    db super is bringing back memories of when master gohan was at his best in the trunks timeline android movie.

  • super

    dafuck? trunks hair definatlly werent blue at the android saga…..

    • Mike Johnson

      lol yes it was

      • Replying_to_idiots

        No it wasnt…idiot

        • Mike Johnson

          yes it was, how old are you?

          • Super Space Marine

            Android Saga was in DBZ and DBZ had purple hair for trunks.

          • Mike Johnson

            it was not purple it was lavender, the colour hair of both trunks,bulma and dr brief is lavender.

          • Super Space Marine

            Wrong, according to you it was blue.

          • Mike Johnson

            nope look it up, he has lavender hair colour, if you’re going to be stubborn about it the f you

          • Super Space Marine

            I’m not stubborn about it, you’ve claimed twice it was blue, just a few hours ago.


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  • the saiyan prince

    FT is c-blocking past trunk with little mai

    • Mark Sidney Foster

      yeah, what a pedo. lock him up!

      • Nstone53

        If anyone is the pedo here it’s Mia. She’s flip’n 40 yrs old. She’s Bulma’s senior by 6 yrs and all the ages in DBS are off, putting her closer to 50 than 40.

        • Aamir Razzak

          No one is a fuckin’ pedo here stop shittin’ urself dumasses firest of all its completely normal for mia to fall in love with trunks because she is of the same age because of dragon ball wish for her,everything including age and genetic and shit all went on a reverse gear so technically she is exactly on the same age meanwhile while trunks is having feeling while he sees mia is also normal because in that little mia he sees the old mia and he is having feeling for imagiuning the old mia not the young one so stop shittin’ all u ass holes get a grip this is fuckin’ time travel do it urself and then we’ll see who the fuck is a pedophile dum ass just fuckin’ enjoy the show

          • Nstone53

            You take things too seriously dude. Obviously no one is a pedo. Ever heard of sarcasm?

          • Aamir Razzak

            i know what sarcasm is but over here everyone is saying the same thing and not all are joking around and beside it is not something to joke around u know.

          • PlzStop

            “its not something to joke about” yeah we wouldnt want to offend the FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.

          • Aamir Razzak

            dude its not the insult of the fictional character when u insult a character u insult the ideology of a character made by non fictional humans the guy who made Trunks made Dragon ball Z the legend it is, making fun of Trunks is insulting the hard work of the person who created Trunks and as a fan of Dragon ball i don’t like if something like that happens that is why i respond the way i did. I do not tolerate people making fun of the hard work of someone which was recognized but not hundreds nor thousands but millions of people

          • Mofiz

            Sarcasm, not even once

          • Aamir Razzak

            i know what sarcasm is and i know u guys were joking but these guys are legends so give ’em some respect, specially trunks that guy was one of the best thing even happened in dragon ball z because of his time travel this timeline is not like the doomed timeline of future trunks i have full respect for him because goku has powerful friends to back him up but future trunks guard his earth all by himself

          • the saiyan prince

            you realize he is my son right and its okay if i teaase my own son i hope

          • Aamir Razzak

            and it is not funny to call or judge anyone by pointing at them and calling them pedo that is funny for u but an insult for the character hence the maker of that character

          • Mofiz

            the fact that i got 3 notifs of some butthurt internet rambo is amazing. not gonna read tho, lol

          • Calm down. You might break an artery. Joking aside, don’t take that so seriously.

          • Aamir Razzak

            Lol i dont get serious XD just foolin’ around 😛 but really i really did not like they saying Trunks pedo 😛

          • Aamir Razzak

            and what piss me off isnt that he made that joke but the fact everyone here is calling him a pedo just because he sees his mai in mai’s face

          • William H. Buttlicker

            ffs it’s Mai. MAI, not Mia!! -__-

          • Aamir Razzak

            that one was probably my bad -_- sorry ’bout that 😛

          • Super Space Marine

            Her name isn’t Mia, it’s Mai. Don’t call people dumbasses when you can’t even get a three letter name right.

          • Aamir Razzak

            ok i agree that i miss spelled mai’s name but u gotta agree that people assumption is sick -_- whicxh always pisses me off

          • the saiyan prince

            dear sir i think you might’ve missed the joke
            but it is a sensitive topic isnt it

          • Aamir Razzak

            calling my favorite character a pedo is no joke sir






    • David Vancleave

      All he did was grab her hand

      • Super Space Marine

        How bold!

        • GamingMasterAnthony

          well, its TECHNICALLY not cheating

  • anymade

    where and when will be subs ?

