Dragon Ball Super episode 58 Subbed

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    • נדב בן סימון

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      • Wolfnrun

        To be immortal, and some other thing’s quite possibly

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  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    The worst thing about Japanese Cartoons are the hordes of WEEABOO scum that are addicted to them. If you say ” dub is better ” ,these scrubs will go APE SHIT… These no life, fat, ugly , pillow Waifu raping scum will type really hard on their crusty keyboards to shit on your opinion..

    Guess what cunts… I will take the worst fucking dub over the best japanese sub… I don’t want to hear something I CAN’T UNDERSTAND…

    1. DBZ DUB >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> japanese
    2. DEATH NOTE DUB >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. Japanese
    3. Dub in general >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> japanese.


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    • Centium

      So let me get this straight… you’re complaining about people wanting to watch a JAPANESE show in JAPANESE, the way it was meant to be seen? I grew up watching DBZ on Toonami long before ever hearing the Japanese voice acting. To be completely honest, the American soundtrack and voice acting are absolute shit. FYI, this is coming from a 32 year old man with a well paying career, four years military service, a wife, two kids, and a home that’s nearly paid off. No a “no life, fat, ugly , pillow Waifu raping scum will type really hard on their crusty keyboard”.

      You’re either the most ignorant stereotypical “egotistical American” I’ve ever seen here, or you’re a troll looking for attention. Judging by the other posts you’ve made, I’m willing to bet it’s the latter. Grow up and just enjoy watching a good anime. No one is forcing you to sit here and watch it…

      • Bizzaro

        that’s how you do it…well said man..can’t say it any better…

    • T7ven

      It seems like you’re the pissed off one, and not the weebs. Sorry, strawman argument.

  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    Also, Super is complete shit vs DBZ . They literally forgot what made DBZ great and started a shit that is generic as fuck.

    Reasons why Z is KING

    1. Animation – Good grief , too easy
    2. Arcs – Nothing in Super comes close to the intensity or tension of the DBZ villans .. I pretty much don’t even feel threatened with the new villans…Goku is a god, he’s friends with the universe buster like Zeno .. We know , nobody can’t even kill Goku
    3. Too much Goku and Vegeta . Goku is my favorite character of all time. But holy shit, every one not named Goku is just absolutely USELESS … OMFG.. In Z, Trunks killed the Androids and Freiza , Vegeta killed 19. Gohan Killed Cell and Goku Killed Buu. Even though Goku was always the “strongest”, and he always played a major role in every fight… Other fighters weren’t useless.. Krillen , Tien , Piccalo , Gotenks and etc… Everyone played a ROLE !
    4. Goku is mentally challenged in DBS. In Z, even though he was goofy, he still got serious when times called for it, he acted like a mature adult most of the time with some humor here and there. But in S, he is a complete tool even a bully… He forcefully tried to fight Monaka. Like Goku in DBZ loved to fight, but he never forced people to fight him, in S, he ‘s a jackass who doesn’t have a ounce of character development.
    5. Too many fucking transformations.. FUCK GOD BLUE/RED .. and Homo PINK…Over saturation of something will always DEGRADE IT ! They should’ve stuck with SS 1/2 and 3.. They should’ve made SS3 a benchmark… something every sayian thrived towards…. Gold is the gold standard..SS3 literally looked the GOD form … There was no fucking need for Red Form or Blue form,,…. Now these fuckers have come out with Pink form.. ENOUGH… They made SS into a fucking joke, it’s literally a super sayian bargain sale. ITS TIME TO STOP…
    6. Also why haven’t we seen any blood in Super , nor have seen any vulgar language, this shit is literally the opposite of Z.. No Master roshy looking at playboys and making his nose bleed… DBS IS NOW A KID SHIT ! FUCKKKK
    So, Reply to this rant and put some RESPEK on this rant….

    All the pussy butthurt WEEABOOS who’re gonna breathy heavily like the fat fucks they are over these facts… Can FUCK off….. I won’t be replying to butthurt BITCHES !

    • Wolfnrun


      • Zorawar Heisenberg

        I’m waiting to get top comment like I do every week

        • Wolfnrun

          Is that all?

    • Ciksson

      Finally proper observation of pile of shit that is DBS.

      In short:

      1. Pile of shit animation which looks like it was made by kindergarten children.
      2. Script/story or in general feel of the show, which went from serious anime with fantastic humor towards a shitty new age sitcom with fart jokes.
      3. True, to much of Goku and Vegeta and nearly not enough of everybody else, especially Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo.
      4. Toriyama completely destroyed characters. As you said Goku is complete Cretin, Vegeta has become a total pussy,…etc…
      5. Yes, imbecilic transformations. From my point of view Toriyama should have stick just with SSJ and build on that. But then creating SSJ God which wrecked the show and as cherry on top God Red and then God baby blue who shines like a diamond…and for the finale fckin God Pink… HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAH.
      6. Its not just lack of blood or visual injuries, its also about completey wrecked fights. They went from technical component of martial arts, and made new age shit when its just simplistic flashy punches and usage of bright colors. Its big pile of shit.

      Honestly, look at that epic scene when Goku battles freeza and transforms into SSJ. Now that is a fantastic show. Fantastic atmosphere, great intensity, dialog, depth, seriousness, great fight…etc… and then compare it with pile of shit that is Dragonball “Super”…. Goku transforms into Baby blue God and he shines…. he stars something which is closer to dancing than fighting and in between he is pulling Beerus`s ear and making cretin like jokes.

      Go fckyourself Toriyama, you fckin sell out.

      • alabamangr

        gtfo, buu was pink. and deal with the animation you spoiled fuck

        • Ciksson

          Animation is from stone age, show itself is big pile new age copy-paste shit, DEAL WITH IT.

          • Ruzgel Gaming

            to end argument db is a crappy thing

          • Ozuka

            but dragonball is still good yes

          • Ante Pavić

            The reason why animation wasn’t that good in DBZ is because it was made in the 90s, there is absolutely no excuse for making such shitty animation in 2015

        • Alahamburgr

          Wow. In calling him spoiled, you’re admitting this show is shit because he was used to something vastly superior in DBZ. If that makes one spoiled, so be it. Dumb fuck.

      • Isis4Life

        1.Animation in DBZ was a total crap
        2.If you can create a better story and script do it and stfu
        3.They cant be there in the fights because they are overwhelmed by these new villains
        4.You are such a hater,he is just dumb not cretin 🙁
        5.SSJ is just an old and shitty transformation,i wonder if Trunks will get to SSJ God
        6.Umm,blood in an anime which is based on transformations and rage?Why dont you go watch Naruto Shippuden if you want blood.

        Conclusion:You are just an idiot who pretends to be a hater,but you actually watch this anime so stfu and behave.Dont ruin our fun,in my opinion DBZ was the pile of shit.Cya

        • Ciksson

          1. If animation in DBZ was crap, then animation in DBS is SSJ GOD crap.

          2. What a strong argument damn. I suggest you wipe your nose and tell your momy for a diaper change. Kindergarten children daily make better stories.

          3. Goku was always overwhelmed by new villains, and fights were spectacular, because they were based on martial arts. In case of DBS its the contrary, they are a joke, and “overwhelming villains have nothing to do with it, meaning another shitty argument.

          4. Buhuhuhuh, i am a hater….buhuhuhuhuh. No, Db and DBZ goku was dumb, DBS Goku is a complete cretin – a retard. He looks and acts like he went through drastic invasive personality change that made him a complete cretin.

          5. SSJ transformation is perfection, the scene in Freeza fight is perfection. Latter transformation cannot even come close, let alone the latest ones SSJ God SJ, which are and look completely absurd. Its has completely devalued SSJ.

          6. Blood in anime which is based on fighting – well at least was…yes, you know because you are being punched you bleed, you fckin imbecile.

          Lets be honest In your opinion teletubbies are the greatest thing ever. You could not recognize a great show if it would hit you in your head.

          • baby faced jimmy norton

            Man, you’re the biggest faggot I’ve ever seen on the internet. I swear to god.

          • ylmc

            No one cares. Your point isn’t even relevant from the moment you started comparing DBZ and DBS. Also you need to work on your argumentation.

          • Ante Pavić

            Goku’s SSJ and SSJ3 transformations were better alone than everything in dragon ball super

          • Kyell de Windt

            the only reason there isnt blood is cause they arent allowed to do that anymore dbz
            was 10 years before super the anime landschape ha chnaged a lot if they put blood in it 60% of the viewers wouldnt be able to see it

            THE ONLY REASON

          • azrael_chaos

            Except that most other shonen anime targeting kids and teens has no problem showing blood?

          • anthony davis

            exactly they cant just up and not show it for some and then show it for others

        • Christopher

          He’s hating on Beerus and Whis in DBS, it’s like he’s forgotten about that fat tub of pink lard who turns people into candy in DBZ. Yeah, DBZ was without fucked up looking characters?

        • Steve Bakewell

          Yeah well Z was made in the fucking 90’s with primitive tecnhology.. we live in 2016 and we still get shit animation? THERE IS NO EXCUSE! Toei is rushing these episodes like pimps rushing out whores.

          “SSJ is just an old and shitty transformation”
          WHOA.. at least change your user profile pic then! if SSJ was so shitty Akira wouldn’t insist on re-using that form to make SS red/blue&pink.

          “Why dont you go watch Naruto Shippuden if you want blood.”
          NAH! fuck that naruto gay ass shit.

        • azrael_chaos

          1. You are correct. Like this show, the animation varied from amazing to stupid depending on the episode
          2. I can validly say food tastes terrible without being a chef. Not knowing how to make something doesn’t mean you can’t judge the end result.
          3. But they don’t NEED to be overwhelmed by these villains. This series has already established that any of the super saiyans can achieve the base god form just by getting 6 of them together. With future trunks here, they don’t need baby Pan for the circle either, so it should be even easier to do. At a minimum Gohan and Trunks should be good to go and train together. I can certainly understand why they wouldn’t want to give the little kids (Goten and kid Trunks) the power. In this series they’ve also widened the cast to include people who CAN fight on their level, and even if the old regular humans can’t help, these guys can. Point is, we can have more than just Goku and vegeta dominating the good guys fighting squad.

          4. He WAS just kinda dumb. In super he is legitmately challenged. Goku was shown to be relatively insightful and smart in both DB and DBZ, just a BIT goofy and immature. This Goku is a caracature of himself. Even his commentary during the fights makes him seem constantly confused by simple things happening around him.

          5. You shouldn’t have to wonder. It should be done, they have to tools necessary to do it. Vegeta said he would prep Trunks before they went to the fight and they did nothing to make Trunks stronger. It was a waste of time and stupid tactically.

          6. DB and DBZ both had plenty of blood. Naruto did not invent blood. It’s commonplace in any of the fighting genre, particularly with the level of injuries that are being shown (i.e. people getting stabbed through the chest).

          Conclusion: You’re too sensitive to people who dislike what you like. Learn to understand criticisms and see their validity without letting it ruin what you like. For example, I fully agree with ALL of the negative criticism of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, BUT I still had fun watching them and will watch them again. For DBS, I am trying to enjoy it, but getting increasingly annoyed with how it’s being handled.

          • anthony davis

            Super does need work i did complain about the blood on youtube before as well

        • shinlenox

          Keep preaching, i support you! DBS has to be exposed as the trash that it is.

      • Ozuka

        but dragonball is still good yes?

        • Ciksson

          Comparing Dragonball with Dragonball Super is like comparing Miley Aretha Franklin with Miley Cyrus. Yes?

      • Ichigo Kurosaki

        I agree with that DBS lack intense fight scene compare to DBZ and the art style like they have reduced head to body proportion in the character’s design is childish..

      • Kaiser

        If you hate it so much….

        …why are you still watching it long enough to post?

        For that matter, why are you posting?

        You know what I do when I stop liking a TV show?

        I stop watching it and go do something else.

        I think you like it, but you also hate change, and just really like being an anonymous asshole on the internet, personally.

        • Ciksson

          If you are unable to actually present counter arguments, i suggest you do not participate and DEBATES in which ADULTS EXCHANGE OPINION.

          I dont hate the show, i DISLIKE it which is self-evident in my posts, you fckin illiterate CRETIN.

          • Trollerbot Ivan Roggema

            present counter arguments?

            you have clearly stated why you ‘dislike’ the show. ‘dislike’ because it’s pretty obvious that you hate the show, so for what reason outside of fanboy lunacy are you still doing posting about how SHIT the new series is?

            Are you the kind of idiot that will read an entire novel that he doesn’t even like, for no other reason than to get mad about how shit it is?

    • Bizzaro

      you can cry all you want about DBS but in the end you are not Toriyama who has the only and complete authority to write and rewrite whatever he wants. If he wants super saiyan rainbow that’s his prerogative and you can’t do anything about it. you are just one of his anime fanboy so yeah go on and be a cry baby..lol

      • Zorawar Heisenberg

        Oh look, another faggot who completely missed the point. My opinion is valid, I’m not trying to buy DBZ from toriyama. I just saying what I see.. Now KYS.

        • Bizzaro

          You are the one missing the point..you blah blah blah as if you can do better manga or anime..write one yourself and maybe you earn some right to judge what’s good and bad.

          • senior smiles

            Okay next time you see a really shitty looking car you’re not allowed to say or even think that it looks like shit until you build one yourself. Same for houses, jets, etc. You are never allowed to have a negative opinion again about something until you have created it yourself. Seen that really shitty item in an infomercial? Nope not shit, can’t be shit until you build it yourself.

            You can watch something and be able to see it’s flaws. Holy shit. You are acting like people aren’t allowed to have an opinion about something.

          • disqus_SQXtdu89JW


          • senior smiles

            Telling someone to “stfu” doesn’t make them wrong. Dude literally said you can’t judge something until you’ve made it yourself. That logic is so flawed.

          • azrael_chaos

            One: you don’t know this guy, for all you know he has written his own comics.
            Two: You don’t need to be an author to criticize someone else’s writing. That’s a silly notion. You don’t need to be able to create something yourself to adequately judge the product’s quality. Simplest example, I can say a meal tastes like shit and have no clue how to cook for myself. My tongue functions, therefore I can make a fair judgement.
            Three: He’s watching it for free on an unofficial website so it’s not like he’s being hypocritical by actually watching what he wants to judge before he judges it. The only way for someone to have legitimate criticism and complaints about something is to experience it first.
            Four: Either all the opinions here are useless, including yours, or none of them are. If it’s the former than I guess no one should ever comment on anything ever cuz it’s meaningless.

        • Christopher

          Your opinion is valid, yet it is still just an opinion, so it holds as much validity as anyone elses.

        • Pete

          watch something else bitch and stop crying unless you like looking like a bitch on the internet.

      • azrael_chaos

        Point is Toriyama doesn’t really know what he’s doing anymore. He has openly admitting to forgetting his own lore and shrugging about the inconsistencies that result. The dude doesn’t respect the story he himself created. He’s just having fun with it, and hey, that’s his right as the creator. That said, it’s the fans’ right to bitch about it when things don’t make sense and are of subpar quality.

    • Jr Junior

      lmao you hit that shit on the head!!! i like your stance on DBS….

    • Dear God

      Agreed. I thought DBS was going to be the revival of DBZ but it is just a kiddy show. Hate how Goku doesn’t become serious when the time needs him to be and the animation and fights are just garbage.

      • Clark Kent

        There’s no blood, ass, or tits…

        • Sam Coolsome

          Christopher Reevs Clark Kent wouldn’t want to see that in a show!

      • gerry crissandy

        because it is a fucking kids’ show you imbecile

        • shinlenox

          DBZ was too, dumbass!

    • Guest6

      I respect your opinion but I do disagree with a few things.

      Trunks only killed freiza. He killed the androids in his own timeline yes. But not in goku’s timeline.

      And while DBZ is one of my favorite of all time, if we went to rewatch it, we would be annoyed as well. Most of the fights were unnecessary, powering up only for sayians took extra long. IT would be a legit 5 mins of screaming to powerup. As a kid that is awesome,but as an adult, I don’t want to see someone scream for 5mins to power up just to get they ass beat seconds later.

      I do agree with you on the rest of the things you mention

      • JuanTizmo

        As an adult, just watch Team Four Star’s DBZA. It’s the perfect way to relive the nostalgia. Cuts down on the bullshit.

        Dragonball, however, still holds up just fine. Over the years I’ve started to not like Z all that much in comparison. Dragonball is, was and will always be the shit.

        • azrael_chaos

          Agreed! DBZ Abirdged is literally the only iteration of Z I recommend to people anymore. It’s best version haha.

          That said, it’s because of abridged that I realized how dumb Super’s Goku is. Abridged goes out of their way to deliberately portray Goku as irrationally dumb to solid comedic effect. Super managed to match that level or worsen it while trying to actually continue the character. It’s just…meh.

          • JuanTizmo

            I much prefer Dragonball to Z so I really don’t mind stupid Goku. DBZ was too up its own ass with seriousness.

    • VenomSnake421

      At the end of the day you’ll still watch it so, I don’t why you made these arguments.

    • Peter Brooks (Aster)

      You’re a fucking moron. There was blood in the last fucking episode. If your biggest criticism is “TOO MANY COLORS… GAYYY” or “GOKU’S DUMB WAHHHH” “GOKU’S TOO STRONG WAHHHH” You’re a crybaby who doesn’t like change to what you thought was limited. Super is much more than you’ll ever give it credit for, you’re just coming down from drugs or something apparently, or you’re on the rag.

    • Zeebawb

      Lol no shit Z is better, who asked you? I love Super, especially this arc. Stop bein.a hater, Z is amazing, no shit, stop telling us shit we already know.

      • Zeebawb

        And I hope you realize DB and DBZ did a lot of shit that you can’t get away with today, like all that master Rossi shit and a lot of other stuff, you get butt hurt way too easy, if you only watched DBZ so you can hear the word “bastard” every once in a while and see master roshi grabbing titties you probably shoulda stopped watching a log ass time ago.

