Dragon Ball Super episode 57 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 57 : “Title”


  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    Does Brad Swaile still do voice acting ? I remember he voiced Goku once. He’s second only to Sean Schimmel . I do miss that Light Yagami voice. I’m hoping Swaile can take over a major character and give him a Light Yagami sense / voice / characteristics.

  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    Top 10 Anime ever

    1. DBZ
    2. Death Note
    3. Deadman Wonderland
    4. DB Original / Super [ once english dub comes out ]
    5. Pokemon [ only until the orange league , everything after that was trash ]
    6. Mirai Nikky
    7 . Bey blade original
    8. Fulmetal Alchemist
    9. Samurai Champloo
    10. Afro Samurai

    • Wolfnrun

      Super is perpously not #1 on you’r list

      • Zorawar Heisenberg

        Duh, nothing beats DBZ

        • Wolfnrun

          It’s not “Duh” since we all have an opinion, it’s ok though

    • you are forgetting Hunter X Hunter bro. That almost tops DBZ and in some ways its definitely superior. The story telling is beyond amazing!

  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    I personally feel like instead of making up new forms like SS red / Blue .. They should’ve made SS3 an OP transformation. SS3 looks GODLY , and it was so fucking underused . SS3 should’ve been the GOD form / the ultimate form.

    Best forms .

    1. SS3
    2. SS1
    3. SS Blue / Red
    4. Kaioken
    5. SS2
    6. SS 1.5 / SS Ascended / SS ultra … aka bulky muscular SS forms .. But Super Vegeta was badass.

    • Wolfnrun

      I think they should all have abilites instead of it all being raw damage and who uses more ki energy against who, needs to more complex, but not to complex that it get’s difficult to understand what is happening and what it all means

      • Mark Sidney Foster

        Actually, hit had greater physical strength than Goku. You saw the punishment he took? If the fight carried on he would have beat Goku. I think he might have lower Ki. He didn’t fire a single blast in that entire tournament. Does he even have that ability?

        • Wolfnrun

          That was because hit was targeting his weak points to make up for his low ki level and or physical strength. At least that’s how I interpreted it. It was a way of saying that it’s not all about how much power you have, You have other means of being strong instead of just punches and energy blasts. I think Gohan and trunks need this treatment

    • Bob

      They could have Super Saiyan Blue 2 and 3.

      • Wolfnrun

        No, continueing the number theme would be just boring

      • john jonson

        if they go to super saiyan blue 2 the it should be called super saiyan bluetooth…lol lol lol

    • HZGrenade

      SS3 underused? Have you been living under a fucking rock? More like overused it was basically Goku and Gotenks’s go to form in DBZ. SS2 is the most underused form. Literally the only person who really used SS2 was Vegeta and once in a while Goku would whip it out and go straight to SS3 after a few minutes.

  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    Funimation is laziest fucking company ever… Almost 60 eps in and still no DUB .. Like WTF bro . Get the lead out … I want to HEAR Sean Schimmel as GOKU … Hurry the fuck up ….

    • FreeWilly

      Yea thats my only problem with all this, goku sounds like a damn kid

      • Wolfnrun

        I’m fine with goku being silly here and there, it’s his personality. However, there comes a point were the sillynes needs to dive down. To much of it makes it un-appealing

        • Same

          • dennis

            Same with the whole ‘hey, let’s do rock paper scissors to determine the outcome of the world and possibly the entire universe.’ dbs is catering too much to a child-like audience. I still like the show but ugh. Not the same anymore.

        • Zardock

          It’s not just Goku but the whole series is too silly at inappropriate times. One example is how everyone is ‘terrified’ of the gods Beerus and Zeno as if saying anything wrong to them will cause instant destruction, but when people actually ‘offend’ them they pretty much don’t care and just make a joke out of it.

          • Wolfnrun

            You make a fair point, and the way the whole thing is played out, even the producers are addminiting that they don’t like bit’s and pieces of it, It’s all to much to bear

      • Obraware

        Goku sound like a Pussy

        • Ninten

          Dub Goku sounds bad ass and like a hero who lacks knowledge unless it’s fighting which is why I like the dub over the sub because he sounds like a whiney clueless bitch.

          • Caio_RB

            Pfft, the english dub is one of the worst.

          • Ninten

            Not even

          • Blaise

            Problem is that, unlike in DBZ, DBS Goku only has retarded lines. I don’t think even Sean Schemmel could make Goku sound heroic when all the character says is foolery. I haven’t seen one mature or insightful line from Goku yet. DBS went more lighthearted, that’s what the mainstream wants in anime nowadays.

          • stevo3736

            I think that is why we haven’t heard anything about a dub yet. Theyr’e pretty much going to have to rewrite it and probably re animate a lot of parts concerning Goku to make it fit.

          • Yanziel Lajara

            but i like the sub

      • kogee snypa


    • Junrong Lim

      for me, i like the jap voice becuz i been hearing that since i was a kid

      • Kaleidoscope Dream™

        So you’ve been hearing a 5 year olds voice portray a 40 year old man and you think it’s better? Weirdo….

        • 2shadez

          Well bitching about it and insult people’s opinion isn’t going to change the voice actor is it? Grow up and get the fuck over it.

          • Kaleidoscope Dream™

            I have grown up kid. I’m not saying I’m hoping for a change dumbass I’m saying that for him to say that the Japanese Dub is better is ridiculous… There’s a distinct difference.

          • Braden Shaw

            thats your opinion dude you cant force someone to believe what you believe

          • Kaleidoscope Dream™

            I disagree I feel like it’s practically fact that it sounds better. Having a 4 year old voice for a 40 year old man is just ridiculously stupid. And it makes the fighting scenes feel not serious at all… He literally is fighting for his life sounding like a 2nd grader. Whoever thinks otherwise I put them in the same category of people that think that the Earth is still flat…

          • Hurricanez

            Lol completely agree, you gotta be a huge dickrider to think the jap dub is better then english dub in DB. Jap dub is better in most animes but def not DB, tired of hearing dudes sound like chicks. If it werent for the movie i would of still though Whis was a Female for ffs

          • vinnie

            you’re being shitty dude. he likes the 60+ year old woman voice actor. you don’t. get over yourself and your opinion

          • Cam

            Bro, they keep his voice like that because they said it reflects his mentality. Its like he’s a kid…

          • Pepe

            lol stfu

          • karma

            if you’re not like me, you’re stupid.
            sounds like the type of medieval outdated bullshit thinking only a man-toddler, or someone who has never seen post-secondary education would spurt.

            do you realize the irony in Zamasu’s thinking? he wants to destroy humans for being out of control, yet lets himself loose control to do it.

            kinda like you who accuses others of being childish, in the most childish way possible: petty insults and the general “if you don’t think like i do, you’re wrong and stupid, and evil”…..

            for the record, I also prefer the older woman. but you won’t catch me bullying everyone else who disagrees with us….

            I feel like you wouldn’t have the balls to talk to me or anyone else like that if not for the protection of online anonymity.

            now go upstairs, i think mommy is calling you to dinner

          • Marc van der Meijden

            so everyone who disagree’s with you you put in the same catagory as people who think the earth is flat,in other words everyone who disagree’s with you is stupid? i thought you said you had mature behavior,youre the 1 who sounds like a 2nd grader lol,and not the mature desent kind but the other catagory the bullying guy who only wants to see one oppinion and thats his own.

          • craig

            the earth is flat, look it up, operation fishbowl, flight patterns follow the flat earth model not a rotation one, we live in a dome, the moon is a star, you can see through it with ground based telescopes, nasa admits with have never penetrated the van elen belt but claims weve gone to the moon, the pictures are photo shopped, if you look at camera footage of the earth 121,000 miles in the atmosphere it is this long stretch of plains showing no curvature, if if really curved 8 inches per mile, you want not be able to use binoculars or telescopes to see boats beyond the horizon, they would be over the curve, its because they are out of sight from perspective of sight, look up eric dubay or 21 flat earth questions on youtube, its true once you see proof there is no denying it

          • azrael_chaos

            Lol whut? This had nothing to do with anything and was complete nonsense.

          • Unique

            So fighting out of the universe, travel through time, flying man and revive from death seems legit isn’t it?

            Stupid opinion. I categorize you as fucking asshole.

            There is a reason its’s called anime.

          • Braden Shaw

            im putting you in the same category of intolerance and closed mind thinking as hitler its not your show and you obviously dont see why akira toriyama has kept that voice.

          • Kaleidoscope Dream™

            Ok weeabo

          • Braden Shaw

            Ok Mr.Dream

          • Kaleidoscope Dream™


          • Mr. Coolguy

            Its not like it will change anything, i like the voice cause it’s quite funny. But you’re right though, the voice is little bit childish but i ain’t complainin at all…

          • Hit

            Japanese is not a Dub, it’s original, dumbass, there is a “distinct” difference, also are you retarded or something? Do you ever read? Is there a problem with your ability of collecting information from whatever you’ve read? I think so, because that guy never said that Japanese “dub” is better to the American Dub. Grow up, faggot. Also you have dublicated your reply, dumbass.

          • Kaleidoscope Dream™

            I have grown up kid. I’m not saying I’m hoping for a change dumbass I’m saying that for him to say that the Japanese Dub is better is ridiculous… There’s a distinct difference..

          • Cozy Jto Thek

            have u maybe stopped to think hes japanese ? lol tard

        • Marc van der Meijden

          you claim to be grown up yet you stil try to make someone look bad for having a difiren oppinion then you,ya dude thats verry mature behavior lol.

        • Cameron weir

          Sorry guys… Most Japanese voice acted anime > English version… BUT Japanese voice acted versions of DBZ and One Piece < English version… Sorry you can't argue with the math..heh

        • Vince

          if you think that the dubbed Goku sounds any more manly, then you have a problem.