    • Bg

      Usually around 3 am et

  • the saiyan prince

    apparently his hair was made blue because that is what the original hair color was supposed to be not a big deal though not sure why so many people are hell bent on the slight change in hair color and it matches his mothers

    • Saiyan Queen

      Yeah, I think the blue hair on him looks better and makes more sense. My only complaint is that if they were going to do that, they should have made present timeline kid trunks have blue hair just like future adult and future kid Trunks (who we saw with future Gohan at the end of this episode) to keep things logical.

      • PurpleCarpet

        My theory on trunks hair is that it will turn blue eventually. If you go back to Dragonball. Bulmas hair was purple when she was young. Perhaps with age, the hair pigments fade. So trunks being young, will probably have purple hair till he becomes an adult.

        • Saiyan Queen

          At the end of the episode they showed kid/preteen future Trunks with future Gohan when he was killed and in that seen Trunks had blue hair, so maybe in this timeline they’ll have kid Trunks’ hair go blue around the age of 13 or 14 too. Who knows.

        • ayami

          Actually in the anime Bulma’s hair was blue. the manga and the path to power movie her hair was purple. sometimes her hair appeared to have a green color to it. either way they screwed up changing the color. kinda dumb to change after it was a certain color before.

          • PurpleCarpet

            It was actually purple when she was a kid.

          • PurpleCarpet

            Dragonball ANIME

        • Jon Jonzz

          That is legit not how hair works.. you are retcon how hair changes color. Also Trunks can’t be a SSGSS because he already has blue hair, that would be a non existant transformation.

          • SSJ-Mad

            Vegetas hair was red once.

          • Chase

            Vegeta’s red hair was an error since the manga chapter coinciding with that scene gave no indicator of what his hair color really was. That’s why his hair was later changed to black.

    • Victoria

      Probably because its weird for a grown man to have the same hair style as his mom.

      • the saiyan prince

        it would be if he dyed it which doesnt seem to be the case

        • Victoria

          That and it is nonsensical that it would all of a sudden be blue now and accepted that it always was when there is literally a younger version of the same character right there proving it was at one point. Plus like seriously it’s so dumb to change it after it’s been the way it was in the anime for as long as it was.

          • the saiyan prince

            good observation vicky, solid point indeed

    • dffgdfg

      no tori say so himself he doesn’t give a f** about hair color

      he just don’t pay much attention about keeping it the same, there is nothing else behind

      • the saiyan prince

        plus his hair matches his brows and eyes so we could go to bed knowing that they got that right

    • Fallacies of the United States

      And kid trunks hair matches his grandfather it makes. Two timelines two hair colors.

  • FnaticFanWhore

    omg will gohan be op again??!?







    • SSJ-Mad

      lol nope he is still skinny after all these episodes not seeing him, i thought he would be training,

    • xostrowx1991

      Well we ARE going into an arc concerning the Kaioshin and Potara etc.. so it’s entirely possible that we’ll see another Z-sword esque phenomenon or something in Uni 10 or something similar.

  • LegendaryVegeta

    what happened to the rule of not talking about the future, eg goku wasnt alllowed to say veg and bulma got together, bu now he says that mai and trunks love each other lol

    • Fear Me I Am Free

      Because that was before finding out that whatever happens here has no bearing on Future Trunk’s timeline because of his interference.

      • dffgdfg

        no it wasn’t before finding this out, they new it from start

        it doesn’t change trunk futur indeed but goku not saying a thing allow trunk to exist in “our” db timeline, had he say a think bulma and vegeta may not have end together

  • Saiyan Queen

    Ugh. Hate this Trunks/Mai thing. Still say Trunks/new, interesting, age-appropriate, useful-in-combat character would have been better. But I can’t wait until the subbed version comes out.

    • Spinoza Trivel

      Yeah, and I hate the fact every woman in DBS only gets some background when she is a protagonist’s love interest…. (except for Bulma in DB, but that was another era)

      At first I thought they’d bring Mai back to give her a chance of being an interesting character (which she became, with all that post-apocayptic-Sara-Connor-like resistance) buuuut NOPE ! They just wanted to mate Trunks.

      • Chase

        Bulma was still important in DBZ, you know. Even though she wasn’t as prominent like she was in DB, she still played a part when she could.

      • Saiyan Queen

        I think he totally should have come up with an interesting new female saiyan character or something to join the Z fighters and be with Trunks instead of just recycling Mai and throwing her with Trunks (he’s the only powerful good guy left protecting the earth in that timeline- Why on earth would you put him with a helpless Lois Lane with a gun instead of a Wonder Woman who could actually get shit done?)