    • Henry tejeda


    • RoyalR R.M

      LOL and you said you won’t reply to butthurt weeaboos, but guess what? you did! LOL hypocrite. I can’t take you serious. lol
      Reply to me…and another goes to your tab. hahahaha

      • MKNiner

        How do you know that the people he replied to were butthurt weeaboos?

    • lancesackless

      Trolls gotta troll.

    • Ankit

      And what they done to vagita (became goku’s bitch), you remember the the first fight between goku vs vagita the intensity of fight the reason i started watching DBZ. its became comedy circus now !!!

    • One Nation Rap Puppet

      Goku is a God now, so that’s why he might seem like a “jackass” to you. DBS is esoteric and has a philosophical foundation, imo. Studying things like the Kaballah and other stuff for the past 6 years, helps me appreciate and understand DBS a little better. Maybe you should expand your knowledge, so that you can have a broader perspective on what you see. It’s a lot more to it than what meets YOUR eye.

      • Puggins the demon dog

        Wow.. speaks of having an expanded mind.. and then references to studying the Kabbalah.. A sect of judaism that is fanatical and very cultish. Forgetting that you think studying any religion expands ones mind.. that is one of the worst of them all.
        Nothing madonna condones as a good spiritual practice… can ever be a good spiritual practice. lol

      • hissss

        that was the single most stupid comment I have seen on this shit series

      • Matteo Cicaloni

        lol this is absolutely bullshit. Dbs has NOTHING to do with esoterism. The fact it has gods means nothing. The gods in dbs are just strong characters, they have no real god qualities like compassion, love, and so on. It’s completely bullshit

      • Alex

        Yo nice dude finally someone realizes there’s more to this show like ssj rose which has something to do with a black rose which would be a corrupted rose in a sea of good Rose’s like zamasu

      • yokairaizen

        There’s been Gods in this series since Dragonball

      • Slutdog mcnooblet

        And this children is what is known as virtue signalling, it is our commenters intentions to appear as an intellectual to others. A common symptom of virtue signalling is the proclamation of superiority, notice how he condescends to the reader by saying “you” should expand your knowledge, a feature which is all that more evident in his last sentence where “your” is capitalized: “lot more to it that what meets YOUR eye”.
        Implying that he can see or understand the show on a deeper level than you or I.
        Another noteworthy observation is what he uses to back up this veneer of enlightenment; he claims to have studied the Kabbalah, which is a Judaic way of interpreting the bible under a framework of mysticism. His comment may as well of read “I studied patterns in tea leaves for 6 years and I believe it gives me a greater philosophical understanding of a children’s cartoon than you.”
        We are all guilty of virtue signalling to an extent, for example I tend to favor more verbose words when writing.I call it oral pea-cocking but I am aware why I do it where as i doubt our commenter does. Take notice, he is what happens when you smell your own farts too much.

    • Ozuka

      but dragon ball is still good yes

    • lol lol

      wow… if you really like dragon ball z that much and want to adapt the whole idea and aspect for that anime into dragon ball super… you should travel to Toriyama himself and ask to assist him…

    • GAHHHH


    • Jonny Frost

      How old are you?trash..


        I didn’t really get this episode i thought they were going to fight


      Bro i agree with some of the things you said but you lost me with all of the super sayian transformations. Because we all know there’s a level higher than each level of super sayians. Like super sayian 3 after that level its super sayian god and after that level it’s super sayian 4. DB super happens right before GT

      • Tim Huggett

        Actually GT is not canon because Tori had little involvement beyond some character concepts. It was Toei’s baby. Tori is making Super, which is his official continuation of Dragon Ball Z, Super has already introduced so much content that contradicts GT.

    • GregD474

      Gotta disagree with you on #4. In the original series Goku never met a friend who was more powerful than him. Everyone stronger than him who he wanted to fight was an enemy anyway. As soon as he met Old Kai, the first thing he did was blast him in the face with a ki blast to test his strength, so he’s always kind of been like this. He wouldn’t see a problem with “forcing” Monaka to fight him because he thinks Monaka is the most powerful fighter in the universe.


        I agree, they so stuck on the Z era when its time to move forward. I personally think that it’s the same as DBZ. we all know there’s a level higher than each level of super sayians. Like super sayian 3 after that level its super sayian god and after that level it’s super sayian 4. DB super happens right before GT. I personally loved GT but they created dragon Ball super because alot of fans didn’t like GT which I feel like what could have happened after GT.

        • GregD474

          Well I agree with him on most other points, DB Super isn’t close to as good as Z, there’s no stakes, no epicness. It’s really kiddy feeling and there’s also a LOT of inconsistency.


            And that the part i don’t get. Should’ve a god transformation happened after SSJ4?

          • GregD474

            I don’t like the idea of god transformations. It’s going too far. SSJ4 was the perfect final form IMO. It made the most sense, brought back the tails, golden oozaru, combined human SSJ form with ape form. Some people complain the fur should’ve been gold and i see their point, but apart from that it was great.


            Yeah dbz was raw, more action, you actually see blood, it was great

    • Byron

      Nigga, you know damn well dragon ball super is as much different from dragon ball z as dragon ball z is from dragon ball. THERE WERE 0, COUNT EM, 0 SUPER SAIYANS. and Goku was NOT the strongest, atleast not all the time. ALL of the side characters had even more purpose, no one complained about krillin always getting his ass handed to in dragon ball. so before you go complaining how “different” dragon ball super is, and that because of these differences its shit, realize that Z is the same way to the original, they are nothing alike and aren’t supposed to be alike, the story simply progresses from them otherwise this would still be called Z if it was meant to be the same.


        Exactly my nigga thank you well said

        • 14M4N0NYM0U5

          Oh that’s something new.. just because there is a ”black” goku, we speak nigga language ?

          Fucking retarded generation will swallow everything. DBS isn’t targeted at NA/EU audience. It’s obvious.

          • Isaiah Halloway

            your retarded

          • Thomas Anthony Ramirez

            You’re NOT your. lmao

          • UnbiasedTruth

            nigga language? STFU. that was pure ignorance, do not try and spread that shit here.

          • CrackerBoy

            Definitely Cracker Language lul

          • Pete

            lol you racist fucktard

          • Noah Zere

            I just read some of your comments… You are a really negative person… O_O

          • Zexelrob master of the bird

            Nigga bitch,we Say nigga cause we can it doesnt matter really.Generation and Time Has changed us.Nigga is an ok word considerin the fact that no one gives a fuck.Besides old people and you so called Selfish trump like adults and your bs.Just cause we darker then you pale ass whites doesnt mean aynthin tho
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          • Jeremy Berkland

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          • Byron

            For the record, I’m mixed, My dad is black. I use the “N” word because I don’t see it as offensive. I think getting offended is useless, but I see your point, I shouldn’t use it online for other peoples sake. I’m sorry, but I’m not editing my comment though. too high.

          • Bandanna_P

            Damn it,I hate to agree but you’re right ! It’s just casual sometimes you know?

          • Abele Pakuna

            Whoever taught you that Jeremy Berkland is wrong, im hispanic and I can say nigga all the hell I want. Nobody two damn fucks what a person says. Nigger is the term of being racist, nigga is the term of friend or dude. Learn recent slang, we ain’t in the Afro-American slave trade God damn it.

          • SJtheGod

            How this go from dbz to race and only white ppl say “all lives matter” to counter “black lives matter” we never said “only black lives matter” but with all the things that have happened to blacks in history its seems like ppl dont think they matter at all. Yea all lives matter but that not the point we’rw trying to make

          • Carlos Juvera

            I’ll tell you how; because the white folks who try to counter the Black Lives Matter movement are fucking closet RACISTS, and if a black guy decides to comment on DBS then they’ll scrutinize every little thing he writes until they find something to attack him with. That’s why.

          • Josh Barrow

            Damn right

          • Carlos Juvera

            The FUCK does this even have to do with Dragon ball? Asshole, if the blacks want to call themselves “Nigga” or whatever they want, then LET them! Dickheads who go around preaching about what’s racist and what isn’t TO BLACKS are just as bad as fucking TRUMP! First off, they have every right to hate your white asses, EVERY RIGHT! So, what you need to do is CHILL the fuck out! And please, Dragon Ball is the reason I am reading this thread, not to read a yawn-worthy fucking PREACH from a redneck “liberal”!

          • Josh Barrow

            Err. Jeremy, let me ask you something.

          • I’m the future Tech!

            You need to shut up and get educated… black lives matter group isn’t insisting that no other race matter.. more of black lives are not deemed to matter like the rest you stupid fuck

          • Harambe

            my nigga, peace -harmabe

          • Powered Rich Person

            I think thats the reason DBS Sucks, its not targeted at NA/EU, but rather for the dilly dally punk toddlers in Japan.

          • Evan Buttpicking Thayer

            Agreed. FUCK NIGGERS!

          • san

            stop being the racist prick u are, will u ? i see under every episode hating on other races

          • IllIIllIlIlIlIlI

            it’s actually called “jive”

        • Evan Buttpicking Thayer

          Fuck Niggers!

        • stfupeople

          All these niggas need to hush. If you say nigga after every other word and get upset that someone else says nigga then your nigga ass needs to hang yourself before you have a heart attack from your nigga life of stressing out over every nigga thing that happens to your nigga ass.
          So dont have a nigga moment when a nigga says nigga or when a wigga says nigga.

      • exactly

      • For sure, some people are just challenged when it comes to change.

        • Lobothemainman

          There is bad change and good change. This is bad change for the reasons he listed. More hair colors were the last thing this show needed. What’s next Super Saiyan Lime and Banana? Its lost every bit of meaning it ever had.

          • Kevin

            SSJ Gold, Silver, Black, Space Gray, Rose Gold, and don’t forget the unapologetically plastic SSJ. Batteries sold separately.

      • Blackdragon Story

        I would say dbz and dbs are equal,but the excell in different areas.

        • Rose

          i agree with you db is unlike dbz and dbs,which i also consider of the same ilk but excelling in different areas. i always considered db be to more adventure-y to dbz more action-y take things. Dbs is the same action-y but focuses on how different each character’s ideals are individually (while dbz was more we can do it together).

          curiously,since you like db over dbz and dbs, how did you feel about gt? which imo tried(to hard) to recapture that db feel in a dbz-like setting.I liked gt all the same though,even now it officially not canon i still like parts of it over other series in the same db universe.

          • Blackdragon Story

            Goku being turned into a kid was lame,but I liked the space adventure.
            Some opponents had a bit too crazy powers but it was fun.
            Later on the whole baby thing and ssj4 was a bit too much imo.
            Even though ssj4 is cool and all but the fight was a bit weird.
            Anyways…I watched gt just once.

      • Wasker AHG

        i feel the same, vegeta looks more like a kid with that body than an adult, and they even are removing hes sayan pride, that was what made vegeta very awesome, and where is ssj4 i was thinking if this blue form is that good why not combain it with ssj2 blue ssj3 blue up to ssj4 blue that would’ve given me some will to watch, they are making it look worthless i hate it… db dbz dbgt all three were awesome, dbs i would watch db again and still enjoy it more than dbs. they forgot that little things made db dbz dbgt awesome, now they just are making big things, that’s stupid! i hope they do something better…

        • tommy pham

          M8 super saiyan 4 is not even part of the real storyline db gt is not a canon story line of dragon ball learn your shit before ranting and plus ssj blue and the other transformations are fine and vegetas saiyan pride is still there heck he still wants to kill goku at many times

          • Marc van der Meijden

            wel thats where the dragonball creators fucked up,you cant make something as cool as a ssj 4 and then shove it under a rugg and ignore it 😛 i myself am hoping that ssj3 blue hair or ssj4 blue hair is stil coming that would be assum.

          • Pat

            DB GT is from different people and more fan-fiction. It’s not from Toriyama! One of the next transformations will be SSJ white. Toriyama already said he likes the idea with the colours and some of them also have a hidden meaning. For example SSJ Rosé for Black Goku: Black Rose is something bad/stands for death in Japan! Similar to all the vegetable names etc.

          • Marc van der Meijden

            ya i would actualy love goku and vegeta or 1 of them with white hair,i myself Always give my charc in games white hair if its an option,i dunno why but i Always liked it.

          • Kevin

            I haaated SSJ 4. He was a fucking red monkey. Seriously. It was only cool because he was no longer in that annoying kid form. You are definitely entitled to your opinion though.. but I think most people hated that transformation.

        • M.A,C.

          Im going to assume your young. He hasn’t lost his saiyan pride. Its changed throughout the years. Do you play/watch/do everything you did years ago when the series came out. Do you still suck on a pacifier, drink from a bottle. Obviously They are going to evolve as characters and change. His pride was evident when he fought the saiyan from the other universe. He still says he will be the one to kill kakarotto. You first seen vegeta as a much smaller person. Hes older hes learned more seen more. One thing that keeps goku alive besides the friendship, is that vegeta knows its his and gokus’ competition that have been whats made them that powerful in the first place.

        • Felix DahAwesome

          Did… You not watch the anime? Did you not watch the episode where Whis explains that they can only get so strong through simple transformation, so they’re trying not to just find new transformations?

          Did you not watch the episode where Goku explains why he can’t use Kaoiken and Super Saiyan, which goes the same for Super Saiyan and Blue?

          You haven’t even been watching the show, what do you mean “would’ve given me some will to watch.”

          Blue is made to be essentially the last real transformation with a name, besides KaoiKen’ing it. It’s made from calm, perfect ki control. You can’t get any more calm. Super Saiyan ascensions were made by filling yourself with more and more anger, fear, strong emotions. That’s why Gohan was one of the strongest in the cell saga. He was filled with Teen angst and suppressed emotions.

          Maybe instead of watching the anime with the idea of it being DBZ 2, why don’t you treat it like DB to DBZ? Shit isn’t similar in any sense.

      • mxo720

        Kinda true but I’m loving this black goku saga nd I totally I agree with this transformation shit …I’m tired of all these new saiyan transformation first it was
        1. Super saiyan God
        2. Super saiyan blue
        3. Super saiyan rose
        I’m tired of all these transformations ..what’s next…super saiyan moon!?
        No please if the saiyans were to have a transformation I would’ve preferred super saiyan 4 cuz this is just getting ridiculous

        • Atla

          next one will be Super Saiyan Rainbow

          • Siddharth Kulkarni

            super saiyan candy

          • Atla

            we already had super saiyan candy in the Buu saga 🙂

        • The ultimate SSJ/Nohave07

          4.Super saiyan bald

          • kloontje05

            🙂 🙂 🙂 hehehehahahahaaarrrgh

          • becomes Saitama

          • Kaiser

            Super Saiyan Nappa.

            I would be 9001% in favor of this. When he wears sunglasses, you can’t even tell!

        • Ultimate Saiyan

          why not? there is plenty more universe to expose…difrent universe will be difrent saiyan…difrent naming and everything…how knows at zeno universe tournamnet will be alot more super saiyan appear??

        • endurverse75

          its ssj white not moon and was a theory so dont get your hopes up

        • AugustAPC

          Super Saiyan Rainbow. It’s coming. It’s inevitable.

      • mxo720

        True I love naruto but don’t u think these saiyan transformations r getting out of hand how many has there been now ?
        1. Great ape
        2. Super saiyan
        3. Super saiyan 2
        4. Super saiyan 3
        5. Legendary super saiyan
        6. Golden great ape
        7. Super saiyan 4
        8. Super saiyan God
        9. Super saiyan rose
        10. Super saiyan blue
        Nd then there’s that transformation were they get gigantic mussels
        Excluding GT there have been 9 TRANSFORMATION SINCE DRAGON BALL UP TO NOW

        • Eric Berry

          thats kinda the point….i like the transformations it makes it fun, you dont like the show? good stop watching

          • AugustAPC

            No offense, but you are what is wrong with this series. “Transformations are fun…”
            No. Transformations for the sake of transformations are stupid. It’s the intense build up and character development that validates them and makes them so great. Fucking holding hands and playing Ring-Around-The-Rosie with a convenient number of Saiyans and becoming a God is dumb as shit. It has nowhere near the impact of Goku’s emotional and physical struggles that lead to him becoming a Super Saiyan.
            Dragon Ball went to hell with the start of the Buu Saga and has only gotten immensely worse with Super. SSJ3 was terrible… but these new cotton candy saiyan forms are just miserable.
            DBZ was so fuckin’ good from the Saiyan Saga through the Cell Saga… then it just started to pander to it’s mindless fans that just wanted to see transformations with spikier hair and bigger explosions, fuck the story and character progression… that shit takes too long! Just have the characters earn that shit off screen… or do the hokey-pokey… that’s good enough.

        • Matt

          No one ever said Black is a saiyan

          • CJ Devak

            ok man here’s my problem with that statement, Black in the previous episode clearly named his own transformation Super Saiyan Rose marking that he himself claims himself a Super Saiyan. by that logic that would mean that he himself as a character identified himself as a Saiyan until the story progresses and proves this statement otherwise so for as this moment he is indeed a saiyan

        • Steven

          First off GT does not adapt to the manga series which is the dragon ball franchise so the SS4 its like it dont exist anymore and other transformations from GT they dont apply to super they want you to forget about that and Goku and Vegeta was always surpassing there own power so they get new transformations cant be the same forever.Now surper is here they are battling gods which requires more power and new transformations its only right im sure everyone seen what happen to Goku when he tryed to fight Beerus in SS3 come on now and plus the new transformations are amazing that SSGSS KIOKENx10 omg that was epic but anyway i love the series it get me hyped and if you dont like it dont watch just that simple.