        • jaime bustillos

          you do know its a japanese woman that voices goku right?

        • Catharsis

          5yo? You are truly an uneducated, ignorant American. Not every race and culture sounds the same. You of all people, judging by your profile picture, should know this. The series is made by Japanese, adult men have higher voices then western cultures. Calling people weirdo just shows your simple minded view on things. Therefor your entire comment is irrelevant- and can simply be ignored. ( Also get rid of that ™ in your name- it makes you look like an idiot. )

        • CodeREd

          The original VA for Goku fits his personality much better than the dub. The English voice cast sounds awkward and constipated.

    • Mr Sandman

      If you don’t wait for the episodes to come out in Japan first with Bluray corrections you’ll be stuck with an English dub and episode 5 QUALITY animation.

    • randomblackdude

      Nozawa is a much better Goku (son family) for me. I love her performances a lot more. Schemmel is awesome (and i really enjoyed meeting the guy) but after hearing Nozawa on goku, Black, Gohan, and Goten, manage to show so many emotions but still keep each character distinct even in her 70’s is amazing.

      Also, the DBSAC is probably being a bitch with their copyrights

      • Hank Hill

        Its the same voice since child nah she sounds worse than the English

      • Moses Shezu Johnson

        i totally disagree.

        • randomblackdude

          And you’re free to. It’s a personal preference – entirely subjective, not an objective fact.

      • Peter Brooks (Aster)

        I agree, Nozawa is superior. The English Dub fanboys are just far more vocal and ordinary


          You weabos are retarded.

          • Wolfnrun


          • Patrick Beanman Martin

            I agree. I just listened to Schemmel voice Goku in RoF and he sounded so damn cool. His voice can get really deep as Goku when it needs to be. But the japanese Goku? She makes Goku sound like a whiny kid 24/7. For once I’d have to say English Goku VA pwns Japanese VA.

          • Scott Baker

            akira toriyama has stated many times goku retains his child like manour even as adult and personaly asked her to stay as adult goku in his eyes shes goku, so regardless of your preffrence or say it means nothing, to toriyama shes the only goku regardless of the dub

          • Dzenis Alickovic

            akira toriyama is a senile old fool, he may have created dbz wich was the greatest ever and goku was not nearly as childlike in that. now he’s just a complete and utter fucking imbecile

          • Patrick Beanman Martin

            You just missed the point just like the other guy did. I don’t care what Akira thinks. Goku being a whiny kid all the time is dumb. Look at Luffy for example. Look at Naruto. They all have their SERIOUS moments. Goku as a whiny bitch ass japanese sounding kid sounds pretty bad when he sounds like that when he’s serious too. It’s just better “in my opinion” (Which none of you can even admit. You claim it as fact but sounding as a kid 24/7 isn’t good.) Akira might think it’s better and I actually don’t care about hearing the japanese or the english voice. But Goku with the adult voice just has that coolness to his voice. Goku is suppose to convey a sort of coolness. Listen to Goku Black. She can pull it off but Akira telling her to be a kid 24/7 is dumb. And that’s why Sean aint doing that.

          • Lunga Cobra Zulu

            i agree with you sir Patrick, i am really not enjoying this japanese voiced goku because i started watching dbz on their english dub, this feels wrong. english dub vegeta has got the coolest quotable lines ever, this here vegeta only says goku is stupid. that’s it. we need the english dub

          • Nathan Arce

            No matter how much you prefer listening to Schemmel’s voice, the fact is that the Japanese VAs always match the mangaka’s envisioning of the character the most, because the mangaka are allowed to have a hand in *picking* those VAs. So, Nozawa fits Goku better, and your personal childhood experiences of listening to the dub of Z don’t counteract that.

          • Patrick Beanman Martin

            You just gave the dumbest retort ever. Goku literally sounds like a whiny bitch ass kid ALL the time. Whereas the English VA has the whiny kid AND Serious adult Goku voice. You saying Nozawa fits Goku better is your OPINION. This is not coming off Personal Childhood experience. If you could learn to read. This is from me LISTENING to Goku in the english dub of RoF. Please go take your comment to the nearest trash can and toss your entire computer in there as well for me.

          • umeredevil

            the old lady’s voice is shrill…..i mean c’mon dude with a power of god and such great body and the voice is like chipmunk…..just doesnt match :/
            am i wrong?

          • Snix

            “His voice can get really deep as Goku when it needs to be”
            it is an Japanese manga, made into an Japanese anime.

            their voice actors are superior in every way since those voices are made for them, not the english fanboy actors.
            the japanese voice actors are selected to be the best portrayals of the specific characters of the authors opinion, while the English are picked to satisfy kids like you who cant even read.

          • Patrick Beanman Martin

            They’re not superior simply because of that. That’s just an opinion. You cant differentiate opinion from fact? I’m talking to the dumbest human to ever exist. It’s a good thing I don’t know where you live.

          • Snix

            rofl, says you? daft idiot, you are one god damn hypocrite, just because you like his voice better in English just because you grew up with it, it doesn’t mean that he is better.

            the author says that the Japanese voice actor is perfect as it is, who are you to criticize the artistic view of the maker of the whole god damn franchise?
            you are just a nobody that got mad because your voice actor isn’t perfect.
            while she were maid for it, why else would the original dubs be a lot better than the other dubs?
            take an voice check of Terminator, dubbed to German. some likes it better dubbed and some likes it like it is.

          • azrael_chaos

            Do you think Black sounds like a whiny kid? Cuz it’s the same voice. Besides, super is making Goku ACT like a dumb whiny kid. So if the shoe fits…

          • Andy Palamar

            I don’t get how liking the japanese voice actors better makes someone a weaboo, nobody said that Sean Schemmel is garbage or anything because he isn’t japanese, that is something a weaboo would say. I don’t think everything is better only if it is japanese, in fact I like Bruce Faulconer’s soundtrack better than any other dragon ball soundtrack, in the same way I just happen to like the japanese voice actors better; they are the originals and the ones the characters are based around.

          • Rayne Flannery


        • Kaleidoscope Dream™

          You have to be deaf to think her voice sounds better. She makes Goku sound like a whiny little 5 year old and not a grown man. How is that better? You’re just some weirdo weabo. Goku English dub sounds easily 10x’s better.

          • Nathan Arce

            You can’t even spell weaboo right, it’s pathetic =.=”

          • Kaleidoscope Dream™

            I’m sorry if I’ve only heard the word and never saw it written but it still doesn’t change the fact that you’re a fucking weirdo. Don’t change the subject matter kid. 👌

          • beltarono

            How can you not have seen it written down, if it was written down on this same chat thread

          • Kaleidoscope Dream™

            Well considering its easy to skim and pick and choose what I want to read isn’t hard to understand that.. I’m a human being after all I don’t have to read everything. And from what I’ve seen in the thread the other person supposedly spelled it wrong too so who cares. I’m sure everyone here has misspelled shit that they’ve never read.

          • Braden Shaw

            in the English dub the VA uses a lot of big words in proper manors which goku doesnt use in his normal speak he has a kind of stupid way that he talks that goes with his actions very well that the English just doesnt have, the English VA kinda makes goku sound too smart for his character, not to mention goku has brain damage, and then we get into mistranslated text which causes so many arguments on the internet as well as most of the fan base getting false information about a characters strengths and weaknesses.

          • randomblackdude

            Yo Kaleidoscope, if your only counterargument to an opinion is an ad hominem, then you’ve already lost the argument.

            Perhaps some people like her voice better because it’s the one they heard first and just got used to? maybe they grew up in Japan and grew a subjective ear for her performance, or maybe their first introduction to the series was one of the many Chinese bootleg dvds roaming around. Nope, to you they have to be a person who hates their own culture and completely dickeats off Japan.

            Schlemiel’s Goku isn’t bad (unless we’re talking CN early 2000’s DBZ dub, that shit was awful) In fact once he got used to being a Voice actor, his performance is amazing as Goku, I’ve simply grown to like Nozawa’s performance for the series better. The sheer scope of what she can do is astounding. Bet you didnt even notice that with her performance:
            Goku has a very hick accent (think a southern drawl),
            gohan speaks properly like a scholar
            And Goten uses smaller words, while speaking properly.

            These on top of different infliction of words make each character easily distinguishable without looking at the screen.

            If you’re so close-minded that anybody who DARES to like something differently than you is a weirdo, then i have news for you – you’re a retard, and just as bad as sub elitists.

        • Ante Pavić

          Goku’s japanese voice actor is so bad

        • SSGSS G

          I’m gonna do my best to be fair to both. I mean the ladys ancient and she still does a terrific job of playing goku. I personally dont like that goku is so obnoxiously childish and naive around the clock in the japanese version. I like how schemmels version is a bit more balanced. He nails the childish less than intellegent side, but, as he IS an adult now with a family he also makes him a bit more of a man. Thats why I personally prefer the english dub. I mean like, I’m pretty sure once he got to pound chi chi’s tuna he at least had to mature a bit yeah?

      • JC

        I can deal with them and enjoy both JAP and ENG voices, but I absolutely HATE kid Trunk’s voice. It’s got to be the worst voice acting I’ve ever heard in Japanese anime.

        • SSGSS G

          To be fair English kid trunks is a fucking atrocity too….. So is goten.

          • SSGSS G

            By english I mean specifically funimation, the other dubs dont count XD

        • randomblackdude

          Kid trunk’s voice is irksome in the Japanese version – sounds like an adult man imitating a child, At least with other children played by adults in japan (Yugi Muto, Tskumo Yuma, most of the original Konohana 12) they used more natural voices. Also Lord Kaio’s voice is so clearly past it’s prime, they really oughta recast him. he can’t emote his lines anymore.