        • Spare Socks

          Oh sure, be all self-entitled and ask for a new character at the risk of alienating the already existing characters in need of development, as well as the fans who WANT those characters to develop. I personally feel that it’s a GOOD thing that they built up Future Mai instead of going “Hey, here’s this new character we want you to give a shit about! FUCK all the older generation characters!”.
          Since this is Toriyama’s work and not yours and I doubt you’re a story writer, you should know that this is not YOUR vision, it’s his and that a lot of thought has to be put into making a new character. If Toriyama were to throw some new Saiyaness into the mix, she’d run the risk of be called a Mary Sue character since all the Saiyans of Universe 7 were wiped out, save for FT in the alt timeline. It gets a little dull after a while of watching or reasding Toriyama writing his way around the Saiyan Genocide just to add even MORE Saiyans. If you want a female Saiyan to breed with FT, go write a fanfic about it.

          • Saiyan Queen

            Since his work is public and for the entertainment of others, it’s also open to the criticism of others. That’s true of any television show, comic, book, video game, song, music video, or anything else. I’m not calling for the show to be banned or anything like that, I just think the Trunks/Mai shipping is one of a few flaws about super- along with all that rehashing of the Beerus and Frieza movies (and to me the movies were actually better than the way the stories were told in the show) and the lack of intensity that was there in Dragon Ball Z. And one female saiyan from planet sadal (because apparently Toriyama decided himself that there are more saiyans in Dragon Ball than Goku, Vegeta, and their descendants) wouldn’t be the thing that’s holding Toriyama back from developing on his other characters when he’s already added characters like the little pink nipple guy Monaka, Jaco, (who’s from another one of his manga) Champa, Vados, and Cabba with his planet full of saiyans. If enough people really wanted to see Mai again that badly, Toriyama cold have put her with Android 17- another underdeveloped character from the past who would actually be age-appropriate, since the Androids are older than Gohan.

        • Chase

          Since you’re spoting DC speaking, does that mean that by your logic, Batman, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern (sans power ring) have 0 business being a part of the Justice League?

          • Saiyan Queen

            No, not only because all of those characters have proven themselves useful enough against powerful bad guys besides just being the distraction, but because unlike with Future Trunks, their world isn’t one where only one powerful good guy exists. Future Trunks literally is his world’s only hope, so it would be better if his mate was somebody who could fight on a useful level.

          • Chase

            Yet Batman has to be rescued more than any other Justice League member, Ollie is a “regular human” with a bow and several crazy improbable arrows, and GL is just a “regular human” without his ring, and I’m not even against these characters. Even so, one could argue that their being able to hold their own against powerful villains is because the writers want them to, and don’t get me started on how writers treat Batman (i.e. being able to sneak around Superman’s hearing, despite Supes being able to hear from far into the vacuum of space).
            Even if you felt it would be better or would “make more sense” for FT to be with someone who can fight on a useful level, that doesn’t mean it will actually happen, plus I’m still standing by his and Mai’s relationship being platonic until stated otherwise. If we were to apply that “mate powerful character with other powerful character” logic to Goku and Vegeta, ESPECIALLY Vegeta, given his Saiyan pride, we wouldn’t even have Gohan or Trunks because the two half-Saiyan’s mothers are –by your standards– “worthless humans”. I also want to add that every human played their part in killing Kid Buu when they donated their energy for the Genki Dama, so that should count for something.

      • Spare Socks

        She isn’t even Trunnks’ mate yet, and she is currently acting as a second role model to FT, much like Future Gohan was, only to a lesser extent. Besides, why can’t she be both a relevent character AND a potential soul mate to FT. You people and your nitpicking.

    • Spare Socks

      Seriously Saiyan Queen, not everyone is cut out to be a fighter. Get over it.

  • EMONEY 555

    Why is Trunks Wearing Slippers in the preview?

    • ayami

      the japanese always have a thing where when they are inside they wear slippers. So assuming from the preview he is inside gohan and videls home

  • MEGA3346

    where the freak is the dragon ball are

  • EhrenhafterLikeverteiler

    This Episode is Bullshit

  • Deeznutzgotem

    I’m curious, if chichi wasn’t being an ass about letting goten tag along with krillin and piccolo to go see future trunks, what would be the consequence of him seeing future trunks? would it alter his timeline for even seeing goten?

    • ayami

      im wondering though if trunks will even get to see goten and know he exist. cause of right now he doesnt know. unless gohan mentions him in next weeks episode.

      • Saiyan Queen

        I wonder if future Trunks will ever find out about Bulla (if Toriyama hasn’t forgotten her like he forgot about Launch).

        • Trainer_Links

          Bulla is from GT. Toriyama didn’t make GT. GT is’t canon

          • Saiyan Queen

            Bulla appeared at the end of Z in the episodes about Uub and ‘Granddaughter Pan.

          • SSGOD GOHAN

            Bulla is in GT, As stated before, GT is NOT canon (She doesn’t exist)

    • SSB Popo (Jason)

      Why would it alter his timeline? It couldn’t change anything cause Goku is dead in Trunks’ timeline. It’s not like Trunks knowing about Goten would magically add him in

      • Deeznutzgotem

        yeah your right Im guessing he’d be jealous that the kid trunks had a best friend to grow up with while he is the only surviving saiyan left.