          • rose

            this^.i don’t mind the transformations that much.I think they handle it pretty well actually.When you really look at it the god transformations are really just saiyan’s changing the nature of their ki + and applying the same rules that applied to them since dbz(the fact they transform).I think zamasu hinted at this and the ki nature in 57 while watching the tournament. But that aside i like that super doesn’t just focus on this,it focuses on techniques and fighting style too.Hit for example isn’t that strong power wise but he’s extremely efficient fighter,adapts and held his own.Future trunks base saiyan surpasses gokus ss3, even then trunks yes barely uses his brute strength ,but changes his fighting technique to suit, seen when he spared with vegeta, and vs black and zamasu he can hand hold his own.Not to mention if zamasu wasn’t “immortal” he’d have lost despite being a “god”. They made hit and future trunks into badasses. I just wished they did the same for vegeta…

            so if you are only about transformation then okay super isn’t all that better than dbz, but take dbs in on a whole and it’s so much more than the transformations.

          • Marc van der Meijden

            wel they gave hit the only thing that could pretty much beat goku or vegeta an ability that has no time to exicute meaning its instant and you cant see it coming,personaly i thought it was abit silly,would have been better to just let goku fight hit in ssj 3 or something and just show they where no real match instead of some time warp punches. a fight in wish goku adapts his stengt so he can have a fun intence fight i think is better then some time warp acopuncture shit but thats my oppinion,and it was even more weird the rate at wich hit could adapt himself,hit didnt get anny stronger or better just quicker,and they kinda forgot you can be as quick as you want but it shouldnt have worked because goku’s aura/skin would have been to strong,he basicly shouldnt have felt hits punches nomatter how fast they where,its like saying flash can hurt darkside wich he also couldnt the hit/goku fight was verry ilogical realy but i gues it was entertaining 😛

          • Ren

            Well not exactly the way it was supposed to seem is hit not only was able to slow down time for those around him without jeopardizing his strength but his own strength was equal to that of ssj 3 or even 4 for that matter and goku could sense that that’s why he didn’t bother with a weaker form vegeta being prideful let his ego get in the way thinking it was all in the bag

          • Kevin

            Yeah, it never made much sense to me how his punches could hurt him. But then again this is Dragon Ball.. Suspension of disbelief is mandatory.

          • Marc van der Meijden

            ssj4 might not be canon but i stil think its unfair to not reconize it,its like saying we made a kid and then 4 years later we just wil denai it ever existed or was real,its abit of a harsh statement i rather call it a legit transformation from a parralel universe or something,you cant say something dont exist if it does.

          • Jeremy Berkland

            GT was made by someone else… So If I made my own mini DB series where Goku becomes a post op transexual, I guess its cannon in your book?

          • Trithious

            Akira Toriama stated that Dragonball Xenoverse explains away Dragonball GT as an alternate Universe that never happens in the current timeline. They hint around that with Future Trunks having blue hair when indeed it was pink in Dragon Ball Z.

          • Ren

            Actually according to multiverse theory which Akira Toriama is so fond of throwing around on the dragonball verse by still exists and so do all dbz related adaptations as long as they are endorsed by Akira Toriama .. meaning in a certain universe Goku went to high school cause that movie did have Akira Toriama`s stamp of approval on it during its production. Gt also exists just on a different line of events happening.

          • person

            Well it seems that the super saiyan blue is the same as super saiyan 2 since trunks was fighting super saiyan rose just as well as Goku was in blue, even though super saiyan 3 beat 2 no problem and Beerus beat super saiyan 3 no problem. Just seems like they messed up that fight since trunks has a much lower power level.

          • Marc van der Meijden

            trunks was fighting that green dude not the one goku was fighting so youre point kinda makes no sence,you cant say blue is the same as super 2 of there fighting difirent people,goku could have easaly defeated the green dude if he wasnt inmortal,and we all know that black goku even before his rose thing could easaly kill trunks.
            the green dude made black goku to counter goku and trunk because he himself wasnt a match for them so he also asked for inmortality,didnt you pay attension to this episode and the last one?

          • Kevin

            Did you not see the fight between Goku and the green guy right before Trunks stepped in? Seriously, the power level difference between SS2 and Blue is so ridiculous (think Beerus and SSJ3) that Goku would have knocked him into another dimension with a flick, not danced and fought like they did. Green guy clearly got a power-up and not just immortality or he would have been completely irrelevant to the fight between Black and Goku.

          • Yusri

            I dont mind about the power level. it happens before. but i do mind 1 fact. does immortality give your clothes immortal to? vegeta n goku would have their cloth torn off. but not this 2 guys.. hahaha.. i know it give a special ummpphhh regarding immortal.

          • Kevin

            Thank you! Another person who feels the same. Trunks just all of a sudden started fighting on par with the guy who was giving Blue Goku trouble. I was waiting for some sort of explanation but they just lazily expected us to believe that his sparring with Vegeta improved him enough for him to be relevant. It was still a cool action scene though, so I just kinda let it go.

        • endurverse75

          Kaioken, super kaioken (cannon and not cannon) ,ssj4 fusion kaioken theres more btw

        • Aaron Soldier

          GT isn’t canon.

        • WyteBoii305

          There is no SS4 it was never apart of the series, DGT was not a part of the story line

        • rabXO

          You literally counted 2 transformations from GT and said “excluding GT”. Make up your mind.

        • Noah Zere

          Legendary Super Saiyan, SSJ4 and Golden Great ape are not cannon. Seeing how these are forms are from Broly movies and gt.

        • forTheHorde

          you forgot mystic form

        • Imaz

          You forgot False super saiyan

        • Joshua Edwards

          Waiting on the transformation that’ll get me my beer and sammich… when they gonna make that transformation?

      • Kurl Solm

        Your tits sir, calm them, you must!
        Watch Dragonball before you kill yourself

      • steven

        I agree plus in DBZ the only ppl that could do something is Goku and Vegeta,Gohan had his time tho but your right bro

      • Zack Harris

        I like how you started this with “Nigga …” and then went into a really intelligent argument.

        • Pete

          cause Nigga be like…

        • Evan Buttpicking Thayer

          Lol I know FUCK NIGGERS!

      • Nuts

        I was told goku acts childish because he’s actually brain damaged. It’s mentioned in the comics apparently..
        Also mentioned in the comics is fusing doubles their strength but combining with the earrings times it’s by 10

        • Ciksson

          If you cannot see incredible difference between personality of DBZ and DBS Goku, then you probably have brain damage to.

        • Marc van der Meijden

          i think its actualy insulting to kids to say youre braindamages when you act like a kids,i would rather say its brave and free if you dare to let youre inner child come to the surfuce,instead of society demanding you to be grown up or in other words do as youre told to behave,i have allot of respect for people who dare to act on there true mindset and desires of it doesnt cause annyone els anny harm,funny thing is when i was 18 and i stil loved pokemon people thought i was weird now am 32 and manny grown ups play it,the time of the inner child has come 🙂

      • StarLightning

        you know damn well dragon ball super is as much different from dragon ball z as dragon ball z is from dragon ball. THERE WERE 0, COUNT EM, 0 SUPER SAIYANS. and Goku was NOT the strongest, atleast not all the time. Goku always acted “mentally challenged” granted he was a kid. ALL of the side characters had even more purpose, no one complained about krillin always getting his ass handed to in dragon ball. so before you go complaining how “different” dragon ball super is, and that because of these differences its shit, realize that Z is the same way to the original, they are nothing alike and aren’t supposed to be alike, the story simply progresses from them otherwise this would still be called Z if it was meant to be the same.

        Edit: just for further clarification, the dragon ball series isn’t the only series to do this. Naruto did the exact same thing when they changed to “shippuden”. Naruto can fucking turn gold and has all the tailed beasts chakra, and sasuke can summon meteors from the heavens and teleport, very non-ninja like techniques. not that I don’t like Naruto, but the name change is a significance to how different the direction of the show went and super is doing exactly that.

      • shinlenox

        godd point, but DBS should better than db,sbz,dgt.

        but compared to them it is complete sheet!

      • Saurav Upadhyay

        Nigga, Its not about difference, its about degradation. Dragon Ball Z had a lot of changes, but no-one complained because those changes were great. Hell, DB was a average show and DBZ reached heights with those innovations. DBS could also use some innovations, changes but making the show into a joke is not one of them.

        And my response for Naruto, introducing new powers isn’t wrong. with over 600 episodes, the major characters are are expected to gain new powers, which seem totally justified according to the lore. Super on other hand introducing 3 variations of their classic power(transformation) with different shades. Now this is lazy.

      • Powered Rich Person

        Yo you are dumb, and by reading your comment you are NOT a true db/dbz fan. please go rewatch the series. DBS TAKES PLACE EXACTLY WHERE DBZ ENDED. please please remember that. DBZ takes place years after DB, for god sake Goku had a fucking kid. with time comes power in DBZ, and WE ALL KNOW THAT. Goku never acted this dim-witted. He was dumb but not to this extent. Vegeta being able to beat berus in ss2 form is complete bs. A ss2 power cannot reach the lengths of SS3. AND MIND YOU Goku im sure has reached the peak of ss3. Anyone who really watched DBZ will agree.

      • John Duong

        Sup bitch, you’re wrong about defending DBZ to DBS change as “okay” and then comparing with with Naruto to Shippuden’s change. Here’s why you’re wrong.
        – Naruto and Sasuke’s transition had purpose and backstory, we’ve see naruto find himself and train towards his way to gradually maintaining legitimate control of his kyuubi abilities, so it did take a meaningful/considerable effort and time to achieve is golden form. These changes were necessary for character development and complimented his inner beast.
        – Goku’s reaching of God was, in contrast, NOT OKAY because it came with a random condition holding hands between a number of saiyans in a circle, the method that the form was achieved was already disgustingly cheap. Not only that eventually Super Saiyan Blue was achieved out of a random episode without prior notification or backstory of how exactly this form was achieved, unlike naruto, their was no struggle (all they did was train with Whis and suddenly boom, Blue hair, its ridiculous) not only that buy SS3 was completely thrown out the window and vegeta reach SS Blue and surpassed the need of struggling to reach SS Red & SS3 in the first place, the degree of those forms were undermined for a new color (BLUE NIGGA BLUE WTF)
        – My point is: All you claimed was that significant difference was acceptable because their was a significant difference in the past previous series. Did you ever stop to think about the difference between “GOOD significant change” and “BAD significant change” Naruto’s abilities aided him in fighting the Ninja war (GOOD CHANGE)…. Goku got a new hair color but no specific new ability whatsoever (BAD CHANGE). Goku is clearly more mentally immature in this series, you would think he was got mature some years after the Buu saga…

      • SlimQuickie

        Good shit my nigga.

      • Harambe

        my NIGGA! harambe would be proud, why can’t people just enjoy this show?? i mean i’m so glad this show is here, i love dragon ball universe! now stop whining and listn to my nigga byron, harambe out

    • Aaron Soldier

      ”1. Animation – Good grief , too easy”

      Animation in Z was terrible too, don’t you remember how many HD remasters they did of it? The original Z animation from Japan was just as bad as Super is. Actually the Animation in Super has gotten much better from Ep 5[which they also fixed] and by the time the english dub comes its going to be a full fledged HD experience with little to no animation flaws.

      ”Nothing in Super comes close to the intensity or tension of the DBZ villans .. I pretty much don’t even feel threatened with the new villans…Goku is a god, he’s friends with the universe buster like Zeno .. We know , nobody can’t even kill Goku ”

      Theres so many flaws in that post. First Goku was always a god even in DB when he was only 10 since he could defeat planet busters, second, Goku is already a universe buster by himself, I understand your point, that hes too powerful, but this isn’t true since Akira already confirmed theres going to be much more powerful enemies on the way. Remember back in the Frieza Saga when Goku defeated Frieza? We also thought that there couldn’t have been anyone stronger….So just wait!

      ”oo much Goku and Vegeta . Goku is my favorite character of all time. But holy shit, every one not named Goku is just absolutely USELESS … OMFG.. In Z, Trunks killed the Androids and Freiza , Vegeta killed 19. Gohan Killed Cell and Goku Killed Buu. Even though Goku was always the “strongest”, and he always played a major role in every fight… Other fighters weren’t useless.. Krillen , Tien , Piccalo , Gotenks and etc… Everyone played a ROLE ! ”

      Goku has not killed a single major enemy by himself…..

      ”Goku is mentally challenged in DBS. In Z, even though he was goofy, he still got serious when times called for it, he acted like a mature adult most of the time with some humor here and there. But in S, he is a complete tool even a bully… He forcefully tried to fight Monaka. Like Goku in DBZ loved to fight, but he never forced people to fight him, in S, he ‘s a jackass who doesn’t have a ounce of character development. ”

      The dub will fix this. Stop crying.

      ”Too many fucking transformations.. FUCK GOD BLUE/RED .. and Homo PINK…Over saturation of something will always DEGRADE IT ! They should’ve stuck with SS 1/2 and 3.. They should’ve made SS3 a benchmark… something every sayian thrived towards…. Gold is the gold standard..SS3 literally looked the GOD form … There was no fucking need for Red Form or Blue form,,…. Now these fuckers have come out with Pink form.. ENOUGH… They made SS into a fucking joke, it’s literally a super sayian bargain sale. ITS TIME TO STOP…”

      DB has always revolved around transformations ever since the beginning of Z. I’m surprised you find this as an issue. In Z we had 5 or more transformations and so far in Super we have 3…. Be happy its not like other Shonen anime like Naruto or Bleach that have a million fucking transformations with little to no explanation behind them. Super probably has the least transformations you can ask for in a show. Also no SSJ form is a ”joke” since SSJ1 and 2 has been used multiple times in this show, flashbacks and in actual fights….. Remember Goku and Vegeta still use those forms, go back to the Tournament saga! I’m also assuming Trunks will gain SSJ3, lets just hope!

      ”Also why haven’t we seen any blood in Super , nor have seen any vulgar language, this shit is literally the opposite of Z.. No Master roshy looking at playboys and making his nose bleed… DBS IS NOW A KID SHIT ! FUCKKKK”

      So you’re telling me you wanna see an Old man sexually harass a women and look at porn magazines? Yup that right there proves you’re a fat virgin living in your mom’s basement. Fuck master roshi. Also yes we do have cussing, you must be deaf not to notice it! Also the HD remaster will add blood so quit your crying. Also I don’t think ”FUCCCKKK” is a word. So cry harder kid.

      ”So, Reply to this rant and put some RESPEK on this rant….”

      Yay some lil faggot bitch boy who listens to Lil Wayne, the fag who was raped at 11.

      ”All the pussy butthurt WEEABOOS who’re gonna breathy heavily like the fat fucks they are over these facts… Can FUCK off….. I won’t be replying to butthurt BITCHES !”

      Whos butthurt? You’re the one speaking in caps and using explanation marks.

      • Sven Šušak

        Zorawar Heisenberg The only but hurt weeaboo i see is you if u dont like the show Just dont watch it nobody cares about your opinion here The fact that u made so many notes of why u hate it just proves that u are in fact a weaboo

      • Steve Bakewell

        “Animation in Z was terrible too”
        IT was also made in the 90’s! we live in 2016, Toei rushes its animations even though it can take its time to make each episode.. its toei’s fault that its rushing out episodes.

        You can defend anything in Super except for crappy animation.

        “Old man sexually harass a women and look at porn magazines?”
        Geez.. talk about political correctness! this is exactly the reason why we can’t have master roshi anymore.

        • Aaron Soldier

          I still don’t understand whats so attracting about seeing an old man sexually harass a women and look at porn magazines, i’m not political correct because if you read my full post, I insulted gays so no i’m not politically correct. I still don’t understand why do you wanna see an old man taking up valuable screen time to see him do something perverted, seriously can you explain the logic in this?
          Pilaf and his Gang already crack enough perverted jokes and take up enough screen time, so why do you wanna see Master Roshi?
          I’m guessing you’re a virgin pervert yourself in your mom’s basement 🙂

          • Steve Bakewell

            Are you also gonna say that the pepe le pew from loony toons is also
            sexually harassing women? he does way worse than what roshi ever did and that was just good old loony toons.

            This stuff is meant to be funny, not taken seriously! Roshi is just a
            goofy pervert and that is hilarious! Sigh.. but nowadays we can’t have
            that can we? SJW’s will get DBS banned in the west if that happens.

            “so why do you wanna see Master Roshi?”
            Cus he’s funny! i don’t give a damn about pilaf and his kiddy trash.

            “I’m guessing you’re a virgin pervert yourself in your mom’s basement”
            You mean… like you? XD cus clearly you’re the pervert here who can only
            see roshi harassing woman but not the actual comedy gold! you’re so
            blinded by your perversion that you can’t see comedy.

      • Steve Rebbechi

        I wont list website, but super is already full HD on other website, just uploads later, it looks amazing

      • Hsjjsnsb

        He is right in most points use facts!

      • Nelson Tang

        I think the op’s arguments are valid.

        Z’s animations were way better. Even if they were the same as super, you don’t think theres a problem with a series with animation being only equal to one that is 20 years older? When i watch super I feel no impact in the punches, movements don’t feel fast, actions arent fluid, and the lighting effects from energy attacks from Z look way cooler. If you watch a youtube comparison showing and explaining in detail the differences side by side you will understand more. The animation part shouldn’t even need explaining tho, it’s so obvious that super is terrible, not just compared to Z but compared to most other anime.

        There’s very little tension in super. Goku is always similar in power to the biggest villain right from the start. Goku is similar in power to golden frieza from the start, similar in power to hit from the start, way stronger than black goku from the start and then he later caught up with rose. Not to mention he is pals with the strongest beings in the multiverse. Beerus and Whis are already way stronger than any villain so far and they chill together all the time, and now he’s buddies with Zeno and can even instantly summon him to his location, like wtf. Golden frieza had to completely break character to politely talk to beerus while he was beating up goku. Completely removes what little tension there was at the time. Imagine Cell/Evil buu having to politely bow down to some bystander in the middle of a fight. Hell, just simply knowing that there are other beings far stronger than the big bad villain (who are not bad guys) exist already removes most of the tension. Goku and vegeta play rock paper scissors for dibs on the villain for fuck sakes. In Z the Z fighters have always been the final stand. Sure, since this is not game of thrones we know goku and friends will eventually pull thru and win, but there is still tension in Z. When frieza came back to get revenge, we all already knew he had no chance of winning, all the odds were against him. Beerus and Whis are eating sundaes while watching the fight as entertainment…When all else fails, whis can always rewind time to make it right lol.