          Laura Bailey’s trunks isnt horrible, nor is Kara Edwards’s Goten, They only sound bad because the versions you’re probably used to were extremely new in the Voice acting field. Nowadays Laura bailey has about as many roles in places as Megumi Hayashibara, she’s a veteran now. Her trunks in BoG was actually really nice because she toned down the gruff in her voice.

    • TheMiz Amy

      and you just watch free online .. how retard you are complaint about funimation lazy

    • INoBodyI

      when u heard english dub u know why they dont wanna make it lol

      • Marcus Shaw


    • Caio_RB

      Sean Schimmel is a completely shit.

      • reddood2

        your joing no o your stupid shut up lol

        • Alex Valdez

          fucking what?

    • kogee snypa


    • Duran Riot

      Zorawar Heisenberg is the dumbing fucking idiot ever. Almost 60 trillion people doesn’t giva fuck what you say. Like stfu bro, get your head out of your ass. I want to punch you nutz till you can’t hear Sean Schimmel as GOKU …SHUT THE FUCK UP…

      • Zorawar Heisenberg

        Lmao at all these pissed of WEEABOOS ! XD…..Stay mad , you fucking weebs..

        • T7ven

          You seem kinda triggered as well.

    • thedream

      the have only just started doing the dubs very recently bro so shouldnt be long aye

    • Don’t give a fuck

      Dubbing diffrent then jap ? Worst joke ever.

    • GregD474

      For real. And Yajirobe’s voice in Japanese makes me want to kill myself, the Japanese voice acting for this anime is just horrible.

    • Zanji Suzunami

      You don’t know whats going on because you’re not in their company. There could be more to it than you think. Git gud faggot.

    • Nogui

      In Portugal, they have already announced DBS Portuguese Dub. *insert Nelson’s laugh*

    • Shadow

      That’s not the only thing they’re being lazy about *cough*animation*cough*

    • yoyo

      Funimation hasn’t been able to get the rights. The creator of DBZ is friends with the creator of Prison school. Funimation did a dub of prison school and inserted their own politics that attacked the fanbase into an episode by attacking gamergate. This really offended the japanese creators.

      Basically funimation screwed themselves out of dragonball z rights, we’ll never see a dub by them but Toei did choose another company to replace them.

    • Stop your whining man just watch the damn episode

    • Joshua Timothy Bahaiddin

      Stop talk shit don’t need no damn dub learn how to read

      • Mr. Make Yo Dookie Twinkle

        Reading sucks it splits your attention between the animation and the dialogue as opposed to being an experience in unison.

    • Alex Valdez

      Yo, shut the fuck up lol. This is sorta from Japan, where they speak japanese.. No shit there isn’t a dub yet, by the time DBZ was starting to air in US it had already finished it’s run in Japan which was a whole 7 years. They could be making the dub right now, they could take as long as they feel like to make a dub. Shit they could just not have a dub at all. They aren’t here to cater to a whiny bitch.

      • Rayne Flannery

        Put perfectly. thank you.

    • adel


    • It’s not about being lazy. If they had the rights to Super, they would be working on it right now. This is a similar situation to Dragon Ball Z Kai the Buu saga. Everyone knows they have it. Why hasn’t it been released? Toei Animation most likely wants a TV deal in place before they release it. It’s more so on the Japanese rights holders that aren’t allowing FUNimation to either 1, purchase the rights, or 2, release it because of a lack of TV spot.

    • xX GamersonPlayzxX Playz

      I want to hear him too but I won’t call them lazy.

    • Evan Buttpicking Thayer


    • Dzenis Alickovic

      Not only that but seriously this animation is rushed and super fucking lazy, they have made the power of gods look like simple C4 explosions i mean goku vs vegetas first fight was way better than any of these fights, and it looks like they are weaker now than they were back in the begining of dbz . its fucking pathetic.

    • supaman

      who the fuk wants to read a movie

    • se

      bruh dubbed was released a shit long time ago

    • T7ven

      They’re not catering to you. Nobody’s been asking for a dub.

    • Zardock

      They actually did start the dub but it’s ridiculously terrible.

    • OS DBZ fan.

      Completely agree. Why they don’t have dubbed started already is disappointing. Original Dubb voices are the only preference to this show. I spend time reading the subs instead of focusing on the action. Not the deal.

    • Sully “Saulty”

      You know it took them a while to dub DBZ right? Way more than just a few months. Be patient, asshole. Besides funimation said they don’t have any plans on dubbing DBS.

  • Black’s rose sword!
    Goku should used like that.
    Goku’s blue/god sword

    12th comment

    (don’t really care)

    • Wolfnrun

      No, a bow an arrow. All that the sayains do is fight with raw strength, they need something intrestring. I had an idea for gohan to make a powerful defensive ability out of his ki that will deflect damage that could potential KO him

      • Seriously? Then how black did making arrow rose?

        • Wolfnrun

          Black’s powers ae unknown, all we know is he’s super strong (Like any other fighter so that’s a given) it just matters who hit’s harder witch is moderatly mundane. If things changed with the way being ‘strong’ is defined in the comming episodes, it would really bring some intresting diaoulge and action

          • Look, he made to Super Saiyan Rose

          • Wolfnrun

            Yes he did

          • He used saiyan race power, as u see “Super Saiyan Rose”

          • Wolfnrun

            …ok, that’s nothing new

          • IF he used saiyan power, that mean any saiyan MIGHT use arrow

          • Wolfnrun

            It was just an idea =-) Nothing concrete

          • So I still will thought that all saiyan might able to use arrow. (Don’t underestimate my theory)

          • Wolfnrun

            Hahaha! Ok

          • ThatGuy

            Vegito used a sword before, salza from coolers squadron had one so its possible.

          • He never used sword

  • N1m3sh

    Goku will call Zeno using the button he gave to him

    • Wolfnrun

      I called it a few hours after he got the button! I’m sure that button is fore-shadowing something! It’s not just there for nothing!

  • Some guy

    So many weeaboos in one place.

    • SSJ3 Bane

      You could call it a weazoo

      • Wolfnrun


    • The Truth

      There seems to be more slope-heads though.

  • Gokussb


  • Vegeta

    wait I thought the new episode will be on Sunday?

    • Supertricker

      You stupid, this is the raw version.

  • Gokussb


  • david nguyen

    does anyone get the feeling goku black may be frieza I may be wrong it just my theory tho

    • sergei darby

      plz stfu u saying stupid shit

      • Mohamed

        stfu stop being rude

      • Joshua Timothy Bahaiddin

        Honestly didn’t zarbon talk alot about beauty I think it’s him from another universe

    • Caleb Macdonnell

      As a fellow theorizer I look up to you sir

    • Zardock

      best theory ever

      there is a tiny chance it could be Ginyu who took Goku’s body and Zamasu helped somehow, but that still doesn’t explain what he will use the Super Dragonballs for

      • kevin

        or zamasu just wished for a copy of goku that will follow his orders

        • RGWJ

          He wished for immortality.

    • kogee snypa

      both of you are stupid – black goku is not frieza , frieza is dead – black goku is the kaioshin master that you see with zamasu

      • jlooo

        lol no, he is not the kaioshin

  • Ryan Jayson Ferrer II

    If Zamasu died, will Beerus die?

    • Rend

      That makes no sense. Beerus is from Universe 7. Zamasu from Universe 10.

    • Muhammad Hazif Faiz Hasham

      no..because zamasu from universe 10 and beerus from universe 7…it’s according to the universe kami/god/supreme kai

    • Annalisa Dorbolò

      Zamasu is not a Kaioshin (yet) so until proven that somehow he achieved the Kaioshin role, no 😛 Plus it’s not clear.. there is only one God of Destruction per Universe and more than one Kaioshin.. (normal, elder, etc) so I’m not sure if it’s ANY Kaioshin who dies or just a specific one?


    I wish they did subtitles in the live version so i wouldnt have to wait

  • Caleb Macdonnell

    Majin Buu is gonna kill black Goku, Piccolo will finally find peace as a coconut cocktail merchant in Cuba and the ref will finally return, from his Kentucky manure farming, as the villain for the next main arc. That is all.

    • ALPHA


    • Mark Sidney Foster

      this made my day ROFL.

    • Some guy

      lol so random xD


      DAMMIT YOU SPOILED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Haha Haha

    When the show starts i was like YEEAAHH !!!

  • SimplySubliminal

    I would say Black could be a brainwashed Goten, which would explain the Super Saiyan ability, but Trunks would know him as such and not Black…_Unless Goten disappears at a younger age,maybe taken by Zamasu. It seems as though the less Saiyan blood you have the more powerful you are, take the baby Pan incident for example. It also seems as though when there were more they weren’t as powerful but now that there are fewer they’re super powerful, almost as if the weaker the race became in number the more powerful the remainder of the race became, same with the amount of Saiyan in one’s blood . I know, crazy..

    • Rend

      No, Future Trunks doesn’t know Goten, because Goten was never born in the timeline of Future Trunks. Son Goku died there years ago, and all the other fighters were killed by the Androids.

      The timelines in Dragonball are like separate dimensions. The timelines are not connected. The Future Trunks timeline is not the future of the main timeline, it’s really more like parallel dimension.

    • here for the show

      black as the super saiyan ability because he absorbed gokus moves, powers, etc.

      • here for the show


      • Bryan Wilbourn

        Nah, Black has super saiyan abilities b/c he has possessed a saiyan body.

  • Wolfnrun

    So zamasu wished for immortality…

    • Rend

      was that really his wish? That would be pretty lame, if you have the Super Dragonballs. You can get immortality from any Dragonballs

  • super

    it seems that black is zamasu’s wish from the super dragonballs….. and now it’s obvious how black knew about super saiyan blue…..