  • Deeznutzgotem

    i agree. here they go again with them milking these next couple of episode until we see some action.

    • ayami

      yup but super does have a thing showing what the chars do outside of fighting etc. but they do way to much of it sadly. not drag it out in bunch eps till the good stuff happens.

  • bardock

    this episode sucks

  • bardock

    deez nuts

  • Kyle Brown

    holy shit we finally see bulmas moms eyes thats just fucking weird o.0

    • Deeznutzgotem

      dang it i didn’t see that part now i have to go watch it again,lol

      • Briansama69

        Loving the nickname Lol…. Mines use to be (L.B.chomio4u) It’s Spanish. Ask someone what it means but only ask someone who won’t smack the taste out your mouth for saying something like that. **BestWishes**

        • Deeznutzgotem


        • Deeznutzgotem

          I will.

    • son_michael

      you see her eyes in Z when Bulma tells her to take care of Trunks, her mom asks where is she going and she says “I’m off to meet Trunks” her eyes open wide.

    • ayami

      it looks really weird. and the fact that she looks like shes in her 20s. we got so used to not seeing her eyes. akira prob forgot she never had her eyes open haha. kinda like with marron in gt she had normal eyes in dbz she had her dads eyes. the animators are weird.

      • Briansama69

        Maybe she was addicted to the sensu beans, which was what’s been keeping her eyes always closed and her skin so young n healthy! Lol xD

    • DDroid45

      man 2 seconds after they showed her i was like, well i guess the mom not blind after all lol

    • Chase

      That’s not the first time she’s opened her eyes. Back in DBZ when Bulma was preparing to meet FT about the time machine Cell used, she opened her eyes in surprise when Bulma told her she was meeting Trunks.

    • Anon

      It happened twice in DBZ and 3 times in DB…. Have you ever even watched the old ones?

  • SmokinSenzuBEans

    I wish we’d get a huge fighting arc. Like the frieza arc. A ton of episodes of fighting! Super isnt being so super. Not one epic battle since goku fought beerus. Waited all week for goku and black goku too fight. And it was over in minutes! WTF Toriyama! 🙁

    • Saiyan Queen

      I wish it had the intensity of the Cell saga or Frieza saga (and this saga with the return of future Trunks seems like it should have that).

    • ayami

      they seemed to make trunks saga more epic with the teasers. so far nothing really has happend. mostly talking going on and seems the next ep will be the same. this saga is going to drag abit before the action happens .

      • Spare Socks

        Clearly you guys don’t know what BUILDUP is…

  • SuperSaiyanSaitama

    How many episodes till krillin dies? His fohawk pisses me off

  • SuperShitty

    Hey look! Another shitty filler episode!! O boy!!! Cant wait for next weeks boring ass episode. Where the hell is all the fighting?! Was that lame ass tournament supposed to hold us off??? All that training with Whis. Now their just chillin?? Then a bad guy will come along. And they’ll be like “Err shouldve trained more! Better magically Unlock Super Saiyan God 2 kaioken 5000!!!

  • BulmasSaggyBewbs

    Somebody fire Toriyama and put TeamFourStar in control. Maybe then we’ll see some action and good comedy.

  • ,,

    • ayami

      haha i didnt even notice him doin that

    • the saiyan prince

      practically my response to watching this episode and how i felt

      • Pedro Gonçalves


        • the saiyan prince

          yes. 🙂

        • Hit

          No what? Your answer has no fucking sense or motivation. It’s just a stupid worm vomit.


    • Omni (The King Of Everything)

      Come Here Berus sama -_-*

      • Punish beerus? Make Goku second strongest in all universe! Or First.

        • Omni (The King Of Everything)

          I will make him first *__*

          • 😀

            What about Luffy? Make him become king pirate in all universe.

          • Awesome j Gaming

            no…. luffy cant compare to dbs or dbz or dragon ball characters….. but to be honest goku is stupid he could just ask the dragon balls to make him as strong as beerus but i understand why he doesnt wanna

          • I know, but I was talk about One Piece, this was joke. But it’s goku’s personality, and he might didn’t think about that.

          • Hit

            Lol, I can just improve to your level.

    • David Vancleave

      that scene made me laugh

    • Swiss Superman 2.0

      This scene made this episode hahaha

      • Niggawatchinanime


      • Amit Garg

        so true… that was a funny moment

        • donaeron


      • Irfan Bhat (Emmah)


    • Trend

      this was so funny..