        Goku had his goofy moments in Z but overall he still behaved like an adult and was serious when needed. In super his intelligence is literally lower than a child. This also plays into why there’s less tension in super from goku’s immature responses to villains, kind of like when gotenks was fighting buu. I don’t see how the dub will fix this, and it doesnt change the fact he’s still mentally challenged here.

        The power gap and contribution distribution in Z was already ridiculous imo, but at the very very least chars still had roles to play and contributed (krillin for sensu beans, piccolo for exposition lolol). In super this is taken even further, basically only goku and vegeta (with vegeta still being the fodder who makes awesome entrances and then gets owned in 2 seconds for goku to come in and save the day or at last much longer). When SSJ3 gotenks can’t even land a scratch on base form vegeta, you know every1 else is beyond useless. SSJ3 gotenks is stronger than evil buu…and they completely removed gohan from the game too.

        Calling the op a fat virgin in mom’s basement? Well that’s certainly not a low blow…lol. You completely took that out of context. He missed the blood in Z. I hate PG13 in movies with a passion. Im also bothered by the fact that theres no blood, especially for a series with so much fighting and violence. Z was also more violent (even if you take out the blood). Characters experience much more intense pain in Z. Their reactions and emotions show more intense pain and get more bruise marks.

        Gonna add my own point: art style. People generally point on animation but its a combination of both animation and the overall drawings that make it look overall bad. Everything looks “cuter”. The art style is just more childish and kiddy with inferior lighting effects. There are moments when characters were drawn well but overall it looks chldish. Trunks is a good example. In Z trunks looked stronger, more buff, his SSJ hair was a lot spikier. When he fought cell using the obsolete ultra SSJ, he actually looked monstrous and badass. When trunks did ultra SSJ briefly against vegeta in super during training, he looked like a toy. Vegeta’s final flash against magetta is a far cry from vegeta’s final flash against cell. The beam vs beam of vegeta vs magetta is nothing compared to goku kaioken x4 kamehameha vs vegeta’s gallick gun, or gohan vs cell’s kamehameha. Check super’s flash back when trunks was crying over gohans dead body and then turned SSJ for the first time. Respectable job, this is one of the better animated scenes of super, but then rewatch Z’s flashback. It’s done better, darker, more emotion, more impact.

        • One Punt Man

          geez, you had to write a damn essay to reply? xD

          • Nelson Tang

            yea, coz essays need even longer essay replies lol

        • Kevin

          This is a great post. It’s entirely correct, and anyone who disagrees I just can’t understand. It’s not an opinion, these are facts. Super has no tension. Goku acts mentally retarded and no longer has that fatherly, powerful presence from Z. The power gaps and transformations are coming at us so quickly that the feeling of awe and character progression is nearly gone entirely. I have no idea how they’re going to salvage this series.. but I’m hopeful this has just been like a warmup exercise before the serious arcs start coming. The long, drawn out battles, and the transformations that take episodes to complete.. That was always what I liked about the show. I’ll still watch Super, but sometimes it just makes me roll my eyes with how corny and thin it can be. It feels like it has the depth of a kid’s cartoon or something.. almost insultingly bad.

      • joshuanunnaley

        super has better animations and i think super is better and interesting than dbz..

    • JuanTizmo

      Z was lame. Dragonball kicks the shit out of DBZ. Take THAT, Captain Autism.

      • Zorawar Heisenberg

        Hey Juan, shut you spic ass up, you dirty wetback beaner. Fucking taco bender

        • JuanTizmo

          Mi pito es en fuego por tu amor

        • Locke

          damn, throw race card in there because you are all butt hurt lol

        • Acer97

          It’s interesting how you can state your opinion with so many cuss words, then proceed to reply to people with racial insults and slurs. Bravo Heisenberg, bravo. You have officially shown why people can’t enjoy anything without someone like you having to corrode and poison the area with your toxic slurs and discrimination which don’t even defend your claim whatsoever. And if you believe I’m wrong, then enlighten everyone on how your cussing and dehumanizing slurs support your opinion.

          • Kyell de Windt

            well said its ok to have an opinion but its how u put it man and attacking poeple ? is a sign of weakness everyne is intiteld to their opinion so dont turn into a dragon who spits fire without looking where he spits micht burn urself u know ^^

        • So edgy bro are you gonna tell your mom how much of a big boy you are now ?

        • Cell

          Not all Spanish people are Mexican racist fuckface

        • MKNiner

          You sound upset, captain autism.

        • JuanTizmo

          You don’t even have a real name.

      • Sckarton

        original dragon ball is not super.

    • Daniel Wellstood

      stop trying to be filthy frank you peasant

    • Idk super and dbz have there differences just like dragon ball did. Toriyama did say he wanted to bring this back to the older days which is why goku is acting like a goof, but in episode 57 he was serious when he saw the threat. He has always been goofy when there is just a martial arts tournament or just for fun, but in the face of a series threat he steps up. if you recall he fooled around with fat buu jokingly. only ppl he was serious with right off the gate was the saiyans after seeing what they did to his friends, frieza and his squad after seeing what they did to his friends, he was nonchalant with cell at first and casual around the androids at first, and he wasnt series with either buu or cell until their final forms.

      there hasnt been a threat so far that forces goku to be series til now which he just showed. also after buu came and the cell games wtf can krillin add to this???? or yamcha or tein??? or piccolo?? yeah piccolo got stronger but after super sayian 3 everyone was fodder, gohan showed his true potential and gotenks ssj3 stalled but none were enough to win.

      so now you have goku and vegeta > gohan and gotenks/trunks > everyone else
      gohan always was trying to be a scholar they showed that in the pre buu saga so yeah hes out for now, and gohan and gotenks are still developing and are also children.
      if he kept going to super sayian 4, 5, 6 it would have gotten even more repetitive and worn out. and he needed to rise the steaks higher than super saiyan 3 after all buu harderly was over powered by it at the end.

      if they created another threat, add super saiyan 4, then the next threat would need ssj 5. come on thats repetitive. in the buu saga they introduced higher beings other than king kai, the kai world and world of kais and ect. also we see the sayain warriors were much stronger. obviously not all higher beings can be that weak! and should be stronger then buu which killed many kais, so lets bring gods into this okay. now we have a new tier and something new to bring to the table, 11 other universals with other warriors and 11 gods and more powerful warriors to higher the scale. we see ssj 3 is nothing compared to that so gohan and gotenks/trunks is out for now til the threat calls for it (notice gohan wasnt really included for training unless the threat called for it) so now we have goku and vegeta
      goku and vegeta plus a new god mode, now thats new and something they can work with and build up.

      there hasnt been a series threat because they have been introducing this new god world and development. we seen plenty of character development from vegeta based after the buu saga he still has pride but is more respectful. on top of that they have been training and introducing new ppl. golden frieza was the major serious threat so far, and now we have black. also trunks is back to help add to the squad, now its not just goku and vegeta but goku and vegeta and trunks facing a series threat. this mystery is pretty awesome just like the mystery of cell when we were trying to figure out who was he. trunks has stepped up and has been helping episode 57s fight was amazing! also picollo showed hes gotten stronger hes just not a freakin god, maybe they will make him a namak god soon but he did help in the tournament to fight. gohan and gotenks/trunks are on stand by til the threat is high, and beerus and whis are on gokus side. you best believe this is the start there will be more threats. goku black is just the start. just think back to the start of dbz, raditz was compared to a saberman when vegeta showed up, and then vegeta was fodder compared to the ginyu squad in which frieza well over them in power.

      and death in dbz compared to db was ruined in terms of gravity (seriousness). goku died, krillin, piccolo, vegeta, and many others died plenty of times and was brought back. so dont say there is no threat in dbs. in terms goku and vegeta both died plenty so walk a fine line. whis and beerus are still over them. and while goku is (friends) with zeno, someone we know nothing of so far, doesnt mean zeno just will pull goku out of danger at anytime. it doesnt look like he gets involved in those affairs and just is there for balance. meanwhile we now see beerus and the other GoDs have a major weakness, and thats their supreme kais, so now anything can change because beerus has a vulnerability.

      point is hes working with what he has, yes ssj blue might be corny but better than ssj 48. (keep in mind ssj rose is only blacks verison) so we might instead just get ssj blue 2 or something. and as for the blood and language hes bringing it back to the dragon ball days and he mentioned that which is why there is more comedy and goku is a goof again.


    • Lobothemainman

      Nailed everything. This show blows. How many goddamn hair colors do we need. Also its just thrown every bit of logic out the window.

      • disqus_SQXtdu89JW

        dont like it dont watch fuckboy

      • MKNiner

        Then why are you still here watching it, fuckboy?

        • Lobothemainman

          The same reason you suck dick. Habit.

          • MKNiner

            I can’t suck dick, I’m not a homosexual. Don’t project your fantasies onto me, thanks.

          • Lobothemainman

            Yes you are, you’ve blow guys like Goku eats food. You just can’t stop lol.

            Yeah I project all over your sister lol.

          • MKNiner

            I don’t understand why you homosexuals always tell other people to suck dick, I’m not homophobic but seriously, keep your messed up fantasies to yourself.

            I mean even your username has “man” in it, and all you talk about is sucking and blowing, get a grip mate!

          • Lobothemainman

            Wow you’re defensive, clearly in the closet.

            And you keep using the word fantasy like you’ve thought about this many times.

            Just come out as the clearly gay man that you are. I mean calling people fuckboy? Youre as gay as they come obviously lol.

          • MKNiner

            How am I defensive? I simply explained why I cannot suck dick, as you suggested. A man who suggests to suck dick, is clearly homosexual.

            And yes, I indeed called you a fuckboy, thanks for noticing!

    • Lobothemainman

      I wanna add that, Vegito was remember for years as the strongest being in DBZ, since the show ended. For like 20 fucking years Vegito was known as the man, so we get a God of destruction, what’s going to happen when they collide?


    • Bodasafa

      This rant was so stupid and completely pointless. It seems to me your really the butt hurt bitch over here with that emotional essay. I don’t see why anyone needs to compare this series to DBZ. In the words of Jay Z “Niggas want my old shit, buy my old album”. In other word, if you prefer DBZ over DBS then go watch DBZ, simple!

      • Lobothemainman

        Or they could have just not made the show total shit.

    • Dave Keyul

      you really made a good point .
      this series is no compare to Z
      Z is best
      but after all we love goku everyone like goku.
      So no matter what story,what color of transformation, or whatever fucking thing happen or not happen the fans are gonna see this series.

    • Destruction

      I’m sorry I think you are under the impression that your opinion matters.

    • ylmc

      Nobody gives a fuck. Stop comparing the two animes and try to understand what’s going on in DBS, if you’re clever enough to do so.

    • Liotec

      No offence but if you look the title of the episodes its dragonball Super, its not about Z anymore (z fighters) like krilin and co, these series focus on gods, and the others hasnt keep up with goku and vegeta in that matter… instead they have been replaced with beerus whis, kaioshins and stuff.. putting zeno in goku’s side removes the agony that makes this series great agreed, but remember he cannot call zeno everytime he likes to face his enemies… i dont think they even will include zeno untill later (maybe in the end of the series where goku will be ridiculusly stronger than beerus even whis). Super saiyan were legends for hundrends of years… but they showing something else… the limits of the super saiyan race… which is a huge deal.. not every race can go this far (see humans) , frieza and saiyans have been seen to be able to go into rivaling gods which is a rare thing..for goku to reach god level and go beyond… they want us to see the strongest of the strongest fighters in the whole universes.. and “show” there is no limits when you try to get better (remember in the opening song in every episode of dragonball super, it does state in some point : “not knowing your place, means having no limits or regrets” which apply on both zamazu and goku) some people will be bitching about the god forms but personaly i love em, besides ss forms were getting fored and couldnt compete with gods, it would be a joke. put that aside no matter how stronger their transformations will get, if they dont raise their base form power level they wont be able to do much.
      SOmething last is that goku wast bully, he wanted to see the almighty monaka as he is now (in god form) he wants to see stronger opponents and beerus made him (monaka) all almighty, he just assumed it would be realy easy to dodge it (since he would too, if you wonder remember the zamazu blow behind his back, he was able to sense it reading his ki)
      Tottaly agree with the rest, this show has a lot of rooms for improvement, i also wonder if goku gets even stronger (maybe SSJR like black) what would his opponents look like since he would also match the power of gods and its illogical to find others in same power level, because it would make the almighty gods of destructions look trash

    • Rob Tek

      dude shut the fuck up

    • dango man

      It looks like you’re really butt hurt…it’ll be ok.

    • Julio

      Damn, if you don’t like it so much, then stop fucking watching it then. No one is forcing you to watch DBS.

    • Hit

      Shut the fuck up, ignorant piece of shit. I am a part of this “Super”. Animation is way better now.

    • TehFocus

      God fucking damn it. I’ve had enough from your kind. You either shut up and enjoy the show or if you do not like it, go somewhere else and leave us watch the show. I am not here to discuss the show like on some youtube video. Here I just want to see the new episode of DBS, is that so hard to comprehend?


    • Dman

      Hit it right on the nail. I cant feel the tension in these fights at all. Gritty 90’s cartoons are just too raw for this day and age. It seems like when it hit 2000 era everything got dumb downed and censored.

      It doesn’t matter how strong Goku gets here, DBS will never be better than DBZ. Life sucks..

    • Aistis Ciutas

      dbs is way better animation.dbz is old af lol

    • Steve Bakewell

      “Nothing in Super comes close to the intensity or tension of the DBZ villans”
      Even though Zamasu&Black are pretty much an active threat fucking with both Gods&Saiyans.

      “But holy shit, every one not named Goku is just absolutely USELESS”
      EH.. it was the same way in Z! krilling with his destruct disk was STILL USELESS against nappa,reccome,freeza and after that he just became pointless! AND KRILLIN IS THE STRONGEST human!

      Saiyan saga(as much as i love it) is the saga which fucked over humans in power levels by making saiyans unfairly powerful.. it would’ve been cool to see Tien,Yamcha&krillin actually defeating nappa and giving Vegeta a hard time.. BUT NO! its GOKU TIME! only goku is the hero.

      Goku is mentally challenged in DBS
      like he wasn’t before?

      Too many fucking transformations
      You mean like how in Z there was USSJ,ASSJ,MSSJ,SSJ1,2&3? yeah DBZ always did that.. blue&red are more or less the same form.. red was a temporary power up with Goku’s base form and blue is permanent power up with his SSJ form.

      TECHNICALLY its not even a “transformation” its just Goku using God Ki in His base form(red) and goku using God ki in his SSj form and as far as SS pink goes i don’t think its a real form.

      They should’ve made SS3 a benchmark
      EWW NO! its THE WORST SSJ form.. SSJ1 will always be the benchmark..

      Also why haven’t we seen any blood in Super
      Okay. this is your first legit point.. the censoring is done cus nowadays people don’t accept that much gore in kid’s shows.

    • Harut

      Villains r no threat huh? I guess vegeta, trunks, and goku weren’t forced to retreat

    • Chethan HP

      suck a dick and fck off…if u dnt like it dnt watch it -_-

    • sloanranger

      Are you a bit of a homophobic?
      You opinion is a very interesting one. I find it’s usually the comment associated with SPI (small penis syndrome).
      So in other words it would be better if we had no Dragon Ball Super than this. MMM I think I prefer having Dragon Ball Super.
      I also noticed you comment on the Animation itself. I presume you have some form of degree in Animation/Graphic joining since you speak so freely about how easy it is.
      Since it is so easy perhaps you should create and submit your own corrected version of one of the most popular global brands animation brands in the world.
      I’ll even send you the materials to get you on your way because that’s the type of guy I am.

    • Nexx

      Who the fuck do you think will read this huge ass essay

    • Zen

      Hehe…He knew to tell everyone to fuck off because he’s reading back his shit he knew how retarded he sounds and everyone here was going to rip him a new one..someone plz Kamehameha his ass…and follow up with a Final Flash to finish this idiot and his ranting lol

    • Clark Kent

      The way I justify Goku’s idiocy in S is that 7 years of no fighting after Buu and no training made him go crazy. The sheer boredom made him realize that he’d rather the Earth be on the brink of destruction than be the strongest fighter in the universe.

      • jxffjcgcv

        Super is set six months after the defeat of Kid Buu

        • Clark Kent

          Oh snap.
          The Goku is just too dumb

    • xeno feno


    • Andrew

      Dude i have the same thought’s respect :).

    • neha

      I agree with all the points you made. It seems DBS’s target market is probably Kids.

    • ankit parson

      dont like ..? dont watch
      nobody gives a shit what u think abt the show u butthurt

    • disqus_SQXtdu89JW

      stfu bitch.