    • Mark Sidney Foster

      either that or his immortality

  • Isaiah Halloway


  • Idris Hussain

    A wish for being immortal

  • Roto

    why isnt there any english subbed for episode 57

    • Rend

      dude, because it just aired like 10 minutes ago in Japan.

      • Roto

        ok so when is it until the english subbed comes out you reckon

        • Rend

          Sorry i don’t know how fast this site translates the episodes. It will probably take a few hours until we get the subbed version 🙁

          • Zardock

            It’s always the next morning Sunday around 7

  • Roto

    i can’t understand what they talking about if theres no enlish subbed.

  • kogee snypa


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  • kogee snypa

    they studied gokus moves ,

  • John Bison

    Goku and Vegeta are so fucking pathetic now. This series sucks.

    • TienchaGokule

      See you next week fam

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    That time when you wish you knew Japanese!

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    resien lo estoy viendo

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    If anyone wants to cyber, message me. :]

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      Why would anyone want to do that, especially on a DBS site?

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    • hell yeah dude ill do that

  • Fuck you

    Fucking assholes. it’s not subbed

  • ThatGuy

    Vegeta needs to defeat black. Enough of goku getting all the glory vegeta needs to do something come on change it up. Not even frieza who was vegetas most hated villain he got to kill so come on. Also guys Subscibe to my Youtube Channel Krewgamez! we will do reviews, skits, short films, news and other things! We would appreciate it a bunch thanks a million! Also a lot of gameplays like Persona 5 next week and many other anime and such games we play everything!

    • Shapokla

      Dragon ball has always been about son goku. They wont suddenly change that. Vegeta is a side character and the role he plays now is only a service to the fans. I also love vegeta but you fanboys cant get off his dick apparently. You dont seem to get the point of the series either.

      • dennis

        I don’t think there’s supposed to be a ‘point’ in this show. And Vegeta has more than enough reasons to shine out. DBS is just badly written, that’s all. Though he got shit on in Z all the time, it wasn’t nearly as bad.

        I don’t think vegeta beating a villain would turn the whole reliability of the show upside down. If you think it will, you’re simply a bit dum dum.

        • Shapokla

          Dragon ball is about a lot more than just bulky guys punching the shit out of each other. If you study eastern spiritual teachings, you can clearly recognize what dragon ball is about. Gokus childhood is a metaphor for learning and putting taoist and buddhist wisdom into practise. To me its obvious that goku is a representation of (mainly eastern) spiritual ideals. Vegeta on the other hand represents the western worldview. It represents our “unenlightened” desire to be better than others, to have more power, to gain, to have pride and ego. Goku is the polar opposite. He is care-free, unattached, present, accepting and without a grain of ego. Vegeta wants to know hes the best/what he wants to be, goku wants to know his boundaries/himself and that why goku is and will always be ahead of vegeta.

          Although I am an atheist I can see how gokus way is just more spiritually or psychologically and socially beneficial and although you can come far with a mindset like vegetas you will always be a step behind someone with a goku mindset. One is a try-hard while the other just is. Thats what gokus opponents and goku himself have always represented since the very first episode of dragon ball. Maybe vegeta will one day become “enlightened” but it just wouldnt fit the consesus of dragon ball if the current vegeta somehow went beyond goku. Theres a book called the “dao of dragon ball” where the author talks about these exact things. From a spiritual perspective it is clear that goku will always be ahead of vegeta and thats exactly what the show conveys to us.

          I also love vegeta and I enjoy playing him in the games just as much as I love playing as goku but the people who want or expect vegeta to surpass goku havent understood the meaning of dragon ball in my humble opinion.

          • venomjamaica

            You have hit the nail dead center of it’s head. Very good read you put there bro. Keep it up.

          • Marc van der Meijden

            it basicly comes down to how you think you fight,that kinda says enuf about the mindset of goku and vegeta.
            there is much more to it but fighting wize that already shows you allot.

    • tiara

      I was screaming at the screen when i saw vegeta get another beat down. Like wtf. Vegeta had to kick his ass because the longer you fight black, the stronger he gets. Goku would only make him stronger, vegeta would shut him down period. Goku cant beat black if he keeps his style period.

      • Blaise

        You need to get with the show. If the last 8 arcs haven’t shown you yet, Toriyama likes Vegeta on his knees with balls in his mouth. Dragon Ball is only about Goku and no other characters lol

        • Wolfnrun

          Thanks for the visual =-P

    • kogee snypa

      shut up vegeta is too weak. black goku beat vegeta ass so bad , he cant even walk. only goku can beat him

  • Shapokla

    How does trunks even keep up with super saiyan blue, super saiyan rose and a god? Id understand if he had a short rage boost but this was a little unexpected.

    • Wolfnrun

      This is why the way being “strong” and powerful needs to be more defined, before it was just, who ever has more power level is best, now what is it? Just pure strength???

      • Shapokla

        According to official scientific dbs logic youre strong when your hair can change into all sorts of fancy styles and colors.

        • Wolfnrun

          =-/ That’s it? That’s not a whole lot of material to build off of, I think we need more abilites and things besides power determining strength. Something complicated but not to complicated to comprehend, hit is a good example of this. Something diffrent

          • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

            maybe there’re not used to fight with swords and new things, as you’ve seen they ran away from the smoke grenade because they don’t know what can it do.

          • Wolfnrun

            Hmmm, maybe. I honestly would like for anything but power level determing who is “beter” then the other, I don’t know if I could get any of this feedback sent anywere for review, I would like to see something diffrent besides raw power

          • Shapokla

            Fvck power levels. For me it was enough to know ss < ss2 < ss3 < ssg < ssb =/ < ssr. But now that we see a super saiyan, a super saiyan blue and a super saiyan rose fight it seems like the only difference is their hair colors.

          • Wolfnrun

            “It’s just a super sayain in blue hair dye!” ~ Frieza

          • Wolfnrun

            “it’s just a super sayain in blue hair dye!” ~ Frieza

    • Drova

      Goku beat Zamasu as a SSJ2, They then said Trunks was a SSJ2. Therefor he is around Zamasu’s power

      • Shapokla

        Yeah but zamasu didnt stand a chance against ss2. However here we see him block a blow of ssb. Hes obviously improved and still trunks was able to do something.

    • Ninblu

      He doesn’t. It last for like a second. Gohan did this exact same thing with Frieza and it did nothing

    • Bryan Wilbourn

      Zamasu isn’t strong at all. Actually, power level wise, he’s about SSJ2 – the same as trunks. The thing that’s making him powerful here is his invulnerability. I can’t explain how Trunks is handling being in the same ring with Goku or Goku-Black, but fighting against Zamasu isn’t something that should surprise anyone. Hell, Goku almost beat him in his current timeline with just SSJ.

      • Shapokla

        Still some time has past and zamasu even managed to block super saiyan blue gokus punches. It seemed obvious to me that zamasu got a lot stronger.

        My theory is that trunks is still in super saiyan for the same reason that gohan went super saiyan in the resurrection f. Just so for the purpose of being there.

  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    Super has absolutely no ” tension ” …There’s never a time, I’d feel like Goku won’t be able to win. Since Goku has Gods as friends, no enemy is threatning. The Cell Saga had absolute tension. It didn’t seem like anyone could stop cell, same goes for the Buu Saga. Plus those sagas were streched out, and actually developed characters outside of Goku / Vegeta .. Like Goten and trunks, Gohan , Tien and Piccolo and so on. Super sagas last maybe 10-15 episodes and are dull as fuck with lame ass forms like SS Blue / Pink. Shit is getting old.

    • Ninblu

      They ran away. Goku and vegeta lost!!!! Goku did not push the button!

      • vιewѕ ғroм тнe cнrι$$$

        Muffin Button?

  • Genesis TV

    “You Are Watching Dragon Ball Super episode 57 English Sub” .. no I am not !! Why da fuck are you clickbaiting that shit wtf ??

  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    These fight ” scenes ” are soo ASS ! Go back to hand drawing , instead of this shit CG [ you can’t even do well ] .

    • Marcus Shaw

      What cg? Are you fucking retarded?

      • Zorawar Heisenberg

        Computer Graphics, you dumb Nigger… This isn’t hand drawn..

    • vιewѕ ғroм тнe cнrι$$$

      Do you even know what CG is?

  • ayami

    now i wonder whats going to happen next. since they went back to the present time. haha maybe still time for goten to show up and meet future trunks haha

  • Geon

    Where is the english sub?

  • Anton LeMisroi

    Why is it still raw?

  • SSBMajinVegeta

    Theory: Zamasu became immortal through the usage of the Super Dragon Balls

  • Chris Clipner

    honestly? goku has mastered using the instant transmission to get out of tight spots. he JUS did it while fighting Black. Then he lets black bust a kamehameha off like that? i dont get it

    • Ninblu

      Did you not see him get grabbed

      • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

        yea he got grabbed but still can teleport to Vegeta or anywhere else ..
        at least to save Trunks, I’m surprised Trunks not died yet by SSR kamehameha.

        • Ninblu

          No he can’t. IT requires complete focus. Zamasu caught Goku off guard.

          • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

            He can while being attacked but he can’t when grabbed, really?
            it doesn’t make sense.

          • Bryan Wilbourn

            So, is dodging a projectile with a technique the same as wrestling someone off of you and using a technique? I don’t think so.

  • prince eren ordinante

    i see check the episode of dubbed in animeland . tv

  • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

    It’s funny how Gowasu was behind all of Zamasu’s plans.
    like first the rings, then about mortals and now the super dragon balls.

    • Bryan Wilbourn

      If it turns out that he’s behind it all, I’ll be very surprised.

  • this was by far one of the best episodes ive seen in this series. the art style was awesome. the animation was smooth and crisp. the fight was well choreographed. and the fact that trunks can now do final flash. oh god just epic

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      Now go kill yourself sub human parasitic trash. You’re a mistake that need’s to be corrected.