    • Aric Ashley Struthers


    • xostrowx1991

      Somehow the straw spinning was literally in PERFECT sync with the intro music when I hit play and scrolled down to see this lol. What are the odds…

    • Hao2k

      AHAHAHAHA i fucking knew someone would make a gif out of that as soon as i saw it

    • gninja99924

      he likes to suck that d



    • Pedro Gonçalves

      DBS’s arrested for having a dog and for not having. Chill people, if we get fights every weekend everyone starts complaining about the pace of the arc, if we don’t then we start roasting it for being lazy and monotone… All series need laid-back episodes like this, I personally enjoyed it a lot

      • Scott Baker

        exactly dragonball didnt always ahd fights every episode it had story background, dragonball z did as well and half time the fights where so long it felt like there was no progression at all

        • Michael Medhurst

          if i remember correctly there were alot of filler episodes that led up to the big fight with some small fights dabbed in every now and again then the big fight lasted maybe a whole month or longer

          • Aamir Razzak

            frieza’s fight was the longest

    • Brandon Jefferson

      ya im just watching it now because i grew up on it.. this show blows big timeee..animation is still lame.. and when a fight breaks out its so lame..and the bad guys are so lame .. there just dbz characters with gew on them or a possessed vageta… so unoriginal…..they should bring deborah back and ubb!!

      • Anon

        I don’t know who this Deborah or ubb is, but if you’re talking about Uub he was only in the end of Z, after super, and Dabura is in heaven, still.

    • Trend

      a story with every scene a fight is not a story . its just a big fight.
      so enjoy to story thats being told. that leeds to the big fight.

  • yoooo, looking at the preview for episode 52 was the best part of this episode, heehee. Hey so i’m wondering was Goku black before the androids cuz what was with the flash backs?

  • Sean Anthony

    next weeks episode looks hype, cant wait

  • Redstone Blocks (Chris Zhang)

    but mai now is like 60 yrs old…

  • The ultimate SSJ/Nohave07

    woah future gohan !!

  • Sniber

    so i waited for 7 days for this shit ? dragonball is action anime, stop inserting drama into it. there shouldn’t be more than 1 episode in continuation without action. So i better see action in next one.

    • Spare Socks

      Buildup… look that shit up.

  • ayami

    Im just bit mad gohan looks like a nerd again in next weeks ep. they need to do away with the saiyaman costume. also the dorky glasses he wears. Trunks prob like what in the world happend to you gohan. you were so strong last time i saw you. I also wonder if goten will show up any. he needs to sneak out his window like gohan used to xd. chichi cant come after him if he gets away fast enough. i want them to meet. maybe gohan will tell trunks about goten. Hoping gohan will get his shit together and be with every1 when they fight black. because im tired of goku and vegeta always fighting. every1 else needs fighting as well. goku always gets to fight more. make him get hurt and send gohan in or something xd. maybe a fusion future trunks and gohan xd

  • the saiyan prince

    i honestly hope this black fellow is the toughest and most complex fighter;/villain that they end up having to face until the tournament and i hope vegeta gets at least one major win

  • Shubham Singh

    Where are subtitles!

  • Sina

    Holy Shit Zamatsu makes his entrance next episode!

  • XtraDerp Wong

    Lock that pedotrunks!

  • Luis Vasquez

    Can someone tell me that trunks ain’t going to pull a tyga

  • Jon Jonzz

    It won’t go big and I can’t get rid of the advert.

  • Topher Leonheart

    English is already up!!! yeah!!! You guys are the best thank you so much!!!!!

  • Musicisa Trigger

    this whole timetravel different universe god kayoshin sh.. is to much

  • Ora Champ

    Dude they make Future Trunks look like a pedophile

    • Aamir Razzak

      dude he is just delighted to see her alive and infront of her she reminded him of the girl he loves it doesnt mean he had sexual feeling of the kid mai get a grip all of u he is not pedo he is just hurt to see his love dies while seeing the same in front of her, its not tee feelings for the kid but the feelings for the old self of her seriouslly get a better understanding of what pedo really is

  • John Smith

    Neat how she saved Trunks with a flash grenade. Though, Black could just go all Frieza and blow up the planet. He claims he can breath in space.

  • Aab

    super saiyan bardock, how many account did you have?

    • SSJ-Mad

      haha the question i want answered too! but i think they post rude profile pics so it is changed to super saiyan bardock by the mod

    • Too many.

  • dranzer1

    Future Trunks getting inbetween that young love

  • David Vancleave

    People seriously complain over stupid shit. This wasn’t a filler episode. It wouldn’t make sense if they just had Goku fight the main enemy without these episodes explaining. Pilaf’s gang obviously has a reason since Mai is with Trunks. Though I admit some of it is useless but that’s with any show ever. I personally loved this question. It has certainly raised some new questions. Especially with Beerus finding the Ki feeling familiar to him.

  • Omy


  • Clark44

    I don’t know about you guys but for for some unknown and incomprehensible reason more or less i liked this episode.