    • Alex

      Bulma is the best character
      Can we all agree

    • thanas

      its true DBZ and GT are the best and seriosly no blood ? wtf ? 4 SS forms are enogh and they add 4 new forms lol XD this show is so fucked up right now

      • Kyell de Windt

        i can relate to what u say man

        but still i want to clearevy somthing

        akira made
        – dragonball
        – dragonball z
        – dragonball super

        gt wasnt made by him thats the only reason ssj4 isnt a thing in super
        they wanted to keep the transformations realistic

        cause if he went super saiyan 5 what would he be ?
        a super saiyan 4 with more muscles or longer hair ?
        how they went with the old forms was that they gained power but they reverted back evolutionary think about it ssj3 looked more neanderthaler then homo sapien ssj4 was pretty much an ape so ssj5 a complete monkey?

        they wanted to keep the old forms and instead of devolving the person actually evolve them thats why they hold the ssj form and change the colors so poeple would know what form they are using .

        but yeah i can relate they couldve go different about it

      • Aaron Soldier

        its true that you’re a dumb 5 year old.
        GT sucks ass:
        GT is a pile of a shit, you know why?
        Pan never went SSJ.
        Trunks never went SSJ3
        Vegeta used a machine to go SSJ4
        The show was based way to much off of Goku, no other characters got the spotlight.
        All the villains were copy and paste off DBZ villians with another name, for example, Baby was just Cell and Buu he used other people as the source of his power. Atleast Buu and Cell were strong 2 begin with.
        Goku left his family and friends at the end permantly to train? Wtf. Goku would never do that, and that is just a stupid ending.
        They made Goku a kid 🙁
        They made Chi-chi and bulma look ugly.
        They ruined Gohan even more then how he is now, which I didnt even think was possible.
        They killed off Piccolo, one of the best dbz characters.
        They removed the original english dub actors we liked in Kai. Sean Schemmel for example.
        They did not reuse the theme songs from Kai, that were so awesome 🙁
        They made Krillen look like an old hag.
        SSJ4 Gogeta was awesome, yet they decided to remove it and make Goku win by a spirit bomb , how many times is that concept used? It would have been so cool to see Goku and Vegeta win together as Gogeta…:(
        There was no character development.
        There were no fuses except Gogeta but that was ruined, because they went back to their base forms…-.-
        It is also filled with plot-holes at this point because of Dragon Ball Super.
        Also in Dragon Ball GT the movie: Hero’s Legacy. All the characters are dead except pan, that is hard to believe. Because Vegeta can live past 100…
        There is SO many more problems, but i’m going to keep it at that….?


      Why don’t you tell everyone how you REALLY feel.

    • Aashish Bharat

      shut up and take your dick out for Harambe, he died for this.

    • JaCory Chatman

      Bruh are you drunk Super and dbz had 3 transformation and goku can only do 2 of them in Super there was master Rossi watching his videos and goku was always a bully he always tried to force people because that’s how he is so calm down you’re just a hater

    • Siddharth Kulkarni

      yeah man true ……………………. Too much GOD involvement

    • Darkchief117

      Stop being an ungrateful little bitch, we are so lucky to get a new DB series and you have to bitch about certain things you don’t like. You really expect Super to be top quality like Z? Come on.

    • Chandra

      Background animations are awesome while, the animations regarding the face and body are just worthless, just compare the scenes with Resurrection F and DBZ’s faces of VEGETA.
      Story is really good introducing different characters from around the universes.

    • Logan

      Make DB great again XD Sounds familiar…

    • You’re a fucking retard. I lost all respect for your comment and stopped reading when you said “Homo Pink”. You’re a narrow-minded tool who’s allowing his nostalgia get in the way of the story.

      • NKO75

        Pink should only be the color for homosexual SSJs. For anyone else, ridiculous.

    • Harem R Saed

      i am sure there is another transform left which orange

    • MKNiner

      Ayy lmao, look at this weeaboo faggit getting mad over a cartoon!

    • Bob

      If I may:
      1. Animation has vastly improved since the Battle of Gods arc, and you can skip that without missing a thing if you saw the movie it’s based on. Same with the Return of Frieza arc.
      2. It’s called a formula, it’s been in place since Dragonball. Hell, it’s in place in pretty much all media. Hero meets villain, hero fights villain, hero beats villain. All media with a hero and villain use that formula.
      3. Buu Saga. That is all.
      4. I’ll give you that one. He did seem to get dumber.
      5. Cell Saga. that is all.
      6. Vegeta got stabbed just last episode, Goku was shot through the chest way back in Resurrection of F, pretty sure everyone was bleeding in the inter-universe tournament arc. Honestly, I never found Roshi’s perverse nature that entertaining so that one kind of varies.

      Don’t mind me, just using these FACTS on you. Your rebuttal?

      • supaman


        • Bob

          I’m sorry, I don’t speak all caps not-language, please reply in English.

          • supaman

            smh yo ass stupid den pimp all caps my ass u just tryna b a ass hole fuk u and yo lower case using ass hate ppl like u

          • Bob

            Dude, I really have no idea what you are trying to say.

    • supaman


    • Alexandre Jean-louis Carriere

      well said 🙂

    • NKO75

      It’s not just about being “different” either. It’s about being technically inaccurate on so many levels.

      1) Power levels are incorrect. There is no universe in which Piccolo is stronger than Gohan. Same with Trunks fighting alongside Goku. His SS2 is now equivalent to Goku’s SSG? He managed to stab Zamasu? (Did he manage improve sword integrity or something? It broke like it was nothing against Android 13.) Give me a break.

      2) Pilaf’s gang caused years of trouble. We’re just going to forget about that? If Cell comes back as a child will everyone have forgotten him as well? Absurd. Get the hell out.

      3) So you’re telling us that we can escape the bad guys now by throwing some dust at them (the escape from Black) and running away while they’re coughing? That never would’ve worked on a character like Nappa. He would’ve pulverized the planet instead of standing around hacking like Hillary Clinton at a press conference.

      The fights are also different from past series, especially Dragonball. They used to be choreographed. They were artistic. Now they’re just cartoonish and lazy.

      Other artistic elements are just factually incorrect as well, like Piccolo’s fingernails. Sometimes they’re pointed, as they should be, but other times he has human nails.

      You can tell the people doing it now were never actually fans, they’re just going through the motions. “Piccolo’s nails? Eh, whatever. Trunks’ hair is actually purple? Well, we don’t have that paint in stock right now, so just slap some blue on it or something, maybe we’ll change it back when the supplies come in next month ¯_(ツ)_/¯ “

    • endurverse75

      dragon ball super is based off how japan takes Z IN japan they love transformations and Goku annihilates(yes i looked up how to spell this) everything and is EXTREMELY fan favorite besides it isnt done yet give the show time and btw I think Z is better WAY better just wanted to explain just incase your confused

    • Zeshan Ali

      dammmmmmn ur pissed and most of the stuff you said is true but i still like the show

    • CerebralSeagull

      I hate to tell you this but DBZ was a kid show too. You’re going to complain about the transformations? Of all of the things I’d complain about, that’s nothing. Also lol @ homo pink. What kind of dumbass seriously attributes pink with literal gay. DBZ was not very good. I still have a soft spot for it but really it was a huge waste of potential. Same with this show but for some reason you seem to think there is a large difference.

    • Moheb Hashemyan

      All that is irrelevant and just bitter bro. All I know iv been waiting for DRAGONBALL to start again and it has now i have something to look forward to every Sunday. Not dissapointed in the slightest. Dragonball Super is amazing.

    • Pete

      So then don’t watch DBS or go cry in the street?

    • Jack

      DBZ was full of so much dam filler, it makes One Piece look like a short story, so stop it with your nostalgia goggles and neck yourself

      • azrael_chaos

        DBZ had 291 episode in its entirety. One Piece is on 263 and no where near the end. So not a great comparison.

        Besides that, DBZ and One Piece both have an excuse compared to DBS. They are based off of a manga that they were/are catching up to and used filler as a way to “fill” the time until more manga source material was out. DBS isn’t based off of a manga and is a primary representation of the story. Which means there’s no need for meaningless filler events.

        There is a DBS manga, but its being released simultaneously with the anime. Toriyama basically gave both manga and anime makers the same story outline and each fills the rest in their own way. So one doesn’t need to wait for the other.

    • Rob Tek

      Hahahah calling people butt hurt bitches yet youre having a temper tantrum like a 5 year old, nobody gives a fuck about you or your opinion go fuck a hat

    • NKO75

      It’s not just about being “different” either. It’s about being technically inaccurate on so many levels.

      1) Power levels are incorrect. There is no universe in which Piccolo is stronger than Gohan. Same with Trunks fighting alongside Goku. His SS2 is now equivalent to Goku’s SSG? He managed to stab Zamasu? (Did he manage improve sword integrity or something? It broke like it was nothing against Android 13.) Give me a break.

      2) Pilaf’s gang caused years of trouble. We’re just going to forget about that? If Cell comes back as a child will everyone have forgotten him as well? Absurd. Get the hell out.

      3) So you’re telling us that we can escape the bad guys now by throwing some dust at them (the escape from Black) and running away while they’re coughing? That never would’ve worked on a character like Nappa. He would’ve pulverized the planet instead of standing around hacking like Hillary Clinton at a press conference.

      The fights are also different from past series, especially Dragonball. They used to be choreographed. They were artistic. Now they’re just cartoonish and lazy.

      Other artistic elements are just factually incorrect as well, like Piccolo’s fingernails. Sometimes they’re pointed, as they should be, but other times he has human nails.

      You can tell the people doing it now were never actually fans, they’re just going through the motions. “Piccolo’s nails? Eh, whatever. Trunks’ hair is actually purple? Well, we don’t have that paint in stock right now, so just slap some blue on it or something, maybe we’ll change it back when the supplies come in next month ¯_(ツ)_/¯ “

    • 2shadez

      I like how you are already trying to insult someone on the last part of your rant, but put in the most effort by listing your subjective nerdy facts on why super is better than DBZ. Like pot calling the cattle black? Logic? LOL

    • dave

      actaully dbs story is much deeper than the simple but amazing story line of dbz which was more about the fighting than any thing else but super had tp change with the time and become like all other good mangas with complex story lines and your a retard if you think that dbz’s dull animation compares to the nice clean vibrant animation in super

    • Faust Dire

      I agree,especially with about ssj3 already looking like a god form but i think Toriyama is forced to make dragon ball super like this to be adjusted for children audience without to much violence by people (who are in charge of it) who think animes shoud be like that today and telling toriyama what he shoud not put in dragon ball super and by thet he is forced to adjust story of dragon ball super to those standards.I already heard some things about that but im not sure if they are true.

    • Jean Grey

      this new arc is changing my opinion of that….and honestly a lot of non-fighting episodes centered on character development (like when vegeta trains with future trunks/goes on a vacation with bulma/kid trunks are really great in terms of character development…arguably more than dbz

    • Cat Secretary

      I feel like the characters are the core of the problem. It feels like they are trying too hard to appeal to the overly flamboyant kawaii-desu type of crowd, instead of the people who look for a good story and a fight. DBZ and DB nailed this, although silly at times they were still serious, and cool as hell. DBS lacks this because they made essentially a complete 180 on all the personality developments from all the characters throughout DB-DBZ. For fucks sake, when the best thing about DBS is the filler episodes about beerus and whis (them specifically, not vegeta acting like a total fool to impress whis), then there’s a problem.

    • your just mad its not the same as back in the day, how about you let people enjoy it when you obviously cant

    • Amanda Faye Vaughan


    • Tomas Reyes

      Just to make it clear when an individual gets to many hits on his head over time his brain leaks the ability to make dopamine and damages the brain just take a look at previous boxing champions including Muhammad Ali read about it.

    • Astrologic

      You sound like a butthurt bitch, no offense.
      You don’t like dbs, then go watch dbz again. You know that remakes never compare to the classics. This is true for almost everything. It’s your choice whether you watch it or not. Like admittedly, not everything is to my liking, but I don’t need to flame and rant and insult people just because my favorite characters were rendered obsolete by a blue hair transformation. Honestly, looking at the battle between blue and red, I do like it. It’s colorful and vivid and on the right screen is visual candy. I’m honestly glad they added more transformations. I wouldn’t mind seeing a ssj3 blue in the future either. You need to take a chill pill and remember – this was MADE for kids.

    • Ryan McNamee

      Keep in mind the orginal japanase Guku was much closer to this then the English dubb that made him more serious.

    • Noah Zere

      Nigga, Goku is far from the strongest in the universe and not even mentioning the multiverse he seriously has such a far way to go. Also I feel Super has more adventure then Dbz, all there was on dbz was Namek, We are seeing new places all the time now with the potential to see even more places, because of the universes and the characters we have been introduced to. Dragon ball was a great adventure series with crazy moments. In the last 2 episodes of DBS Goku and Vegeta got their ass “Super” handed to them. P.s In DBZ Goku was always the “strongest” in the universe or fighting the “strongest”. Arcs now in DBS are shorter and sweeter instead of being dragged out over a year or 2. I am a fan of the DB-DBS and I respect how different they are.

    • Adam Harms

      Bro, I completely agree with everything you said. This shit pisses me off every time I watch it because its a fucking pussy ass kid show now and Goku is fucking stupid in every episode. The fucking blue transformation is stupid, his entire body gets smaller and he looks small as fuck compared to ssj3. A lot of shit pisses me off and I know i’m still going to watch every episode and get even more pissed.


    • Joey

      All the points are valid… But Goku is having his ass handed to him… But ya its not great.
      What more do you expect they are target kids..
      DBZ even teenagers used to watch.. for fucks sake now all the Crap evryone puts out is targeted at under 8 i guess.
      And one point you missed my friend…..

    • I so agree with you there’s nothing worth salvaging in Dragon Ball Super. I think it’s made to appeal to little kids or people who think like one. Dragon Ball was never this stupid.And I think you were most kind to super because the list could get way longer than just 6 points. Like Horrible music, dreadful pacing, where’s the fucking plot, pathetic humor, why do they treat Gohan so badly while giving us tons of this shitty Pilaf Gang. etc…

    • Tron

      watch your language kid. acting strong infront of the pc makes nothing of you.

    • joshuanunnaley

      i like super.i think its more interesting than dbz..especially this black and zamasu shit..dbz got nothing on that.and we dont even know what villain gonna be next..or even the omni king tournament..comeon..and its gods why would they keep them a normal sayain color if they are gods now.i do agree that they are overusing goku..i do agree about that but its suppose to be diffrent..not the same shit..or it would still be z

    • Rob Tek

      go fuck yourself loser

    • the snot

      i agree with you mostly, just not on the transformations, i actually dont mind them (even the pink hair, as long as black is the only one to get it). goku is retarded now and vegeta is a bitch (hurts to say).

      Lets Make Vegeta Great Again!

    • Teddy

      I think a more important consideration than science is risk-benefit decision making. By definition science is nearly always incomplete, and thus the decisions it informs are tentative at best, and disastrous at worst (DDT, Thalidomide, Asbestos, to name a few). I want to know how well a candidate is able to assess risks, benefits and unknowns when making a policy decision that involves the advice of so called experts who only possess the most up to date information, not the complete information (as science defines expertise itself).

    • Zorawa’s daddy

      Your dumbass has watched 58 episodes of this series and now you decide to complain? Fucking idiot lmfao

      How does it feel to watch 58 episodes of a Japanese cartoon and to be so angry that you have to write paragraphs about it? Fuck out of here you weeb fat fuck lmfao

      • Zorawar Heisenberg

        Couldn’t even spell my name right. The fact that you made a troll account just to reply shows what kind of a low life piece of shit you are. I given you enough attention, now I’m gonna give your mom’s pussy much needed attention

    • shinlenox


    • Anonymous_user

      I think you’re the butthurt bitch

    • Mitchell van der Werff

      Do you have braincancer?

    • Joshua Hall

      well don’t watch bitch nigga you hoe’s always crying.

    • Bryan Vrsek

      its just a TV show calm down.

    • Centium

      This motherfucker again… Stop trying to troll your way into getting attention. If you don’t like the show, stop watching it.

      • Zorawar Heisenberg

        Wow. So many butthurt cunts in the comments. Thanks for the hundreds of replies and 56 upvotes. I did my job. So this ” if you don’t like, don’t watch ” comments aren’t going to work, I will do whatever I want. Better yet, if you don’t like what I have to say, maybe just don’t reply and piss off. Nothing is forcing you type the same repetitive comment over and over. Very original indeed. Now go back to jacking off your mom’s old pics. You sad cunt. ROASTED EXTRA CRISPY

    • SSGSS G

      Nah. I think they DID forget after about 20 years and its taken them time… but its definitely getting better!

    • darko

      did you honestly say “All the pussy butthurt WEEABOOS who’re gonna breathy heavily like the fat fucks they are over these facts… Can FUCK off….. I won’t be replying to butthurt BITCHES” are you saying you yourself are not a butthurt bitch? cos that all translates to butthurt bitch to me g..

    • dae

      lmao: “So, Reply to this rant and put some RESPEK on this rant….” just wow… cant even bother to spell,
      lets see what else… oh yeah “Homo PINK” someone is a little phobic of something

      i could bother to agree or disagree but with great argument enhancers like these why bother…

    • zgrssd

      You come into a discussion under the 58th Episode only to say “this series sucks”?
      If it is so bad, why are you still watching by Episode 58?
      If you are not watching, what is the point to come here other then for Trolling*?

      *Insert “you call everyone who disagrees Troll” default reaction here.

    • Tha Truth

      I agree, I watch dbs bcuz I have been a fan for more than 15 years but now it’s gettin kinda stupid. Goku has ADHD, gohan gets softer and softer every time I see him, piccolo n the rest of the z fighters are irrelevant, and the villians are no where compared to cell, freiza n buu. And is it me or does goku keeps losing to everyone he fights: beerus, hit, kamasu, and goku black. Smh

    • Dejan Jevremovic

      please stfu ppl…..first off you are all sad….second Zorawar Heisenberg, if you didn’t like DBS why the fk are you up at ep 58….come on boy don’t be silly…….third and last thing, ppl who don’t like it, don’t watch it….let’s see you ppl commenting shit even draw a character before you can even whine about an anime…

    • leo lampard

      Yea bruh your totally correct

    • Christian Svendsen

      I love the DBS story, but I agree on the kid-show thing when it comes to the missing foul language and playboy Roshi… Ohh, and Goku has become a tool. What is up with that?