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    • kogee snypa


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    Yaaah… Kembali lagi ke masa depan. Ternyata goku belum ada apa-apanya di banding black

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      • Zorawar Heisenberg

        Don’t you just hate those annoying naggers … Those people just nag nag nag … Like shutup ….Soo annoying…for real..

        • jr

          like you? nagging of the naggers? lol

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        i agree, kill those cousin fuckers

  • The animation was amazing. Is from the same guy who worked on the movies

    • Zorawar Heisenberg

      Lyel – why your profile pic a homo looking tranny ?

      • Joshua Timothy Bahaiddin

        Why u care?

        • Wolfnrun

          It’s just the internet being the internet

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      Seriously?! That’s why it looked s fucking good! OMFG I WAS LOSING IT! IT WAS SO FUCKING AWESOME! 20/10!

  • Joshua Timothy Bahaiddin

    I don’t care what anyone says no one seen that coming

  • Joshua Timothy Bahaiddin

    People need to stop hating

    • kogee snypa

      HES MAD THAT A black MEN rapeed his redneck mother lol

  • oculairmedia

    someone explain how trunks could fight someone that stabbed vegeta in a second flat

    • How about mai’s troop can easily distract black and zamazu with smoke bomb or Yajirobe can save goku unnoticed by black

      • yajirobe is actually pretty strong hes just too lazy to constantly train like kakarot and the others

        • jlooo

          yeah, yajirobe at a minimum was strong enough to climb korins tower, which would put him almost at like tao strength, he’s never really shown his power because he’s a coward, but he’s one of the strongest humans around. also its been shown numerous times already, black really fucking sucks at sensing ki and apparently zamasu does too, so distracting them with a smoke bomb could work, however yeah it was pretty unlikely.

  • wesley aurelus


  • Sniber

    NOOO ! mai and troops saving vegeta scene was most ridiculous thing ever in dragon ball super. These are the guys who are zillions times faster than light and they lost vegeta due to some smoke which spreads so slowly ? WTF ? trunks put better fight against rose black goku than vegeta did against base black goku.

  • Jonathan Velasco

    Where’s the sub titles

  • DontNeedAName

    Who else thinks Goku Black’s base form is cooler than SS Rose? They should have let him fight in his base form a little longer before bringing the new SS form out. Would have been a more dramatic build up that way. Also think they should have let Black fight by himself for about an episode or two more then bring Zamasu into the picture. Bringing Zamasu in so quickly kinda took the significance away from Black in the saga.

    • kogee snypa


  • Goodwork

    Gowasu is watching Dragonball Super too

  • Lillo Briguglio

    when you fix this?

    • Goku Black

      Is it subbed?

  • kogee snypa


  • Michael

    Guys for all those who can’t figure out who Black is, most likely Black is just a creation of Zamasu, hence why he shares similar KI as Zamasu but didn’t have Goku’s techniques until he faught him. Zamasu is an ordinator of creation like Beerus is of destruction. Zamasu is probably unable to cause mass genocide to man kind by his own hands due to rules binding within the Kia realms but nothing prevents him from creating someone else to do his dirty work…

    THIS is the kind of battles I have wanted to see in Super. It’s about time they stepped up their game. I kind of wish we could have seen SSB Vegeta vs pre SSR Black Goku


    I told you all there would not be a Gogeta appearing to defeat Black or Zamasu but everyone just wanted them to pull the Gogeta card! There’s too many reasons why we won’t be seeing Gogeta in Super so do not expect him going forward.

    #1 Gogeta is non-canon. He never existed. He was only created in the movie Fusion Reborn, and one other appearance in GT, both of which are non-canon.

    #2 We definately won’t be seeing him appear in the middle of a combat crisis because to actually successfully create Gogeta and make him effective takes training. Trunks and Goten had to train to fuse into Gotenks and especially to master him. Goku and Vegeta would have to do likewise. Fusion Dance isn’t like the Potara earings and its really easy to screw up forming either a useless fusion or having a super short fusion time.

    #3 Everyone seems to forget, Vegeta does not know the Fusion Dance. Only Goku does. Vegeta would have to learn it with Goku.

    • Bryan Wilbourn

      1. Like you said, Trunks and Goten performed the technique. What you failed to mention, whether on purpose to credit your points or out of sheer ignorance, they performed the technique during Dragon Ball Z. That would make the technique Canon. Sure Gogeta isn’t Canon if it happened during GT but that doesn’t mean that they can’t create scenes in order to make their fusion a thing in Super.

      2. Trunks and Goten are children. You’re saying that it would take adults the same, if not more, time to master? I disagree.

      3. Again, Vegeta is an adult. It’s practically a dance move. You’re being dramatic.

      • Michael

        #1. Per my original statement, I only stated Gogeta was non Canon. I said nothing about Gotenks or the actual technique being non Canon. Thing is, everyone is treating Gogeta like he’s apart of the series when he really isn’t. The only canon fusion between Goku and Vegeta is Vegitto which Vegeta vowed to never do again. So if you re-read my post…I said GOGETA ..is non-canon, nothing about the technique being non-canon. Yeah it can be used to make Gogeta..will it ever happen in Super? No.

        #2. Last I recall, children actually have a much sharper learning curve than adults. But that aside for the sake of disagreement, The first version of Gotenks wasn’t even strong enough to compete with Fat Buu. They had to spend a year in the Hyperbaulic Time Chamber practicing fusion before they were evenly matched with Super Buu… So YES…it DOES take time to master and there is no counter evidence of this since Gogeta is once again, non-canon. Goku and Vegeta would need to spend time practicing fusion to make Gogeta anything close to effective as once again the Potara earings are more efficient than the dance and these are some of the reasons as to why.

        #3. Revisit what happened the first two attempts Goten and Trunks tried to fuse and then place them in an intense battle between Black and Zamasu (or even Hit or Golden Frieza) … they’d be in big trouble if their first attempt failed.

        • Bryan Wilbourn

          1. Yeah, you know that the technique won’t be used in Super b/c you’re one of the writers right? No? Oh, okay. I acknowledged that Gogeta was non-canon. I agreed with you on that part. The technique is ALL that matters in this conversation, b/c it is the only way Gogeta will or will not happen.

          2. That’s merely a convenience if you ask me. You want to mention that children have a sharper learning curve but if those arcs in GT were Canon then there would be no argument about which generation has a harder time with the dance.

  • Parth

    Guys I don’t understand Japanese so any advice for how to get subtitles

  • Goodwork

    Hahaha Kamitube

  • Mohd Itimad


    • me

      he wished to become immortal, no one knows who black goku is, and besides goku is dead in trunk’s timeline

      • Fallen Angel

        huh did he wish to become immortal when he already was in the movie? dafuq are they showing backward?

  • Karina GGGG

    Ugh I forgot that each fight takes like 10 episodes. Ill come back in a few months lol

  • Peter Brooks (Aster)

    All the people complaining about Goku’s voice gives the DB fandom a horrible image. Please shut up.

  • Vaibhav Singh

    it would be more fun if either Hit , or GoD from universe 10 comes or whis and beerus

  • markos vithulkas

    i want hit back!!!!

    • Big Jut

      Hit was cool, itd be cool if he hit them up like yo want me to come rek the future turds in the cube with you m8s?

  • Captain

    Black is future Zamasu, simple.

    • nope, Future Zamasu is there fighting with him.

  • Niclas Gronqvist

    I Saw A little from resurrection F

  • Tyler bridges hellonEarth

    Goku should of just called the King. End of saga. The end.

  • GregoryGr

    So Trunks was no match for Black before and now that Black is 100 times more powerful he can parry his attack and kick him away? fuck this db logic. Does Akira have Alzheimer?

  • Guko

    what’s rong with this anime !! and whay sun guko didn’t use the kayo kin 10 or 20 or using the red guko !!! stuped anime .

  • Fajny Gość

    Hype! Two Final Flashes! And… Yajirobe can fly…

    • Benny Wong

      I’m wondering where’s Yajirobe’s daikatana? They should make a story about Yajirobe gave his daikatana to young Trunks….

  • Nogui

    Huh, didn’t expect Zamasu to go after the Super Dragon Balls. That explains alot of things.

  • Mister popo

    Zamasu and Black getting beaten by tear gas -.-

  • Scofield

    Man i start to hate future trunk. He cant win against andoids goes back in time and defeats them + cell. Then he cant defeat black goku and he does the same and now the so “proud” saiyans flew away from black and zamasu. And the humans actually surprise them with some tear gas? wtf. I swear if i would be black i just would have wiped them out. You cant tell me that black and zamasu didnt notice them hiding behind some fucked up houses or rocks. I really want black and zamasu to win, with the reason being, that changing the timeline once (android+cell) is more than enough. I doubt that this will happen but you never know? Maybe Zeno-Chan^^says something like: No you dont do something against black and zamasu or ill wipe you out. But this also wont happen…

    • GAHHHH

      AGREED with some part there, it’s ridiculous how Black and Zamasu couldn’t wipe away the fucking simple tear gas

  • ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

    Let’s remember that Mai is still older than Goku.

  • Lelouch vi Britannia

    Wtf so SSJ Trunks was stronger than SSJB Vegeta !!!

  • tomato

    Dragon Ball once again proves that power levels are bullshit. In the previous episode SSB Vegeta gets beaten by Black like a pest. Then SSJ2 Trunks without god ki stands up pretty well to SSR Black and Zamasu (who had an even fight with SSB Goku). Fk logic.