    • Scott Baker

      same it gives more backstory and that something we want.. to many shows now focus on fight and dont give awnsers.. like bleach…

      at least super is filling things and from what recap says universe 10 is now involving other universes like we wanted… and damn vegeta wants black dead so much, for killing future bulma

      • Clark44


  • Fallen Angel

    omg i can’t wait for another week………….

    • Spinoza Trivel

      same here 😀

  • Miduk ystani

    i’ve come up with a conclusion about the identity of black and why he looks so much as goku. Black = goku + vegeta’s fusion!!!! goku’s body, vegeta’s evil intensions + they lost their memories and they became black (not racist there pls don’t missunderstand…) and black’s intension is to destroy and kill everything in all of the 12 or 13 universes (i don’t remember how many of them there are).

    • Blackarrot

      Beerus said he felt Black’s Ki before, so I think it must be that a God of Destruction inhabited Goku’s body in the future, hence why he’s so pent on destruction. Goku even said in the next episode’s preview that the answer is in Universe 10. So I think “Black” is the God of Destruction of Universe 10 after a failed Fusion with Goku.

      • Miduk ystani

        now you spoiled the future episodes with this “universe 10” talk ;(

    • Deads

      I used to think that Black Goku is the result of some fusion thing but i dont think so anymore.
      With what he says at the end it seems Black Goku only now found out hes using Gokus body.
      So i think he somehow stole Gokus body. So maybe he has no body and needed one.

  • hi

  • Celticswing ll

    Anyone else want to skip the opening but just say “Fuck it” and let it play?

    • Viswa

      But it is good!!

  • Andy James

    Jeez, what benefit does the gravity room even have nowadays. unless it can put out a bazillion times gravity it isnt going to be much help. Also, for guys who keep saying time travel is not allowed, beerus and whis sure doesnt do much to prevent it.

    • Deads

      I think Beerus is to much interested in who Black Goku is. And maybe they are like: We warned them, we arent the time police.
      And the gravity room might still have a use. Wont be amazed if it can create a few thousand G. And Vegeta will train without going Super.

      • Andy James

        I can agree with that beerus theory. Not so much on the gravity room. Even in base form these guy are so much stronger than before though… guess its best not too think too much about it 🙂

  • Otaku

    Why isn’t anyone commenting on the new closing song??

    • Viswa

      The new one is shit. Bring back the old one!!!

  • Shivjeet Singh

    Hey what happened to future goku and future vegeta and even future gohan after they defeated cell in old times will you tell that in upcoming stories??

    • Super Space Marine

      They got killed by Cell in his timeline.

      • Trainer_Links

        They got killed by the androids actually.

        • Super Space Marine

          Oh yes, true.

    • Deads

      Goku died due to a heart disease and the rest got killed by the Androids.

    • SSJ-Mad

      they still alive on king kais

  • gogetaSaiyanGodofGods

    For some reason English subbed version isn’t working right now. Saying she unsupported format. WTF
    Waited 7hours for this bull ish ..
    What is going on????
    Anyone having this issue?
    & saiyanwatch wants to be all behind still updated with only last weeks episod…
    It should’ve already updated with the new one subbed and everything ..

    • Super Space Marine

      Just download it from any of the mirrors.

  • Hazzan Mohammad Zaved


  • Super Space Marine

    Episode 51 in a nutshell:

  • “Disappear for good” – Black Goku

    • Super Space Marine

      Yeah, you should.

  • Theory?

    Comment Here.

    • Hunter J.

      I think that BlackGoku is that green guy from the opening, look at their earings.

      • ForcesNL

        Yes, I think he has something to do with him. Because hes on the oposite facing the other way from Goku. The green guy is most certainly a Kai like Shin, he has the same haircut in a quick screen when he floats backways. Just pause the screen there to get a clear picture of it.

        Problem is, I don’t think he is Black. Mainly because Black has 1 green ear-ring. And this Shin look-a-like has two orange ones. But that does mean green Shin is possibly merged with someone and that Black is not, most certainly not anymore. Someone has that other green earring.

      • ForcesNL

        -Spoiler- It seems Zamasu is (by rumor I guess) Universe 10 Supreme Kai. And he also looks a bit evil in some screenshots. He might very well be Black’s boss, or what u said Black himself. But how or why is anyone’s guess.

      • xostrowx1991

        Zamasu is his name, he’s a Supreme Kai/Kaioshin.

      • Possible not.

    • Clark44

      When future trunks was explaining about future mai, black goku clearly said he is from upper level or something and visited all the other universes, so i think this pretty much explains him also having the time ring. Even beerus said he knows him and asks whis to investigate. Anyway i think he is a kaioshin who has turned evil against god as he said to future trunks that he is correcting god’s mistake for creating humans. And he somehow has acquired future goku’s body when goku was dead in the other world. Maybe the future goku’s subconscious is still inside somewhere. Well, It’s just my speculation. What are yours??