    • Ankan Banik

      I agree with you my friend on most of the points. Well, actually i completely agree with you. Animation even though is a bit old but it looked much, much better than dbs(I mean come on, ssj3 goku in dbz was godly but in dbs, even the god transformations looks like power rangers to me). I wont exactly say the plot is bad, because given work on the other 5 points itll work just great. And I think the name should be changed to goku ball z. I mean everything in it has become about goku. And whats great is, goku himself is complete child. As for people giving reasoning that goku was childish in dbz, let me give you an example….in dbs, when goku was fighting zamasu and black in the future one of his lines was “you are very bad person”(something like that). Are you f***ing kidding me. Goku in dbz would never say anything that stupid. As for naruto transformations, naruto’s main transformation was a given right from the start. As for dbz and super. What we expected was a maximum of one more transformation. Because remember “super sayain” transformation was a legendary transformation of the sayain race. And now people are crossing it and becoming power rangers all of a sudden. And that is how i agree also that this show is for children. I am sorry to say but Mr.Akira toriyama has lost his touch to make it look more recent, more mainstream,and the biggest one to make it enjoyable by only children. I mean the people who grew up watching it, if he mainly focused on them. The new show would have been something that people couldnt ever have imagined. Dbs has taken the standards way to low, lower than hell maybe.

    • Powered Rich Person

      You my good sir are speaking bible facts.

    • FierFolw

      no one cares about your opinion

    • Felix DahAwesome

      “All the pussy butthurt weeaboos”

      You say this after writing ” No Master roshy looking at playboys and making his nose bleed… DBS IS NOW A KID SHIT ! FUCKKKK”

      Here, you probably can’t read anyway. TL;DR, Dragon Ball Super, its makers, nor the rest of the community who like the show care. Go away, we don’t need you here.

      Nothing in DBS comes close to the intensity there was in DBZ? What intensity? How Goku constantly didn’t need to be a god because he was wished back whenever he wanted? How they had two sets of fucking dragon balls and it didn’t even matter if Earth was blown up, because they could just wish Piccolo and Kami back and then the Earth back?

      Too much Goku and Vegeta? It was pretty much all Goku in DBZ. LOL. Side characters weren’t useless? After Frieza Saga everyone was garbage. Little more than a distraction.
      Tien nearly killed himself just trying to hold Cell off, Trunks wasn’t strong enough to kill the Androids until he got into the HTC, and even after that he just sat there and didn’t kill the android, pretty much causing the rest of the Cell Saga, and was embarrassed by Cell. Piccolo barely scratched Android 18.

      Goku is mentally challenged in S? He wasn’t in DBZ? Yeah, Ok. Let me full nelson Raditz and let the OTHER evil guy kill me and Raditz, leaving Piccolo to possibly relapse and kill everyone. Let me stay on a planet that’s going to blow the fuck up just so that I can fight Frieza, when I could easily have just been wished off the planet, leaving him to kill himself on the dying planet that he primed instead of blowing up because he would’ve been killed in the explosion. Let me not let myself be wished back from deep space because… I feel like crash landing on a random planet. Let me bring my only child into an infinite room for a year, nearly kill him pretty much everyday of his life until he’s so close to snapping that he breaks down in the middle of a real fight. He was TOTALLY making the BEST decisions.

      “Too many transformations” Goku’s only gotten one. “Homo pink” isn’t even a transformation of anyone who fucking matters. If you’re gonna include that, why didn’t you fucking include all of Frieza’s transformations, all of Goku’s previous transformations, all of Gohan’s transformations, and all of Buus transformations? There’s too many transformations when only a few transformations have been shown? Are you unable to count? Plain retarded? Super Saiyan was a joke when SS3 came about, when Goku grew hair as tall as he was and lost his fucking eyebrows for no reason, turning into the Super Porcupine. Now there’s only really one that doesn’t look completely idiotic. Goku doesn’t use the other three unless he’s fucking with people.

      There’s no blood? The show is somehow lesser without Master Roshi constantly teasing that he wants to jack his dick? Is that what made you watch this show? It’s not a kid’s show. It’s just not for retards who’d rather watch 20% of the anime talk about hentai. Because there’s hentai for that.

      You’re not going to reply to anyone who has a differing opinion. The only person who’s butthurt on this thread would be you, having been fucked by Dragon Ball Super. Want them to make a change? Fuck off and stop watching. Let’s see if your one view makes them care at all. Don’t think so? Then stop being a little bitch, watch the show or leave. Akira Toriyama, Funimation, nor the other percentage of people who like the anime give a shit about you.

    • PrimeSSayan

      The hate is strong, He wrote a whole Report to say that DBZ is better than DBS, well i agree but something is wrong with you… so you can just enjoy the series and STFU or if it’s bad for you quit watching it. i’m sure you will watch every episode of it xD

    • Gee Vang

      I’m just saying: opinions aren’t facts.

    • FearTheSponge

      Zamasu is the best villain in the series. This arc is the best arc in the series.
      Dragonball >>>> Dragonball Z

      But yeah, you’re just an idiot or nostagia, dbz was a lowpoint of the series that was pretty much on the same level as gt except more nostalgia and the villains were better.

      Homo pink? You saying that shows what an idiot you are.

      But yeah, Z is objectively the most mindless series out of dragonball, z, and super.

    • *[xXx] Mit@Ka [xXx]*

      Every single word is true! I love Gohan since DBZ in the end he was the strongest unfused and now he is so useless like… I understand that he is a father and all but there is a thing called multitasking. He can still be a father, train and do his school sh*t.

    • Owen Burgess

      Preach nigga


      THANK YOU!!!! I have been saying this since the start of this Dragon Ball Super bullshit! You have hit the nail on the fucking head and I could not agree more to every point you’ve made, ESPECIALLY the excessive transformations …fucking blue.. red.. pink? Are you fucking serious? I would also add the lack of seriousness in the more serious characters. Vegeta’s character has been destroyed by making him do uncharacteristic things. Vegeta would rather see the the world come to and end than bow before Beerus or dance for Beerus or cook for Beerus, especially when you consider Vegeta’s history with Frieza. Also, am I the only one who despise of these new characters that were added? Beerus… Whis.. the “god of everything” .. I can’t stand these characters and how lame they are!

    • yourmomishawt

      its pretty much the same story all over again, but with power out of human world..

      goku started training with whis like he did with roshi

      beerus will eventually become the new roshi

      future trunks is .. well future trunks..

      the next arc will prolly have fusion
      that will fail against an enemy that’s too strong

    • dango man

      Goku Black………………..Black Rose= Symbol of death………..Pretty clever.

    • Lalu Ahmad Fatoni

      +Zorawar Heisenberg You shut the fuck up nigga ! if you don’t like DBS why should u fucking stalking all the episode even you know super saiyan rose! Stop your bloody fucking mouth on your mom even BITCH as hell servant !

      • Zorawar Heisenberg

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      • Zorawar Heisenberg

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    • Matt

      2 words: Chill out. I agree with you in every point you make. In addition to your disappointment, Super wouldn’t be anything without the back drop of Z and Dragonball. But if you notice, each series has its good differences. Super has its good aspects, too:

      1. Transformations and plots don’t take as long which is a nice difference.
      2. Maybe Goku has matured and has grown up from being too serious, knowing that he is the strongest.
      3. Vegeta has definitely matured and is not so annoyingly prideful.
      4. Beerus killed Zamasu. Vegeta killed Resurrection F Freiza… Whis helped Goku actually kill him but Vegeta still stopped Freiza.
      5. The conversations and interaction between characters in Super I find way more intriguing, entertaining and humorous! I love Beerus and Black and Zamasu. The mystery leading up to them was awesome.

      In conclusion, Super is different. But I wouldn’t go to say Z is so much better, and yet again, Super is nothing without Z. There are good things to both. And remember, at least it’s something; if you don’t like it, don’t watch it and let those who do like it, enjoy the show.


    • IllIIllIlIlIlIlI

      point made,BUT……it is a continuation of DBZ. Obviously GT ruined it. This should keep up the characters progressions and follow the original flow.

    • blindseer

      you do realize this is the first tv series since the original dragonball that akira toriyama is actually a part of making right? maybe he wanted it that way

    • Manny Burch

      So you think all that hatred is going to matter for your opinion? Don’t be an idiot sir.

    • runetide

      So basically you’re saying you’ll only reply to people who agree with your rant, and that anyone who disagrees with you must be a butturt weeaboo neckbeard? You’re a pretty arrogant fellow.

    • Help me jonathon?

      Alright then i’d like to see you make a anime.
      If not then stop talking shit about this if you can’t even make an anime.
      It wouldn’t matter if “everyone” played a role. Some people like Piccolo, Krillen or kirllan, Vegeta and all sorts of characters. If you just like “Goku” then gtfo out of here and go to youtube to search for “Goku fights”.
      Don’t waste your time here if you don’t know how hard it is to make anime, you don’t even know how to program or code!
      They can add how many super saiyan transformations they want since it’s their anime NOT yours. If you want some blood then fucking kill yourself. If you’re blind then you WOULD see those vulgar words.

      “All the pussy butthurt WEEABOOS who’re gonna breathy heavily like the fat fucks they are over these facts… Can FUCK off….. I won’t be replying to butthurt BITCHES !”
      First of all, here is my comment on THIS ^^^^^^^^

      Nigga, you can’t even get pussy or bitches so why are you talking. If we ARE butthurts why would you type all this, why not ignore it? Also YOU can fuck off if you don’t like or want to be on this website. If you want a website of yourself MAKE ONE. Oh if you don’t know how then shut the fuck up RETARD.

    • John W


  • Zorawar Heisenberg

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        • Guest

          You must have no life; please get a life. You must love insulting because people are ticked off and you laugh at their comments. If that’s what you do all day (bitching on every DBS episode section on this site and now insulting religions) hang out with some friends or whatever.

    • Ryan Harvey

      Well trolling or not, you’re factually spot-on about Muhammad at least.

    • T7ven

      How the fuck is this relevant to DBS? Go back to fucking 4chan.

  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    Also Toriyama needs to FUCK OFF, the old man can’t even remember half of the shit he wrote in the past and creates whole new plot breakers. At this point he just doing this for the extra cash, he jumped the shark , and that’s hard to do for a anime, especially a anime like DBZ.. Super Sayian is a complete and utter joke now… Once looked as the GOLD STANDARD , now this shit is like my little pony with all these new gay ass colors , Pink , baby blue , red , this nigga probably gonna come out with a purple, white and green… Might as well make a fucking rainbow with all the primary colors…. FUCKKK

    • Uknownothing

      there are only 3 primary colors…
      rainbows have 7 colors
      just sayin

    • Kid in Africa

      I agree. I was one of those who raged about Toei’s animation quality, but the plot is just as fuck up, they can all be together and be trash.
      The Z-fighters protector of the Earth is now completely trashed by a retarded cat breed and a gay alien. The God ki power up is also retarded, becoming stronger by not releasing Ki? Cant be more gay than that. Again, the animation quality is trash.

    • baby faced jimmy norton

      you do know this whole series was supposed to end before dragon ball z existed, it jumped the shark a long ass time ago.

    • T7ven

      Stop fucking complaining about this shit existing, if you wanted it to end at Z then let that happen, just stop watching this.

    • Peter Brooks (Aster)

      Stop watching the show you fucking idiot

      • Zorawar Heisenberg

        hahaha .. Blow this D, you flithy peasant.

    • null


  • Dods Fuertes

    complicated story, why god asked for immortality, Zamasu is a kioshen so he is a god why need to be an immortal.

    • Centium

      If I’m not mistaken, he can’t take physical form in the living world if he’s dead. Kaioshins can die just like King Kai did after being wiped out by Cell’s explosion.

      I haven’t taken the time to do any real digging and this is all from memory. Given that Toriyama is out of his mind, anything can happen at this point. 😛

      • Goku Black

        Your wrong king kai was killed my lord beerus if you watched dragon ball z battle of gods ;P

        • Centium

          But he was already dead by that time. He still had a halo…

          • Goku Black

            Goku could have wished him back

          • ThatGuy.

            Lol when did Goku wish him back?
            King Kai was killed when Cell suicide bombed. That’s that.

    • Ciksson

      Complicated story??? This is like saying teletubbies have a complicated story, lfmao!

    • Christopher

      Because he can? Kaioshin are not Immortal, they only love for a very long time, they can be killed with enough force.

      This is not a complicated story.

    • Bob

      Because the gods aren’t immortal. That was established way back in the Cell Saga.

    • Josh Mcewin

      kioshen are linked to the god of destruction, the other on cant live with out the other, so Zamasu wish to be immortal so he could kill the god of destruction in his universe. Also Whis said this in one of the episodes.

  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    DBS is kid shit , not something a mature DBZ fan wants to see… if you don’t agree, you have no soul.

    • T7ven

      Telling a guy to kill himself over an anime, calling something gay because it’s fucking pink, and saying someone has no soul because they have a different opinion from you, what are you, Ukrainian?

    • Dichologos

      DBZ is just as much “kid shit” as DBS ever has been, to be honest. I like both series, but you’re kidding yourself if you think that DBZ was ever all that mature.

      Sure, it had mature “themes,” but this series also has mature themes – more of them in fact. For example: the “apocalyptic future” arc actually has characters and a resistance that is shown, and isn’t just some random backdrop to explain the Time Travel. So it feels more dark, honestly, and far less “kid shit.”

      The only thing “kid” about DBS is the character designs and some of the jokes, but I can take those. Dragonball has never taken itself that seriously after all.

  • Sage Tucker

    lol people are fucked, why even come and comment negative shit if it changes nothing? people just find reasons to bitch and moan together but for what?! there is nothing wrong with the animation or the plot, you people just dont know how to accept change, it doesnt matter what dbs COULD have been, cause all you people whining about shit would be whining anyway about some other reason why dbs is not the same as dbz -_- its meant to be diffrent not aimed at ONLY tthe old fans who are probs all in their early to late 20’s by now -_- people are so retrarded

  • Jordan Pearce

    Actully your thinking of dragonball kai and yea i suppose we should have settled for dragonball gt NOT!!! So shut your face you dumb ass troll

  • Payeton Harvey

    I want to see whis fight.

  • Mira Vevoda

    DBZ KAI wast best for me.The Pace and dialogs with more mature feel then DBZ…DBS is worst..DBS is like prequels in SW. (in terms of quality)

  • Ruzgel Gaming

    dragon ball shit is the meaning bitches dbz is a holy crap animation db gt really fucked up.

  • Ruzgel Gaming

    it would be a delight if dbz story and dbs animation combined

  • Ruzgel Gaming

    it would be fantastic

  • Ruzgel Gaming

    i know why is this anime now is a kid show, japan is growing, alot babies so alot of kids so alot of kid shit

    • SSJ-Mad

      it airs in the morning for kids on a sunday before they go out or whatever.

  • baby faced jimmy norton

    Half of you guys that think DBS is shitty never watched the original Dragon Ball and only watched DBZ.

    • Some guy

      Hey guess what? No one gives a shit.

      • baby faced jimmy norton

        Okay, edgy.

        • hissss

          Actually everyone who thinks DBS is absolute garbage watched all of DB and read the manga.

          • Eric Berry

            fuck you, DBS is great…..go do something with your life you fat piece of shit, who has nothing better to do other than complain about a show….so you literally just watched the show to bitch? find something to actually do with your life other than being a blog whore

          • Thatonegirl

            Eric, it’s called opinions, people can have opinions, grow the hell up. I like DBZ better, yes, but I don’t think DBS is better.

          • William H. Buttlicker

            Harsh, but I totally agree!

          • Atla

            and here you are Eric, having nothing better to do than complain and bitch, like a blog whore 🙂
            perhaps you should find something to actually do with your life

          • baby faced jimmy norton

            Well I did that and I can watch DBS without crying, and find some value in watching it. Try to enjoy yourself. Stop being so critical.

        • Some guy

          Yeah almost everything is edgy now days huh?

          • baby faced jimmy norton

            No, I just call things as I see them. I don’t go around calling everything edgy.

      • Eric Berry

        i give a shit, you stupid fuck. why dont you go cut off your own fat chode and eat it

        • lol jesus fuck

        • Some guy

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          • MKNiner

            I can’t suck his dick because I’m not homosexual, but since you’re suggesting that, you appear to be homosexual, otherwise you wouldn’t tell other people to suck dick.

          • Some guy

            I wasn’t talking to you.

      • buttface

        some guy: best reaction ever. hahaha lmfao

    • Federico Depico

      Half of the guys that think DBS is shitty probably never even watched Dragon Ball Z. DBS’s quality is at least on par with DBZ when it was first released.

  • Γιωργος Παπανδρεου

    I feel Super is better than DBZ….i haven’t watch all the episodes of DBZ though i dont have the patience to watch 10 episodes of Goku vs Frieza when half of them are characters smiling,looking worried,gasping and shiet. DBZ’s plot was almost always generic as fuck. There is this guy who wants to destroy Earth,and we have to stop him.
    In Super i feel its been getting a lot better. We have characters that bring a godly “royal” attitude (Beerus,Zamasu,Black,Whis) the plot for once is not just “destroy the earth”, its a lot deeper and more interesting because the villains are gods who pack a certain level of intelligence and actual reasoning backing their plans. Except Beerus’s who simply was itching to fight (being the god of destruction i guess its natural).
    I dont get all the bitching about Super Saiyan Rose…Yes,his hair is pink but if that’s all you re looking at then so be it. The whole package seems dope. A Saiyan God (probably) with higher standards and power than the main characters who has an actual vision and pays due to abstracts like beauty etc. is cool as fuck. I was so happy when he kicked Goku and layed him flat on the ground cause we haven’t seen anyone yet strong enough to do that.
    Xeno i agree is really creepy for some reason looks dumb as fuck but also scary cause he is like a newborn in appearance but he is the most powerful dude in existance…and Zamasu is dope.
    Also,the moment Black takes a beating from Vegeta and then just clears his shirt and kicks him into the rumble was oooooooooooooooooooooooop

    EDIT: Lets not forget the fact that the true god characters (Beerus,Zamasu etc.) are powerful without being muscle freaks, something i actually find really nice for some reason. Beerus is like a walking stick but he is really strong and its like paradoxical which proves his godly status

    • Zorawar Heisenberg

      You got wanker’s cramp, the worst of british disease. Get help.