    • Lelouch vi Britannia


    • CiscotheSoto

      XD Yea… Doesn’t make a lot of sense. I mean, maybe Black was caught off guard, but my god they really got decked. Kinda disappointing, but think about this. Frieza isn’t the last villain to have a desire for the dragon balls anymore, so, yeah. How will they freaking win against those two? Vegetal and Goku will have to do fusion. Literally no other option.

    • jlooo

      nothing to do with ki, they are immortal and are using energy blades for a reason, they aren’t actually that powerful.

      • tomato

        It still doesn’t explain this inconsequence in power levels. In the previous episode Goku got quite painful blow (not a blade slash) from Black and in this one got heavily injured by his Kamehameha. And Zamasu was able to hold both Goku and Trunks at the same time (they were quite fatigued but still – both of them).
        So I don’t think that blades and immortality are their only trump cards. If that was the case, then let’s be honest here, they would have no chance of beating Goku and Vegeta. They wouldn’t die or get hurt – yes. But with this much of a difference in power levels, they wouldn’t be able to land even one harmful blow on them.

        • jlooo

          yeah thats a good point, toriyama is just the king of inconsistency lol.

  • Lelouch vi Britannia

    So Zamasu wished for a Immortal body ?

  • Lelouch vi Britannia

    Seems Black have something to do with the Dragon Ball …

  • Elion Chop

    I think that Black Goku is a wish Zamasu wished for and also he made him gather them another time to make himself immortal the more he fights

  • FeDo

    dafuck it that

  • Enara

    so , the only chance they have is to defeat the current zamasu right ?

    • Wolfnrun

      Before he makes a wish to shenron, he has to get stopped. depends on what wish is made and how to prevent it, or revert it

  • Javier

    Hmm. i would guess black is created by Zeno due to Goku fails to keep or forgot his promise of bringing someone else?

  • Sapphirelia

    So people hate DBS for the stupidest reasons. When is it gonna get beaten into your 6-year-old skulls that Dragonball has always been inconsistent, just like how One Punch Man was meant to be shitty. Akira Toriyama even said DBZ was famous for its inconsistency. If you’re so nitpicky about an Anime meant to be written like that and isn’t as detailed as you thought, don’t watch it. Want a perfectly written story with no flaws? You’re looking in the wrong places, dumbasses.

  • unknow1

    Black is maybe a new god of destruction and his kaio zamasu. So they would have to kill zamasu to destroy black according whis.

  • Joshua Timothy Bahaiddin

    What do u think of zarbon from another verse

    • Paxys Gatos

      It’s a fusion between Mr. Popo and Zarbon. popo -> black, zarbon -> beauty. Also Popo knew about Goku’s techniques. Lets spread the word!

  • maybe ?

    Black is Buu, created by zamasu not by babidi, and instead of absorb people, he just merge in their body ! Also he is pink !

  • Wolfnrun

    Theory : Zamasu merged with zeno to become immortal and resuurected goku and made him “stronger” by making him his fighting machine

    • Johnny Tsunami

      It actually looks like he’s just going to use the super dragonballs to gain immortality. If he merged with Zeno he wouldn’t have to manually kill off “humans” he could have simply willed them all dead.

  • Little_Master

    gods watching Kamitube XD it cant get any more lamer 😀

    • MegaMoh


  • Shratterjack

    Damn mahn. People watch the anime ,then constantly complain about it.People complain about Trunks fighting Zamasu and SSR black ,but forget he trained a bit against SSG Vegeta. About the voices,It’s perfectly alright, the fact that Goku sounds like a kid but is at God level is actually badass. And for the first time, villains in Dragonball series are highly interesting. Zamasu and Black definately take the cake for being the best villains and actually having a motive, not just I want world domination or I want to be the strongest one.

  • george

    why you call this show dragonball??
    name it son goku and his amazing friend vegeta!!
    even the bad guy is goku now?really?
    goku and vegeta in gold,blue,red,black and rose…hahahahaha
    you destroy our childhood memories mr toriyama
    i d prefer piccolo,gohan,krilin and the other z to be died than to be just a useless background characters who talks one time every 3 episodes!!
    57 fucking episodes and we have 2 instant kills of piccolo and gohan from frieza and only one decent fight with frost for some minutes..all the other show is goku geting trained and stronger and kill the bad guys and vegeta is a pure sayan with the pride of a fighting race,a god father and the only who keep up with goku and gods..dont forget the to mention beerus and whis the special brand new characters who travels and eats the whole series..and of corse they trained vegeta and goku..
    thanks god we have at least trunks at the last episodes…
    change it or make the king of all pissed of and fart to kill them all and end it now mr toriyama
    stop destroy our memories..

    • Some guy

      Why won’t you wait until the other episodes come.

      • george

        really??i wait for 57 until now..
        i wish you where right but i dont thing so

      • jlooo

        yeah after almost 60 episodes, fuck toriyama and this bullshit. why even introduce characters if you’re going to mitigate them to useless filler or cannon fodder? why turn majin buu into a good character, then act like you’re going to actually see him fight, and then “ooh man, he failed the written test cuz he’s an idiot” why turn android 18 into one of the good guys, she’s a stay at home mom with the power of a super saiyan…..when’s the last time we even saw chiaotzu? train gohan to be a super powerful warrior, then in the very next arc turn him into a panzy who can’t fight? why is the show so emotionless now? remember when krillin was killed by frieza, and that emotionally fucked up goku to the point of turning him super saiyan, NOW when people die its like…oh no…..thats it….vegeta basically dies, goku and trunks just stand there…with a stupid look on their face….gimme a break. this show has lost it.

  • hamza

    have any one noticed

    • Ilias

      you are wrong the last episode of dragonball Z was after dragonball Super cause uub is still a baby on super. In the last episode episode of DBZ more than 10 years passed since defeating maijin buu here is almost 1.5 years (began 6 months after buu defetead another 6 months since vegeta trained with whiss and another 6 months more or less so DBS is between DBZ

  • hamza

    i think when trunks travel in time he also travel in parallel word with time ……………………………………….

  • Swollen Draggin Nutz Super!

    i think i know how to defeat zamasu and black! whis said that kaio and creator/destroyer gods come in pairs. so if you kill the kaio (i.e. king/supreme kai) of the same universe then the gods of destruction/creation will die too. BOOM! you just gotta kill the kai of universe 10 and bye bye zamasu! or use the time machine to go back to the end of the universe 6/7 tournament and use the super ballz to make our goku or vegeta/trunks immortal also! lol! i still want to see a ssjgssjblue fusion with goku and vegeta or trunks that would be dope! Also why not push the button on zen chan and just like whack him and get rid of all the gods?? lol i love Dragon ball z/super! also can i please see future trunks turn super saiyan god super saiyan blue 3 !?! hahaha! peace!

    • Johnny Tsunami

      Zamasu isn’t a destroyer god though, he was training to be a Kaioshin. So killing a Kaioshin wouldn’t kill him.

  • chihuahua

    Black is alternate Goku who died from illness, resurrected and inhabited by the spirit of someone else, may be alternate or present zamasu, by a way or another.

  • Gibberish

    At 7:30, sword is back in it’s sheath .

    • OA

      I noticed that too

  • kenji moa

    Yall are complaining bout the same thing every episode you lil grown up crybabies

    • Goku-chan

      Shut up drone


    they screwed up
    look at 7:29
    then look at 7:30

  • Samnold Telfort

    Naotoshi Shida just did a DB Super scene, too bad it didnt last too long

  • john lowe

    obviously he wished for immortality

  • Jose Dias

    I dont know why but I like the way the japanese sounds when they speak its nice!

  • Bob

    Alright, so Zamasu is going to wish for immortality on the Super Dragonballs. Neat. But then how do they beat him?

    • Benny Wong

      good point…

  • Corvin

    Suddenly SSJ became as strong as SSB. Good job. This show cannot be more pathetic.

    • jlooo

      i dont think god ki was every meant to be ‘stronger” than regular ki, its just the only ki effective against gods.

  • John P

    Fingers crossed that Gohan gets involved soon after training with ol piccolo again.. i can dream right?

  • Benjámin Kurilla

    This was a good episode allright 🙂
    Yajirobe is sort of a deus ex machina. He helped out our heroes before. Also I love futile fights.
    Our heroes and the Future is in trouble! And the creators are nicely elaborating the mistery behind Zamasu and Black.

  • upstandingblackguy

    Dragon ball super is getting really interesting

  • Michael Spencer

    I might like the episode if I can even watch it. These ads don’t give me enough time to blink. Then 7/10 times the video does not load.

    • ayami

      i dont see no ads. get adblock it will block all the annoying ads

  • Ante Pavić

    3:32 look at the animation on black goku’s face…

  • Konoha the Wiper

    Trunks’ sword gets knocked out of his hand by black
    Trunks dashes to zamasu *punch punch punch*
    Terrible frame transition to Final Flash
    Trunks’ sword back in sheath, what?

  • Konoha the Wiper

    Is there something wrong with this player?
    Black goku Ka. Me. Ha. Me. Ha.
    trunks and goku try to run
    zamasu holds them
    then they fall after being hit but no blast was shown?

    • Rend

      Maybe your player jumped a second. There is a blast at 12:45

      • Konoha the Wiper

        yh i rewatched it on their FB page, this player is pretty bad happened with 2 scenes, and the only fix was to bring the play time back, change the quality so that it would have to load again.

  • Nathaniel LaMar

    Okay someone please answer this for me.
    If Goku and everyone else died way back in the android epidemic in the future how did Zamasu know about Goku seeing how thing from the past dont effect Trunk’s future? And why did Trunks never just go to Namak to make to much needed wishes lol? Really though all I want answered is my first question because that makes the timeline fucked. Nothing in the past that Goku is alive in should do anything in the future.

    • Konoha the Wiper

      Everyone who knows where new namek is, is dead.
      Zamasu can use the time ring to get to trunks timeline that’s how he knows about Goku because he is from the present.