      • Tony

        The translation didn’t say pluralize universe. It said, paraphrased, that he had seen this universe from above and that humans were the only failed creation blahblhblah.
        Since we are now talking about another universe I wonder if the translation was off.
        I’ll ask my gf about it.

    • Josh

      when it was showing black near the start goku’s cloths were flashing

      • I saw it. He got stronger while fight goku. He might have something virus heart, or stranger inside.

        • Josh


  • LegendaryVegeta

    lol who was the masked man mai talked about

    • Krillinmustdie

      Krillin, he used his Taioken finally

      • LegendaryVegeta

        ?what do you mean

  • florin

    last ep they show future MAI moving her hand , this ep nothing about what could means. wat do you think ?

  • Shit

    Fist me harder daddy

  • Pornstar8ter

    My favorite part about this episode is skipping to the end to see whats happening next week.

    • Mike Johnson


  • ddd

    why did vegeta get so angry?

    • Mike Johnson

      because whis said no in training goku, also whis feels bitter that humans have another time machine

      • ddd

        yes but i think he got angry for somthing else to beacuse he seemed verry angry?..

        • Mike Johnson

          yeah its about i believe it something to do with black goku and whis

        • Clark44

          I think he is angry because every-time vegeta wants to fight someone goku always steals his opponent from him, that’s why he said it’s family matter and goku should stay out of it. Still he very well knows goku won’t back off and went to train in the gravity room.

        • Trainer_Links

          Honestly, before he went into the gravity room, he said “I will never forgive you” I’m pretty sure he was referring to ‘Goku killing’ Bulma in the future. They wouldn’t had emphasized that scene so much if it wasn’t important.

    • Mike Johnson

      also both goku and vegeta are looking to time travelling with trunks to fight black goku, but bulma needs to learn from her future self notes in order to fully prepare them for the journey

    • Mike Johnson

      so that’s why he went inside the gravity room for now (most likely to train either way he’s pissed at whis).

    • vιewѕ ғroм тнe cнrι$$$

      Someone who looks like your main rival killed your wife in the future, he got reasons

  • Andrew Stephen

    i gotta see gohan and trunks train he’s a wreck right now

  • Brandon Jefferson

    dbs continues to disappoint me.. for you kids who didnt grow up on dbz like we did..u wont understand unless u watch dbz… It was so much better to the T….Now were grown and have to wait 7 days and go to work monday threw friday and put up with bull shit just in hopes that dbs gives us a good episode and it drops the ball every time… Such a let down!!!

  • Swiss Superman 2.0

    As I thought….filler episode through and through. Very little plot advancement. Next episode seems a lot more interesting.

  • Denz D. Law

    waiting for next tournament THE KING OF EVERYTHING ^_^

  • Bob

    Okay so I have a question isn’t Mai from way back in Dragon Ball? So isn’t she suppose to be like Goku’s age so why is she so small and with trunks that is like 15 – 20 years older then him….

    • ShadWolf115

      The Pilaf Gang accidentally wished themselves to be kids again at some point.

  • Chris Ridgeway

    How is it that Bulma doesn’t realize who Mai is in Super? Wouldn’t the Dragonball Cast, of all people, know best whom Mai, Pilaf and Shu were from you know…having fought them before?!

  • bardock

    this episode is bullshit

    • beeruslikesfishages


  • KidC180

    so what happened to all the other saiyans in the future that only trunks is left? im so lost

    • SSJ-Mad

      all killed by the androids and goku died from the heart virus

  • Amit Garg

    Isn’t it time for dinner, yet?

  • ForcesNL

    I hope the true identity of Black will finally be revealed in the next 1/2 episodes. They stretched it out long enough, altho they always make you think that and then still add 3 episodes to reveal things.

    Also, one big question. I shouldnt ask it, cuz it doesnt make any sense anyway, but so do alot of things in the Dragonball series so, I will ask it anyway.

    I missed or forget? How Cell traveled with Trunks back in time. And how that Trunks got back to the future? Leaving his damaged machine behind? I dont understand any of it. I thought Cell beated Trunks in yet another future, and then get himself back in time. I remember something of that.

    Also Black Goku is probably some half God/Kai. Or half of a Kai. Together with another half. That is the only explanation I have from the first time I see him. But is the other half just as evil? Or is the other one with the right earing the good half?

    • Clark44

      This pretty much explains everything about cell saga.
      Timeline #1.
      The series as you know it takes place here.
      The Buu Saga happens here
      Trunks is a kid who is best friends with Goten
      Cell was in his infant form and was killed by Trunks & Krillin

      Timeline #2
      The History of Trunks special takes place here
      Everyone is killed by the Androids
      Trunks is..well.. Future Trunks
      This Cell is killed by Future Trunks at the end of the Cell Arc at his Imperfect Stage, which you remember.