      • Magickally

        You need to grow up, and let people have their opinions instead of insulting everyone.

      • null


  • Kyle Reyes

    Why bother going here if you’re just going to put hate comments? either watch or piss off! In my opinion, the show and the site is doing pretty well, so you can hate all you want, but not here please!

  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    Too many DBS dick riders on this site.. Bitch ass faggots know they’re watching sub par shit but they too much of dick riders to criticize toriyama… DBS is treated like shit, with these wack ass animators, fucking ametuer college students .. The story is shit .. Everything is shit in this show. DBZ not getting RESPEK ! Weeaboos will watch anything

    • Ryumancer

      Of course Z is better than Super. But Super is better than GT. 😉

      • Zorawar Heisenberg

        I’ll wait till the dub to say if it’s better than GT

        • Ryumancer


          Content matters, not dub.

          • Zorawar Heisenberg

            Dub matters more

          • Ryumancer

            You’re an idiot.

          • Zorawar Heisenberg

            Blow me faggot

          • Ryumancer

            I don’t swing that way you hypocritical dipshit.

          • Lemniscate

            Coccydynia, be bescumbered until you cease your buncombe.

          • Dichologos

            If you really think the Dub is what is important, then your opinion on what constitutes “sub par shit” I would have to say is pretty shit yourself.

            DBS isn’t great, but DBZ wasn’t great either – it just is a show a lot of us grew up on, and it has respect for that. I’m not sure why people seem to find it worse though, when objectively speaking the characters and plot and pacing and such are better in pretty much every respect.

          • Zorawar Heisenberg

            Me > You .. KYS cunt

    • Do you have anything else better to do than sit here and cry like a little baby about DBS? Seriously, I think you must be mentally ill. You should go see a psychiatrist so that they can prescribe you some Zyprexa for your irritability. Have a nice day Mr. Weeaboo Zorawar 🙂

      • Zorawar Heisenberg

        You look like Chuckles the assclown in that pic. XD

  • Cecilthedarknight_28

    Well as usual the comment section is cancer and being mucked up by one butt-hurt fan. Listen don’t you have better things to do than complain about a series you obviously hate? I’m just going to set back, enjoy the ride.

  • Norris Kilgore

    go go eng sub!

  • One Nation Rap Puppet

    Somebody farted at 9:11-9:12 when Beerus, Whis, and Supreme Kai arrived. Wow lol

  • Michael Bowser

    This retarded fucking shit pisses me off. I thought they would take DBZ and GT and do like a combo of the two and create something with adult like language blood and actual fighting not this fucking princess dancing pile of garbage this is a total FUCKING disgrace i watched this shit as a child. And i know for a fucking Goddamn fact that this shit is no better then a fucking teletubby. I think if we are going to see what we want from this shit We need to force that Old fucking retarded bastard to retire and get someone that knows the fucking story from db to dbz Destroy whatever this fucking shit is. and Create something more fucking accurate. base on martial arts faster transformations bring back the ssj 1-4 transformations build upon a fucking ssj 5 transformation create fucking new fusions and Make everyone including Gohan a fighter again. If i had my hands on this i would scrap it i would fire the fucktards that wrote this and drew this and i would hire some actual hard core fucking DBZ fans that know their shit and what they are talking about i would bump the fucking graphics i would darken the story line i would give all the fucking characters a chance i would use CGI to create a computer animated version that was off the fucking hook. I would make kids when they watched this piss their pants with excitement. FUCK THIS DUMB FUCKING RETARDED PILE OF DISGRACED GARBAGE THAT ISN’T EVEN MORE THEN A FLUFF BALL FAGGOT ASS QUEER FIGHT.

    • Dichologos

      Ugh, too many ten year old trolls watching this series and getting all butthurt over it.

      You know what: if you don’t like it, then don’t watch it. Whining like a toddler doesn’t help anyone, but if it’s all you can manage, you have my pity.

  • Andyrewnie

    when is there going to be subtitles?

  • Jonny Frost

    Guys if you dont like DBS then dont watch it, noone forces you to watch it. So please, stop talking shit and enjoy it 🙂


      I agree, they so stuck on the Z era when its time to move forward. I personally think that it’s the same as DBZ. we all know there’s a level higher than each level of super sayians. Like super sayian 3 after that level its super sayian god and after that level it’s super sayian 4. DB super happens right before GT. I personally loved GT but they created dragon Ball super because alot of fans didn’t like GT which I feel like what could have happened after GT

      • GAHHHH

        SSBlue is before SSJ4 but ODDLY SSBlue is stronger than SSJ4. LOGIC


          And that the part i don’t get. Should’ve a god transformation happened after SSJ4?

  • Sniber

    DBS is far better than DBZ, Dbz was slow as hell and entire time was wasted on focusing on character’s faces staring at each other. It’s unwatchable. Although DBZ KAI was cool with its fast pace battles. DBS has great world / story building with lot of new cool characters.


      I feel like dbz was the best because they actually had more action, shows people actually getting killed, vegeta was a bad instead of a stubborn soft ass, Gohan didn’t act like a bitch. But don’t get me wrong i do love super though

  • Aaron Soldier

    This show is amazing. Fuck the haters!

  • SSJ-Mad

    So many people complaining, if anything complain about how everyones profile pic is Bardock -.-

  • xxx

    Well FU for tagging a video “subbed” whn there still are no subs… assholes

    • whateverfuckyou

      agreed. I too would like to say FUCK YOU to whoever keeps LYING about the episode being subbed EVERY WEEK.
      Fuck you and die, you motherfucking asshole

  • Zorawar Heisenberg

    Anyone who likes this shit show or defends it is a dirty filthy sack of shit . You ratchet inbred low life cunts weeaboos need to be GASSED ! Hitler needs to come back and put you filthy homos in the oven.

    My opinions > Your useless dribble.

    I’ll always be superior to any cunt, who disagrees with me. FIGHT ME

    • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

      Stop watching DBS then, kid.

      • ∞ Infinity ∞

        Ah, a typical example of ad hominem. Use logic to get your point across, not pejorative remarks like this.

  • R4yL

    I miss the days when saiyans get stronger after each fight… none of that fact is present in DBS and I just had to watch cell games again. The intense feeling that had everyone on edge that the DB warriors almost lost hope. that feeling is not in this DBS because, well even if they die, the Gods would just fix the universe anyway so its almost like the Gods are just playing games.

  • You guys have way to many ads here, it seriously annoying.

    • Lobothemainman

      If you don’t know what adblock is, you deserve to watch ads

  • urAnus

    Imo it misses the thing that made Z great, Good Fights.
    Way to much filler episodes in Super.

  • bla

    i´d have no problem with all those transformations if they were specified and had certain perks for different situations. As they are just power ups, if a new level is reached the old transformations become useless. ( ssj was the legendary warrior? lol )

  • Skiiiwalkr

    Can’t compare animation decades apart with each other at this point it’s safe to consider the ssJ first appearance almost 30 somthin fuggin years old if not already that and older ….
    This new arc is targeting a hybrid crowd of old fans that know what’s up and are already familiar with all the characters trying to keep us entertained with evolution (of course all the regular characters were never ever ment to keep up with goku soon as ssJ was introduced) and then dbs is targeting newbies shorter attention spans, Iike more colors petty humor and so fourth

    At this point wtf else could I really ask from this show that’s been out since the 80s bro ….If DBS really sucks as much as hater believes y hasn’t the plug been pulled yett

  • DarkSlayer3D

    I like the way dragon ball super is going with the story is at the moment. But the lack of blood and actual injuries is taking off some of the intensity of the anime for me. I don’t mean that there has to be pools of blood everywhere for instance when Black pierced Vegeta like a shish kabob he just spitted a little blood. That is not all Trunks looks at him and smiles (at that point i was like “wtf man your father just got pierced and almost killed and you are smiling come on do something about it”lol). Instead he just waits for Zamasu to join to defend Goku And completely forget about his father…

    Oh no they remember him yes after they almost died and where saved by him. Ok i accept they where too weak to try to save him after that but still dam trunks thats your father man… Anyways trunks in SSJ defended himself more than Vegeta did in SSJB form…lol.

    Well thats my opinion im not hating on DBS it have a great story but it can be so much more intense than that without having the pools of blood of Z but a little bit more than what they have wouldn’t hurt.

  • Mr Marshy

    As an animator for shows like Naruto, people don’t give credit where its due. Some of the scenes are a little off but thats because they are trying using new students to do it for them, thats because the people that animated Z are retired. I dont think people realise that talent is incredibly hard to find when it comes to animation, and those who are really amazing at it, either work for top of the line Anime studios or Disney. When it comes down to it Toei doesn’t have enough money to pay for new students, sadly the anime industry in Japan is dying, because of streaming sites like this. The storyline and characters are all opinionated as well, so you’re allowed to spread your opinion, just dont make fun of people for liking a specific character or genre of film. That is really just uncalled for, and doesn’t get us anywhere but arguing…. In the end of the day you guys are wasting your time comenting on a post about an anime so, just enjoy it, and if you dont leave and fine something that you do enjoy, there are thousands of different types of entertainment there is really no need to just watch this One show. I am going to critise the lack of blood though, most of the dragonball audience is old time fans so they really are doing something wrong there, but overall I (Note the I) find it really good at the moment. But then again thats just my theory on the whole thing. My gAME THEORYYY!

  • Lushiandro Melhova

    Black are Lucifer

  • Scofield

    I dont think that it should be allowed for universe 7 to interfere in universe 10s problems. That just shouldnt be the case. Beerus has his own universe its none of his business. Future Trunks is just a huge bitch who should die already, he couldnt defend himself against the android, he changed time. So that should be enough. I really want zamasu and black to be protected by the omni king, he shouldnt allow interfering.

    • King Bradley

      Yes, but if only Zamas didn’t touch his dirty hand to universe 7 ‘s Earth. He defiled his territory, disrupted the balanced of his universe without Beerus’s judgement. He should expect the punishment of the universe 7 God of Destruction.

  • siraz

    Zorawar your mother is lying in bed with me and not letting go of my big dick stuck I her wet pussy

  • Cyril Schoenacker

    Am I the only one having big ads over the video the prevent me of watching it ? I can’t close them beacause they “clip” through the video player.
    Please do something about it it’s really irritating.

  • Euro_Rapp

    It is not subbed!

  • Divyesh Dubey

    wtf check utube for subtitles in english…this channel is fuking late

    • qq

      i cant find it

    • Noob

      Bullshit noob 🙂

  • Jason Caruso

    Dragon Ball Super is fucking amazing I love everything about super. I can’t wait for the English dub that’s just gonna be amazing. I love all of the dragon ball franchise

  • Steve Bakewell

    WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THE HATERS IN THE COMMENTS!? Seriously i get it that you guys are upset with the crappy rushed animation and the jovial tone of Super, but can we just appreciate how fucking amazing this arc has been so far? fucking hell…

    • Zen

      Steve, only one of us is upset here…and if you keep reading he got Kamehameha by everyone here lol

      • Steve Bakewell

        You’re damn fucking right i’m sick of reading the same “Super is shitty hurr durr” comments over and over!

        • Zen

          Hell yea, I completely agree!

  • where were you when english

    where were you when english sub is kill.

  • Zen

    I’m a fan of Toriyama and his work. Granted is not DBZ like it use to be, but so far the story has been great, and the animation on some of the fights has been on another level. You have to remember something about any industries that animate, film and even publish. They appeal to the demographics most of the time, if young adults from the age of 16-25 is their biggest sellers that’s what their going to appeal to most of the time. Be open to change! In the world of anime you have to be for your sanity- sake. If your not your going to end up like some people on this site that completely piss on Toriyama good work. Not that some of their points are valid with all due respect, but would you honestly be okay if it was exactly the same?

  • Han Solo

    Why do they have an ad over the fucking play button??

  • xDrac

    so when will the sub be out?

  • sdfsdfsdf

    55 minutes

  • Fu fags

    Fucking timer went from nothing to 55 minutes gimme my dragon ball fix you cunts

    • Zen

      I thought I was the only one who just noticed that! Damn clock did reset just now.

      • Fu fags

        Chances are it will change again

  • Dbtu

    where is English subtitles

  • hello

    wtf when the english subtitles will came out

    • Zen

      Not yet, the timer reset itself again for some reason. I guess is they ran into some complications or something idk.

  • Euro_Rapp

    The original DB was as good as DBZ. But DBS is shit! Even DB GT was much better!

    • nichtwirklich

      I think you’re the shit one here.

  • nichtwirklich

    Why can’t you just accept the fact that DBS has better plot, animation, arcs and character development than DBZ? Personally I love DBZ but I’m starting to hate because of you bullshits who kept on preaching pure bullshit. Just goddamn.

  • objectivity

    Shows are suppose to develop characters not regress them unless you jump to a prequel. Goku has been regressed despite growing in power. DBS feels more kid like than DBZ did because DBZ saw Goku grow up from DB days and now DBS has kind of regressed him and it’s too focused on Goku. I mean he doesn’t need to be the star of every fight and they try so hard to make him the star that they make other fighters look really stupid. For example; Vegeta from DBZ would’ve been much better than he’s made to look in DBS.

    We didn’t need to see Goku fight Frieza again. It would’ve been much better if Vegeta was the one to take him on. As the prince of saiyans he has the greatest level of pride and a sense of responsibiity for his people and he wasn’t able to defeat Frieza the last two times so he would’ve wanted to do it this time around but again Goku got to fight him and then even ultimately destroy him. That was a waste of time because we had already seen that.

    At the moment I watch DBS because I’ve just always been a fan from DB to DBZ (not GT). I wish Mellaveli who created the fanmade DB Absalon on youtube had more resources because he has taken this franchise in a much better direction in terms of how he has developed the characters and the story line in comparison to DBS.

  • Joel Otaku

    if u guys think its shit….y u guys even here for??

  • ScarinfacT

    I need my subtitles…. RIGHT NOW… No I don’t lmao I can understand japanese. Stop crying guys, doing subs is hard it’s not an 2 min thingy. Either you wait or you fucking start learning kanji hiragana

    • akshay

      where should i start? any sources.

      • ScarinfacT

        Ehh do you have discord ?

      • ScarinfacT

        If you have discord I could give you some stuff to begin with

    • ScarinfacT

      Do you have discord? I could tell you there and give you some stuff to start with

  • akshay

    it was 14 minutes half hour ago and now its 34 minutes. That counter lied to me. 🙁

  • Just be glad that there’s a continuation of the series. You fucking idiots act like you were “intitled” to it. Nah nigga.

    P.S. Dragon ball Super Episode 39 was the best episode in all of the dragon ball franchise. Eat shit and die.

    • Zen


    • Jo


  • objectivity

    lol oh man this show isn’t shit and it’s definitely better than DBGT and lots of us watched all of that still.

    the fans of this series from DB to DBZ days have grown up and gotten more mature than we were back then so naturally we want our show to grow with us. However, it seems the creators may be trying to appeal to younger audiences as well which is where the problem comes in.

    DBZ was better interms of looking at the Z warriors. They weren’t all the strongest but they were able to contribute but now it’s like other characters are there just so Goku can have family and friends and not that they are actually able to contribute anything.

    Gohan moved from a place where he wanted Piccolo to start training him again so he could protect his family right back to being a total punk and none of us as fans want to see that nonsense. Plus the show is totally inconsistent. How can a weak SS Gohan be of some use but a SS3 Gotenks completely worthless and basically just comic relief?

    DBS is for new young fans but for those of us who have been here since DB & DBZ we’re better of supporting Mellaveli with his fanmade stuff on youtube. It’s a much more mature and wholistic storyline.

    Don’t waste time arguing about it because we have simply outgrown this type of anime. Just find more mature stuff.

  • Isabella

    Honestly Think about it – It’s hard to come up with new Original Ideas after having a show on For more then 10 years – I give DBS props for even having ideas to make a show about- And if DBS wasn’t around DB fans would Bitch fit- Including myself – About Not having any dragon Ball to watch after 10 years soooo

  • Nabil “Nab007” Isham

    No subs still !

  • ZeroFreezer705


  • Divam Mahajan

    No english sub .?

  • Zen

    We still got 12 min so far…I just hope it doesn’t reset again

  • Derek Hitchmough

    You know, it’s amazing how many people say Super’s animation is ‘terrible’ when… it’s actually overall good, and just has some clunky scenes. DBZ had ‘plenty’ of those moments itself, well before all the remasters – and even it’s best animated moments sometimes weren’t top-notch either. Sometimes

    ^Still plenty enjoyable overall though. The same argument could be made for many other points, for either series lol

  • Mohammad Arham Shah

    I Have watched dragon ball, until the torrent sites were destroyed

  • Zamasu


  • Zamasu


  • George William Bransom IV


  • nomi

    YOu fucking shitheads, dont label an episode as “subbed” when it is fucking not. Rest of the fucking world cant understand japanese, so the creators should fucking keep that in mind and release a subbed version on same day, i think they made enough fucking money over the years. go kill yourself

    • Michael Leverette

      bro seriously?? are you fucking 5???


    𝙱𝚎 𝚜𝚞𝚛𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚙𝚊𝚐𝚎 𝚠𝚠𝚠.𝚏𝚊𝚌𝚎𝚋𝚘𝚘𝚔.𝚌𝚘𝚖/𝚐𝚘𝚐𝚘𝚊𝚗𝚒𝚖𝚎.𝚒𝚘

  • Mindbending philosophy

    Main reason why dbs is not succesful is because it lacks drama. Drama is key in every movie or animation ever created.

    Second reason is no background story, background stories are essential to give more depth, to understand the motivations of the characters and to play with the audience emotions.

    And then you have the personality changes, for example piccolo who cleans gardens now and do groceries and see this as a form of training? Vegeta who has become soft and admires goku now where is the pride?, Goku who used to be goofy but serious when battling and now comes off as a complete retard.