    • Nathaniel LaMar

      Thanks man I get that part but still everyone who knows where namek is maybe dead butt when he went to the Past originally 4 cell and the Androids he could have got that information even now when he’s going back he could have got it like I doubt he’d be able to take off with black there but when he came back and killed the Android she could have but yeah I did forget he had the time ring so he could go from the present to the Future just like that

  • 2shadez

    It’s been like what 20 years since goku had that Asian high pitch ass voice and yall still crying over it? Listen if they didn’t change his voice actor now what makes you think bitching about it in the comment section is going to do. Yea I hate the voice for goku’s jap dub but crying over it aint going to change their minds. Just enjoy the damn show and stop your whining god. Goku may sound like a 5 year old but you guys are acting like one.

  • Fractorification

    So Zamasu uses the super dragon balls to wish for immortality, so that explains his newfound power and how he knew about super saiyan blue in the future. But still, where did Black come from? Who exactly is he? I’m still convinced that he’s the dead body of future Goku of some sort.

    • jlooo

      also….how the holy fucking hell would zamasu, a shitty weak ass apprentice kaioshin, be able to MOVE PLANETS together, AND know the super secret chant that even beerus didn’t know, AND be able to travel to other universes to obtain the dragonballs? it doesn’t make any fucking sense, there is no concievable way that he could have made a wish on them.

      • SSJ-Mad

        this show is getting unrealistic

  • Paublo

    Vegeta’s Zen Kai boost is going to be through the fucking roof

    • jlooo

      nah, toriyama will forget about zenkai boosts.

  • Victor Luis

    Why do they keep calling them humans? Sayians are aliens not humans

    • Jacob

      Saiyans are considered humans. The people of Earth are called Earthlings but are still considered humans. Namekians as well. The humans were created by gods. Saiyans are a human race.

    • JD

      Translation. When you hear “human” think “mortal”.

    • SSJ-Mad

      yeah the translator is trolling us or something because he really means Mortals, he says the same thing about Babari and they dont live on friggin earth

  • Victor Luis

    Can someone explain how Vegeta got his ass kicked but Trunks managed to hold on in the fight while just being regular super saying. Like, Vegeta is Super Sayian God and got beaten 5 mins in like wtf!

  • xX GamersonPlayzxX Playz

    This was a good episode

  • Paxys Gatos

    I think it will end like this: Zamasu witnesses some epic “faith in humanity restored” moment -> realises he was wrong about humans -> proceeds to beat the crap out of black

    • SSJ-Mad


  • ShadowRegulus

    Alright, so how the hell are they going to beat Zamasu now? Do they have to trap him in something like Beerus did to old Kai with the Z sword?

  • NumbZkull Noise

    Best fighting animation in the series so far.

  • Krishna Bissessar


    • SSJ-Mad

      i thought he was when zamasu and black were going to throw that evil spirit bomb at them.

  • Joseph Hovig Berberian

    all the people whining about Goku’s japanese voice need to go away. Go watch some pokemon or something.

  • Dabu #ThirstGod

    Zamasu is a bitch….he had to wish for immortality and he’s acting like he’s this powerful person when Goku almost whooped his ass in Super Saiyan 2 form.

    • jlooo

      i think he was just ssj1? either way yeah, i don’t actually think black or zamasu have overwhelming power or anything, i think its the majin buu invincibility syndrome. they are immortal so they are cocky asshats. honestly if they weren’t immortal piccolo could probably solo.

  • PickAHoe5000

    I have to agree with some of y’all. Schemmel is so much better. He gives goku something, some squawking jap could never do. We feel what schemmel is saying. It goes with how goku should be acting at his fucking age!.. That jap lady completely ruins him. When goku’s throwing punches, she’s yelling, “dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah” really fast. It sounds like a retarded kid, who is just throwing punches, hoping to land one. I can’t wait untill they English dub it. & hopefully with Bruce falconer music, not the stupid Kai shit.

    • FuckBruceFalcouner

      You are pretty fucking ignorant. And what’s more is that you like bruce’s shitty music..

      • PickAHoe5000

        You must be brain damaged my nigga. I’ll pray for you.

    • jlooo

      i hope you realize goku IS a brain damaged man child….also you’re a dumbass, of course YOU feel what schemmel is saying, you clearly speak the same fucking language as him. also you’re really a racist piece of shit, who ironically obsesses over japanese anime, inferiority complex maybe?

      • PickAHoe5000

        Sorry mate , sorry that you are more brain damaged than goku. When you’re done fucking your mum & suckin your daddies dick. You should see a doctor about you half sized brain. I’ll pray for you mate

        • jlooo

          omg ouch, my wittle feewings are hurt. puh puh please mister i can’t take anymore.

  • DanBunny

    When Trunks used FINAL FLASH!!!! I got goosebumps!

  • d3rd3vil

    A disastrous episode. The fight itself I mean it looked great. We gotta enjoy it for what it is. But a SSJ2 can compete….yeah ofc! So doesnt matter if SS1, 2, 3 oder SS Blue doesnt matter one bit or what is that? Nothing makes sense here regarding power levels. But ok lets forget that. The show is lost in that regard ^^

    Now what….they have to train to get stronger and return. Damn cowards just left….unbelievable 🙁

    • Evan Buttpicking Thayer

      I know right it drives me crazy! I remember watching the broly movie that took place in a similar setting and by the end of the fight nearly the whole city was destroyed. They were throwing each other through buildings and blowing everything up but on here they throw someone agains the ground and it makes a tiny ass crater. I feel like he has lost his sense on how powerful they really are.

      • Rend

        > I feel like he has lost his sense on how powerful they really are.

        I think you might actually be right with that. It sometimes really looks as if Akira Toriyama has forgotten about how powerful his characters became during the Cell and Buu saga.
        And it wouldn’t be the first time he forgot stuff. When they made the Battle of Gods movie 3 years ago, Toriyama admitted he had completely forgotten about Super Saiyan 3 transformation. He had to reread his own stuff.

    • Evan Buttpicking Thayer

      Even a fucking Kamehameha just creates a tiny little smoke cloud when in the cell saga they said it could destroy the entire solar system

    • Wolfnrun

      It’s all the same…

    • jlooo

      the feeling i got from it was that power level didn’t matter, i don’t think black and zamasu are actually that “powerful” i feel like they may just have the immortality thing going for them. future trunks is actually a very good martial artist, also even the full power blows from ssj blue vegeta on an unguarded black did no damage, so clearly it’s more than just power levels.

  • Hoho

    Fuck this two Zamasu in the asses, he always jelly of goku. Goku from the present shouldn’t come to see him. It just makes him doubled jellies.from episode 58 he will ask super sherong grand him immortal life. Just like the future zamasu.

  • Brazell Zash

    So my theory is future Zamasu used the wish from the super dragonballs for goku to become god destruction. But then wouldnt beerus have to die? ah dunno… one of my favourite eps, sooo HYPED!!

  • Norris Kilgore

    holy shit…only halfway done and this has to be one of the best db episodes of all time

    • Rend

      yeah no, maybe one of the best db super episodes, but dbz had better episodes, just think back to the cell games or majin buu saga

    • Joseph Hovig Berberian


  • @Duhvid

    I love all of the dragonball but the community is fucking cancer

  • faraz

    At the end when they were about to kill goku and trunks and someone attacked, i was really hoping it was zeno sama saying “Don’t you dare kill my friend!” and just kills zamasu and black.

  • Kiko

    The fight between Goku vs Zamasu & Black, anyone have deja vu with Future Gohan v 17 & 18? Its great I think there’s a similarity.

  • black

    8:03 anyone else notice goku doing the middle finger…

  • Storba

    I still think that second earth Beerus made with his wish has something to do with all this…

  • john lowe

    ok i know there fighting gods but it seems like goku has lost his aggression he seem to take everything lightly and doesnt have that ” i wont lose mentality” im to the point that i think super is going to end up like GT..good hype but a sorry plot and bad story line its sad, started off so good they must have switch writters

    • jlooo

      get out of here doppleganger, i’m the one and only true John Lowe……

  • john lowe

    also is it me or goku seem slow… the dbz goku was never sharp mentally but he wasn’t this bad

    he’s borderline slow in super

  • AugustAPC

    Heh. At least the series has gotten loads better within the last few episodes.

    Man, the power levels are more inconsistent than ever, though. Trunks holding his own against Zamasu who was going toe-to-toe with Goku? Trunks shouldn’t even be a thousandth as strong as Goku.

    Still sick as fuck of Goku and Vegeta, too. I’m hoping, though I know it’s futile, that the old supporting cast will actually do something in this series.

    • *—(UzumakiNaruto)—*

      Zamasu was defeated in universe 10 by SS2 Goku. Zamasu is weak. If he wasn’t immortal Trunks would have killed him.

      • AugustAPC

        This isn’t the same Zamasu, though, and he went blow for blow with SSB Goku. If he were as strong as he was in the main timeline, Goku should’ve smeared him with a flick of his pinky.
        It’s also worth noting that SSJ2 Goku should still be potentially hundreds of times stronger than SSj2 Trunks… if we’re to believe that SSJ2 Trunks is around the level of a Buu Saga SSJ2.

  • worldofX Gamer

    this episode was the best episode of this god-awful series

  • Super Saiyan Blue

    Obviously he used super dragon balls to be immortal.

  • DaRealPro – Minecraft

    Kamitube wtf!

    • Wolfnrun

      I think its X-Rated

  • Static flame

    I just want gohan back

    • *—(UzumakiNaruto)—*

      Gohan is shit, has been shit and always will be shit.