      Timeline #3
      You briefly see this time in Cell’s flashback to Piccolo
      Z Fighters are all killed via Androids just like Timeline 2
      Trunks was killed by Cell due to remote deactivating the Androids instead of getting strong enough to punch them in the face.
      Cell here is the Cell that you firmly know and creates the Cell Games.

      • ForcesNL

        Alright, thanks to confirm the third timeline for me, that sure clears things up. Any thoughts on how Black Goku has come to existance?

        • Clark44

          I am not too sure but i am assuming that evil kaioshin is either fussed with goku explaining the earrings on black or he has somehow taken over the body of future goku while he was in the other world. That’s the only logic i can come up with right now.

  • Goku Super Sayian Blue


  • ZACK.Q

    why there’s no 1080?


    My theory:
    The new purple kai guy that looks sorta bad. He fused with goku’s dead body. So bad kai guy is black.
    That explains why he looks alot like goku but slightly different still. Also explains why he is learning goku’s moves. Goku developed his moves because his body is good at them, so when bad kai guy copies them he is reaching higher potential.

    Also would explain how he has a ring that only kais have, and how he traveled all over the universe.

    • ?

      Zamasu has a different colored earring than Black’s.

  • Aamir Razzak

    So far the only fights i’ve enjoyed are, berus vs goku in the movie and hit vs goku

  • Nick

    whats thw soundtrack when trunks meets mai?

  • Hfar

    Time to step up your game, kid Trunks! Your lady friend is falling for your future you!

  • the saiyan prince

    humans were so useless that their very existence irritated entities in different universes to the point of absolute enmity and despite

    • the saiyan prince

      i think that calls for a celebration

  • Itachi Uchiha

    did i skip any episodes the last episode black goku wasnt there

  • javier

    DBS = shit, the inconsistencies/plotholes really give me headaches…

  • Top Nep

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  • TheBlackMood

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  • Terrance Flatt

    hes obviousloy a supreme kai, think of when we met shin. durrrrr

  • WentHulk

    Mai is totally smitten with Future Trunks.

  • Zain

    When the tornament finished goku arranged a fight with hit tomorow I think that tomorow still haven’t come and the tornament all 12 universe still didn’t take place

  • Brandon

    I laughed my butt off he is so desperate Mai’s face was as red as a tomato

  • Callum Reilly

    When the flames wars burn like they used to before
    Because people call Trunks a paedo
    Will anyone offer some real discussion
    Or will we forget about Black?

  • Austin Jaganshi Donnelly

    Lol. 20:08-20:12 is an awfully fast costume change.

  • Euphoria

    holy shit, future trunks is pedo!!

  • can


  • Leo

    Why did Stupid Goku have to transform Super Saiyan? He should of easily beat Trunks in regular form the same way Vegeta beat Fusion Trunks Super Saiyan 3! I don’t think future trunks got as strong as them as a regular super saiyan.

  • Tocino de Roña

    Time travel in DB makes no fucking sense. They never tell if the future Trunks comes from is a parallel universe or if it’s the same reality. If it’s actually the same reality as we would expect, at the moment Trunks travelled to the past the future shouldn’t be allowed to move on. If the future goes on as it is, it means that Trunks failed at changing the past, and if he didn’t fail (we’ll see soon), why the hell is time moving on in the future? What the fuck Toei.
    Now, making it more complex and believing those 2 realities (future and past) are 1 same universe, since Trunks travelled to the past before Black, unless he really makes it to the future again, Black shouldn’t remember Trunks just by the time he escaped the future. So, let’s say he makes it to the future again, wouldn’t there be 2 Trunks instead of 1 (kid Trunks being adult and future Trunks)? It has no sense so there has to be 2 parallel realities instead of 1 (even tho Whis said it wasn’t like this, fuck it). But, if he’s travelling to the past to correct the future, why would he travel to another reality that’s not his? He may do it to become stronger and then defeat Black when he returns to the future, but I understand it won’t happen since Black appeared in the past (?)
    Really, it all makes no sense. There’s a reason why time travel is as delicate to treat with as it is, and why we’ll never be able to do such a thing… Toei and Toriyama fucked up with this pretty hard.

  • Anonomous

    So, “Black Goku” has a very simple weakness that we all just saw this very episode.
    Being blinded by bright lights!

  • Tha Truth

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  • Supa say’in Arceus 40 billion

    Mai:why aren’t I here?
    Future trunks:uhhhhhhh
    Mai:I died didn’t I…
    Future trunks: brutally….
    Mai: shoot

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