    • Wolfnrun

      I want android 16 back… said no one ever

  • Bmoney

    when you see the new fight sequences

  • Baltael

    Vegeta just looking more and more like a side character, weaker than Kakarot, bitch. Used to love Vegeta, but Im salt at how they portray him

    • *—(UzumakiNaruto)—*

      Vegata was careless and underestimated SSR

  • kid

    if only future trunks could meet up with future goten they might have a shot gotanks has fought an immortal before and almost won and that when he was just a kid

    • jlooo

      future goten doesn’t exist, he was never born.

  • Eyd Erasquin

    w0w Trunks… Nice Fight… 2v2 fighting.. it’s combinations of skills and techniques

  • steve

    Great animation on the fight sequences in this episode. Everything was pretty lazy looking though. I’m hoping in the funimation dub, they can touch up the animation somehow

    • SSJ-Mad

      the zoom out shots looks horrible!! but the zoom in shots looked very nice.

  • Rodolfo Silva

    Finally a decent fight in DB Super. even though the Sound effect could still use some tweaking ikt was a pretty decent fight… For a minute i was hoping vegeta would fuse with goku and achieve ssg Gogeta!! THAT would’ve been awesome…

  • DisqusQuestion

    They just went full-retard, i can’t take the show seriously anymore… They abandoned all logic…

    How can Trunks as only as a simple SSJ be on the level of Goku SSJ Blue? SSJ Blue is orders and orders of magnitude more powerful than a simple SSJ (like 100-1000 times more powerful than simple SSJ)

    • Rudresh Srinivas

      Agree with you…!

    • *—(UzumakiNaruto)—*

      He did not fought Super Saiyan Rose…. He fought Zamasu who was defeated by SS2 Goku…

    • Wolfnrun

      Power levels mean nothing anymore…what determes strength? no one will know!

  • Godmode

    So ssj2 is on par with ssgss now???

  • Agri Nawroz

    Couldnt they just try defeating the god of distruction of zamasus universe, that way him and gowasu would die too, and if they couldnt kill him, im pretty sure the god of all could do it for a favour if goku plays with him :/

    • *—(UzumakiNaruto)—*

      There is only one God of destruction and Zamasu is still an apprentice so he doesn’t have a God of destruction partner. As far as know that’s how it works. If there were many God of Destruction there would be no universe. You see how often Beerus destroy planets every time he wakes up?

  • venetrius

    Not just the Earth but the whole universe should have been destroyed if Goku was fighting with full power.

    • *—(UzumakiNaruto)—*

      They have explained that before. They can control they power to not destroy their surroundings. Remember when Goku and Gohan came out of the Hyperbolic Chamber as super Saiyans and Goku was braking everything he touched?

  • Keysean X Bishop

    Theory: Black is Gowasu. Zamasu convinces Gowasu that humans need to be eliminated after becoming immortal. Gowasu in the future would have been able to take over Goku’s body. He even asked Zamasu to become one a few episodes back and it would explain the earings.

    • *—(UzumakiNaruto)—*

      He told him to not put them in the wrong ear or they would fuse unless that’s what he wanted and Zamasu had an impression of Hell no on his face.

  • Zenigata Sandioriva

    no body bitching about kamitube ? just me ?? alright then..

    • SSJ-Mad

      i hope that kamitube is exclusive to Kais.

  • John Mandrake

    so if he wished for immortality…the mystery remains wtf is Black???

    • *—(UzumakiNaruto)—*

      I think Black is someone’s soul possessing Goku’s body. Probably someone who was defeated by Goku and Vegeta before. But that’s just a theory.

  • Yuvraj Sharma


  • Nunya Biznuss

    just want to point out how funny it is that SSB vegeta was taken out of the fight in 5 seconds and yet ascended SSJ Trunks was able to hold his own much more effectively. Vegeta will always get shit on, it is destiny.

    • *—(UzumakiNaruto)—*

      Vegeta was careless… He underestimated Black Goku and Trunk was fighting Zamasu who was defeated by super saiyan Goku.

      • tomato

        No, he wasn’t careless. He clearly took this fight seriously and didn’t act arrogant (like against android 18 or Cell). And no, this wasn’t the same Zamasu, even Goku stated it, when he was surprised by his strength (while being SSB).

  • SSJ-Mad

    If Kamitube shows everything that has happened. why didn’t Zamasu just search Bulma talks to fat blue guy that knows everything. and watch what he said, instead of hurting them and going through the troubles

  • Q

    Man, I dunno if I could get over being pissed at goku if I was vegeta, surpassed with someone with that tard strength maaaaan.

  • Swiss Superman 2.0

    The identity is going to be something stupid like Captain Ginyu….

    • Wolfnrun

      I hated seeing that in resurrection of F, if that happens again…nooo…just, no

  • MegaMoh

    well TBH this animation is totaly bad

    I mean look at when mai jumped from the time machine and trunks was screaming, when the camera takes a shot of yajirboi, mai and trunks’ face it looks like mickey mouse from 1973



  • PickAHoe5000

    Best episode yet besides goku vs hit. Needs more shit like this!! Without the horrible jap voices tho. 🙂

  • John Shin

    Lol look at Trunks in 7:31 his sword is in his sheath. But before and after he has it out… messed up there~ ;]

  • Hit

    The comment section is full of disrespectful assholes.

    • Wolfnrun

      MMM, yes, don’t like the context but you get it

  • Mike Pancake

    OMG’s that was amazing trunks lasted longer than vegeta god i love trunks

  • Shifu R. Careaga

    interesting, but I totally knew the super dragonballs would be in it for immortals. Anyhow, it’s no problem to take care of zamasu in the “present”, really anytime…can’t use super DBs right now they were just used… so all that remains is how to fix the future. Beerus needs to wake his ass up and get to work.

  • Chloride2

    Wtf, ok there is a mistake in this.Trunks super saiyan 2 is able to handle against his own Zamasu. How can trunks overpower zamasu without at least turning super saiyan god. This is shit still dragon ball z way better…

  • マーク

    I read people complaining about the original voice. Show some respect to Masako Nozawa. She has been the voice of Goku since 1986 when Dragonball came out until it became Dragonball Z then Dragonball GT and now Dragonball Super. A very popular voice actress associated with a lot of other anime shows not just Dragonball. If this was a U.S. made show i would have said the Original English voice is great. But it’s not. Funimation dubs it for English speaking fans. Its funny but i already got done watching DBZ. By the time Funimation started dubbing the series in 99. That is also funny because DBGT was already done by 1997 and i went through that series too by the time i saw the English versions. People should stop complaining and just enjoy the series. If it weren’t for Akira Toriyama this series wouldn’t even be here. I bet you people in the whole world know who Masako Nozawa is than Sean Schemmel.

  • Wolfnrun

    So content rejected…intresting

  • fuck europe

    Why did toei remove it fuck them 🙁

  • Itachi

    none of this makes sense anymore. it seems the writters have no clue how powerful these characters are. Black could literaly wipe out most of the universe with a fart if he wanted to if we scale him off of God Goku’s universal shaking feat. yet there he is making a big deal about “we’ll continue to destroy this world”…what? why? what is the point? why does any of this matter?

    why are they getting caught offguard by smoke guns when these characters have been calculated to be billions of times faster than light (from Whis’s travel speed crossing several galaxies in minutes). they can literaly run millions of laps across the planet at the moment of detonation and before the smoke even begins to disperse.

    why is SSJ1 Trunks able to..uh..do anything whatsoever? he shouldn’t even be able to perceive these characters moving much less fight them.

    We need to have people writting the show have at least some form of clue of the powers these characters have, else the whole premise feels forced as hell. dragonball has been inconsistent before, but never NEARLY to this absurd extent,

    • Joseph Hovig Berberian

      trunks is SSJ2 there but ya i agree DBS doesnt make any sense whatsoever

  • Rafa Casill

    The issue seems to be that the battle of God’s occurred too early on. It was such a good fight but overly exaggerated with universe shaking waves. That would have been a great battle to end the show. Now we have to believe that they have gotten stronger and face stronger opponents without any of the universe shaking waves. It is that these characters have been made too be too powerful that it becomes difficult to make bigger and better fights.

    The power level increases have gotten out of hand. Their energy blasts should be destroying the planet instantly. They needed to make it less exaggerated with them being capable of exploding earth with one blast. They should be able to destroy earth the way Black is doing. City by city. It would make for better more believable fights.

  • Niclas Gronqvist


  • Cindy ユキ

    I like how trunks has his sword out back to back with goku then back in his sheath then out again got love how you see which script was in order and which was not haha

  • Zardock

    Dragon Ball Super is like the lottery, you could win big with episodes like 56 where tons of stuff happen, but most of the time you get an episode like 57 where absolutely nothing happens and the plot is barely advanced

  • SSJReddHomieQuan

    every time something interesting happens:

  • PakBelalang88

    how come Trunks SS2 fight on par with Goku SSblue??????? dem doesnt make sense. Trunks shuold be powerless against zamasu n black goku.

  • Yuvraj Sharma

    are going to make super sayian 5 goku in this series….

  • Prime3312

    Can anyone explain how from 7:15-7:30 trunks went from holding his sword to it being on his back?

  • stfupeople

    This confirms that Power levels are bs. SSJ2 isnt being insta gibbed by god levels.

  • HevtiG-Sama

    Hi all. I finaly caught up. So sorry to say thou that a lot of you have lots of anger in replies. I already blockt some racist and i will probably block a lots more because realy, this is so sad to see! If you see my replies or posts after a while then you a good person in my eye’s. Now lets have fun and cool disqus. Sayonara.

  • Nurul Eisha

    this reminds me of Syria. people killed innocent people and wrecked the building and house

  • MC3D – Join The GoldSeto

    “Kamituber” XD

  • iiAlto

    I pre came when I saw Trunks use final flash

  • Triston Ioppini

    this is getting gooooood