    Every key i mentioned you can find in dbz, even in gt. Now I can respect this as a separate db series with a new story but without these key elements dbs will never reach the bigger audience. The new villians just aren’t that interesting and the new transformation ain’t that special, if you have at least a bit of sense what makes a movie than you know these as facts. So you can discuss about this al you want but that doesn’t change the facts.

  • Scorpion


  • Daniel Beddow

    Can we quit the bitching at each other just because we disagree about the merits or perceived lack thereof of DBS, it’s getting boring, stop arguing over something that’s almost completely subjective.

  • dsdasdasd

    fuck this shit timer reset again

  • Hoemayoen Nahory

    fucking bullshit counter !!

  • Alexander Cannell

    u think u get this sub done in 2016?

  • Rajesh Negi

    when are they going to upload english sub

  • Zen

    LOL!! yes it has…Man, what a roller-coaster this has been.

  • Divam Mahajan

    Wat the fuck is wrong with this timer .?

  • Scorpion


  • Scorpion


  • Jayh

    some bs i waited 1 min for that countdown still no subbed

  • Scorpion

    why is it resetting timer ?

  • Han Solo

    Fuck this stupid fucking timer

    • Zain Ul Abideen

      It keeps increasing when finished already -_-

    • Han Solo

      Whoever is in charge of this website needs to be fucking shot because apparently they cant set a fucking timer right!!! I mean fuck dude!

  • disqus_oBw0ESh5Jh

    what time is the dubbed episode coming out?

    • ScarinfacT

      Wut dubbed ?

  • Ricky

    It should be up by now but the timer reset

  • Fcukyou

    I enjoy dbs think it is better than db and dbgt? if you dont like it, dont watch it ? It simple really

  • RandomGuy

    That timer reset tho

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    just do it already

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    Pieces of shit why do you reset the timer fuck you

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    Instead of resetting the timer. Just give us the actual time its gonna take!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Holy shit this comment section is terrible.

    • Zen

      It wasn’t that bad earlier I promise…The time reset itself and some people are losing their shit lol

      • Kelpo

        It’ll probably die out when the sub is posted.

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    Don’t say that…They might just put it back to 6 days again and say fuck everyone lol

    • RandomGuy

      Until that happens 45000 streaming sites have the episode fucking dubbed

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    Stop spamming the comment section its annoying

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    • Dffgsdd

      Dude, I doubt they actually do the translations themselves. They’re
      waiting for someone else to upload them so they can then upload it here.
      This site is just used to generate money from ads.

      • RandomGuy

        That’s why they’re degenerate fucking assholes

  • pgod

    waiting for the timer to run out i dont want to be annoyed by this too

    • AS

      watchdbsuper net READY

  • Ruzgel Gaming

    if the animation of dbs and story of dbz combined it will make those db workers grow like shit

  • Anonymous

    You either now post this fucking sub and stop editing the timer or I will literally take this site down like a fucking beast

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      • Anonymous

        It’s called ‘hacking’.

        • Kelpo

          Coulda guessed, but what the fuck kinda tools do you have to crash a site like this?

          • Anonymous

            It’s simple, this site doesn’t even have an SSL certificate, imagine how poor the security is. If they reset the timer again this site is biting the dust.

          • Kelpo

            I like this idea.

          • ThatGuy984

            No “tools” needed just your pc with internet connection and extensive knowledge of coding like C++, Java and command console know-how..

          • Anonymous

            No, not really, lol.

          • ThatGuy984

            then you’re not really hacking then…just modifying info on a domain that can easily be changed back and fixed

          • whateverfuckyou

            ThatGuy984 you’re funny.

  • NoSub

    Why the video is called subbed? There arent andy sub titles!

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      Or 4 years

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    Im going to shut this whole fucking website down!!! This is fucking ridiculous!! Set the fucking timer right!

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      • Sarthak Gupta

        Hey (insert your nationality)

        • Itachi

          bhai indian hi hu 😀

          • bla alaa

            who gives a fuck, you dumbrunt

  • Daveknowshissheet

    My god. At this rate i’d have learnt japanese before the they translate this episode.

  • Honestly, Pokemon and Dragonball are tied here at being the most uncreative titans ever. Take something good, then spin it around 90 times and add a bow and call it something different. Super Saiyan Sun and Moon

    I like super. Mostly due to nostalgia I think though… As far as a show it’s blatantly obvious that it falls short in comparison.

    • Han Solo

      What the fuck are you even talking about??

    • Daveknowshissheet

      Pretty much the same for all anime, film, TV and well… every creation created.

      It’s called making profit. Albeit, This Black arc has been pretty sick.

  • Andrew Knox

    wait for it wait for it. And Bam another 15 minutes. Probably jinxed myself lol.

    • Μιχάλης Αχιλλέας Παπαμιχαήλ

      This is getting out of hand.

  • Μιχάλης Αχιλλέας Παπαμιχαήλ

    Zamasu would have collected the Super Dragon Balls by the time this is subtitled.
    Get on with it, already!

  • ScarinfacT


  • Vincent Gnanaraj

    i was watching at the timer for subbed for 1 hr

  • Scofield

    The FUCK is taking so long. One Piece is subbed like an hour after its been aired. And dbs takes forever. PLUS stop adding 20 mins over and over again.

  • disqus_SQXtdu89JW

    dont like it dont watch it. fcktards always complaining. be fcking greatful that there even is a dragon ball series.

  • Caitlyn rapper

    rofl just refresh, its workin right now

  • Μιχάλης Αχιλλέας Παπαμιχαήλ

    A livestream, seriously?

  • Tushar Sethi

    Goddamn please anyone adadd the subs!!

  • Scofield

    WTF. I dont want a live stream. i want the whole fin episode

  • Ryan Summers

    this is one shitty stream

  • Scorpion


  • RandomGuy

    shit episode

    • Derek Hitchmough

      They literally crawled back from a battle they lost; of course it would be all talking, recovering, etc

      That isn’t shit

      • RandomGuy


        • Derek Hitchmough

          ^Then give legit reasons for why. At least then they’ll be valid

  • Wolfnrun

    Could be better

  • Ryan Summers

    worthless website

  • DBLeon

    An episode with story is bad because there’s no ACTION WOW!!

  • moocow

    naively cynical kids, shut the fuck up and enjoy the episode

  • DBLeon

    I am being sarcastic

    • Wolfnrun


      • DBLeon

        I am replying @mocow

  • DBLeon

    I like this ep

  • Mike Smith

    Fix the timer.
    There is no episode next week

    • Μιχάλης Αχιλλέας Παπαμιχαήλ

      Zen-chan! I hate those damn week breaks!

  • goku kakarot

    guys i think zamasu would poision gowasu’s tea in order to kill him

    • DBLeon


  • DBLeon

    People need to learn that Dragon ball isn’t all about Action There Needs To B STORY!!!! and character

  • why are people complaining about Super now? don’t they actually know the plot or not

    • DBLeon

      I don’t know people vote Trump there pretty stupid

    • fallacies

      i think that’s the point, entirely… we get it…. now fight it out, already!

  • o.g

    this was fine episode. its ok to make you wait abit for action sometimes for the story. you want only action watch something else, immatures.

    • fallacies

      how do we ban this idiot from the site?

  • nichtwirklich

    “Make me black”.. Can’t help but laugh AF<ASDLFKWELRTKWELTKWETKLWETKLWET:WEK

    • Μιχάλης Αχιλλέας Παπαμιχαήλ

      *Makes him black, changing his skin from green to black*

  • Μιχάλης Αχιλλέας Παπαμιχαήλ

    IMO Super picked up the pace with the Black Saga, I’m actually thrilled to find out what happens next.

    • DBLeon

      me too

      • goku kakarot


    • fallacies

      picked up the pace? did you watch the episode… i can’t fathom the amount of yapping i just had to endure…

      • Μιχάλης Αχιλλέας Παπαμιχαήλ

        I mean in terms of plot in the sagas.

  • goku kakarot

    zamasu will die if beerus dies and beerus will do just that in order to save others cause he is becoming more and more sentimental towards goku and his friends

    • Cha

      Bruuuuhhhhh beerus is from universe 7 zamasu is from universe 10 wth are you saiyan

    • Μιχάλης Αχιλλέας Παπαμιχαήλ

      Beerus will die only if the Supreme Kai we know dies.
      Zamasu is from Universe 10, so his life is linked with that Universe’s God of Destruction(provided that self-promotion to Supreme Kai counts).

    • Milan Babic

      What did you watch all this time?

    • fallacies

      i’ll pray for you… if this is what you’ve put together, you’re dumb; and, even if the universes were right, you’d be naive to think Beerus has such a huge heart.

  • Caitlyn rapper


    • DBLeon


    • Μιχάλης Αχιλλέας Παπαμιχαήλ

      Incorrect, it’s episode 60.

    • fallacies

      nope. they believe zamasu has to do wrong first…
      i’m not sure slapping up Zumo is violation enough. they will tell Goku to wait it out… until they can catch him doing something wrong….

  • an entire episode of filler. Woooooo brings back memories.

    • goku kakarot

      watch naruto and you will realise what fillers really are

    • Μιχάλης Αχιλλέας Παπαμιχαήλ

      It’s not filler.

      • fallacies

        not only… filler is wasting time. same in an essay. if you beat around the bush like this in a thematic essay, your instructor would tell you to get rid of all the filler and run-on-sentences… no1 wants to be subjected to that repeatedly…

    • DBLeon

      what filler?

    • ThatGuy.

      Story progression is filler? okay.

      • fallacies

        this is not story progression… that was the run-a-round… we just watched them take more than 20-minutes to go over everything we’ve already saw… and the escape-goat was Goku, pretending he couldn’t put the pieces together.

  • Hoemayoen Nahory

    people only want fights without story ? wtfff

    • DBLeon

      yeah its crazy

    • fallacies

      no. we don’t want exaggerated story… they could have wrapped this shit up a lot faster, and included whatever they’re going to include in the next episode too… then we’d be right on track for a little fight or altercation …

  • Cha

    If you dont like it stop watching smh dbs is mad nice idk what yall saiyan 🙂

  • goku kakarot

    any predictions about

    next DBS

    • DBLeon

      I think Zamasu poisons Gowasu

      • goku kakarot

        thats what i think by poisioning his tea

      • Wolfnrun

        That is most likeley the case

    • Wolfnrun

      Goku is in the bathroom minding his business then accidently flushes the beans with his junk in the toilet

      • DBLeon


    • Μιχάλης Αχιλλέας Παπαμιχαήλ

      No need to, the preview already showed it.

      • fallacies

        oh. sorry. i don’t watch previews 🙁
        so little happens in an episode, that a preview will basically be the entire episode…

    • fallacies

      yeah. everyone will yap their mouths, goku will ask dumb questions, and they’ll tease of a fight for the next episode… which will be lackluster because
      – either the enemy will wittingly get away after a dodge or two; or,
      – weak ‘feeling eachother out” fighting will happen briefly until they tease of a more intense fight for the next episode….

      either way, we will be tortured.

  • PlantonSSJ

    If I may say something, Goku will attain SSJ Rose in one or two years, making Zamasu get that power

    • Μιχάλης Αχιλλέας Παπαμιχαήλ

      Thing is, SSJ Rose is Black’s equivalent of SSJGSS, it’s Zamasu’s Ki that makes it like that.

    • fallacies

      you haven’t been paying attn. it’s rose of of Godly Ki + Zamasu’s Black magic

  • Μιχάλης Αχιλλέας Παπαμιχαήλ

    Now the agonizing 14 day waiting begins…

    • fallacies

      two weeks for the next episode?

      • Μιχάλης Αχιλλέας Παπαμιχαήλ

        Yeah, no episode on September 18.

  • nichtwirklich


  • Meowth

    Gowasu needs to die! he’s a freaking idiot. He knows how Zamasu been acting and he still doesn’t believe anything.

    • fallacies

      he should have died already… can’t wait… maybe he agrees and supports Zamasu now…

  • The Legendary Troll

    another couple weeks of fillers…….yawn

    • Guest

      Dragon Ball Super doesn’t have filler. The anime is way ahead of the manga, and filler is content not in the manga. Therefore neither the anime nor the manga are canon, so it can’t have fillers. Besides, these kind of episodes develop the story a little.

      • fallacies

        no. this is filler; it’s boring, soap opera-type “content”

  • fuckk

    this is horrible just get over with this zamasu staff its already 20 episodes to match

    another episode that tell you absolutely nothing with 0 action

    for every good episode we gonna have 20 boring useless episodes?

    • Derek Hitchmough

      It’s been twelve episodes since the arc started… compared to Z’s original run taking nearly 200 episodes to go through the Saiyan, Frieza, and Cell arcs (and adding onto it with the Buu saga). But anyway, this is the same kind of natural plot progression that follows a lot of fights in series; they recover, they discuss a little strategy/things that need to be explained/talked about, and such things

      ^What else did you expect? Not even Z was all action, and this isn’t anywhere close to boring, unlike the former’s inaction sequences

      • fallacies

        but the idiot creator must realize that the viewers of ball & Z aren’t 12 anymore… we need him to wrap it the fuck up and get on with the action…

        the BS scenes of bickering, Zuno/Zumo (whatever) and whatever else, could have been shortened to take fill 5-10mins of the episode, instead of 20+.
        (i.e.: show zamasu enter the temple, ask Zuno/Zumo the questions –> move on to the next scene… takes 1-2minutes… BUT, if you want to drag it out, show the security giving Zamasu resistance… give us some *cool* fight scenes.)

        • Derek Hitchmough

          They may not be 12 anymore, but as mature adults (hopefully), they should actually have some ‘patience’ to watch a show come out episode-by-episode. Especially since the arc moves along at a reasonable pace, unlike DBZ’s original run, and we have extremely little filler at all (and no, the moments were everyone is talking aren’t filler – they never were)

          Or are you saying people just want things nownownow? Because while true, ‘that’ is the true BS imo… extremely late in reply, but even still

    • Guest

      DBZ and its continuations focus on fighting, yes, but it’s not just fighting. Character development, slice of life etc.

      • fallacies

        character development? all the characters are developed. there is a threat; disable him. no1 cares to remember nor hear exactly how moronic Goku is. he gets dumber every year.

  • Animefreakxxzz

    Bulma made my day 12:30

  • Lobothemainman

    Lol basically this episode took 20 minutes to explain something that took 3 minutes. Literally nothing else happened.

    • fallacies


  • Nogui

    Just another usual “taking 20 mins to do something that would only take 3 mins” episode. But it’s good that Whis and Beerus are back on the case.

    • fallacies


  • Aizen-Sama5

    Dragon Ball Super is so great ! New concept, new stories, new animation.
    For some people that compare DBS to DBZ, is just not acceptable.
    All these new forms are part of the development.
    A mere SSJ1,2,3 would not be able to fight these new characters that they are developing
    But like in every animations, there will always be ups and downs.
    so dont compare and complain about it. If u think u could do a better job, go work there

    • fallacies

      it is good; just has a lot of pointless episodes, meant to waste people’s time. #annoying

      • Aizen-Sama5

        Can u name atleast 1 anime that has no pointless episodes?
        I dont think there is an anime out there that would have fighting action going on in every episode

        • fallacies

          hence, why the direct translation of anime, should become, soap opera

  • Draskov Draskovic

    Still waiting for the maximum over saiyan

  • William H. Buttlicker

    Great episode, great arc, great suspense! Can’t wait for next week, again! And for all y’all naysayers, why not stop watching if you hate it that much? Anyway, love the new direction for animation, this episode was visually almost perfect IMO. Oh, and I loved how I saw a comment about Goku being mentally challenged right before watching the episode! Goku has always been the same: a bit simple, academically challenged for sure (remember the old times when Krillin and him were studying under Master Roshi?), and never grew out of his childish mentally, mainly because he doesn’t know why he should care about what other people think, so doesn’t. But when things get serious, he sometimes has that brief moment of clarity. Now that I think of it, he was in this mentality for the whole time he was on Namek, and this was arguably the best saga of DB altogether.

    • Verum Serum

      I would guess people that are “Haters” which is probably the term you would use I assume and is a inane and dumb one at that….

      But it’s probably because they WANT it to be as DBZ and this is as close they can get to that again even if it’s fucking annoying. Okey let me give you a crude example. Those that use heroin today and are poor can not actually get the pure substance but are often only able to get a similar one that was made during WWII as a pick-me-up substance for soldiers in emergency. And it’s because it’s waaaay cheaper to make but ohh so much more addictive and destructive you your body.
      But even though those people know about it they will take what they can get even though they would still be “Hating” on it. Damn I dislike that term, it’s really just a term to shut down people. Though you haven’t really used it so it’s kind of a weird red hearing I guess.

      The point is that it’s the closest thing people have to DBZ in almost two decades and it feels like it made to just make money by changing it to be as PG as possible and get a so broad audience they can with as young audience as possible and hook people with notalgia. The same as with Big Bang Theory that went from being a series about the perspective of actual nerds to a rom com with inane references because they found that they could get more people to watch then, which is why the cast is the highest paid TV-Actors at the moment with 1 million dollars per episode.

      And one can blatantly see that they stretch scenes and just have awkward pauses to build “suspense” and if you take away the music it’s just weird and not at all suspenseful or dramatic. It saves animation time and gives them more time with less material for less effort.

      And yes Goku is a cretin now, they even in this episode paly about 5 minutes of material on joking about him being able to use logic of a child to connect simple dots of information.
      In DB he is still young and has lived by himself mostly with no education which makes it understandable to be naive, inexperienced and seemingly dumb.
      And even though he isn’t a brightest of people he had never been a cretin, just below average on what modern societies deem fitting in intelligence since he focused on training and fighting, In which he is a genius. But he was still growing as a person and became more mature as the progression of the story, even when he goofed off in more serious situations there still existed a hint of seriousness gleaming in his eyes with a complex understanding of for at least not being a fool in combat like in this one where a part of the jokes is about him being a complete cretin that can take a moment to think over what to to but just go into battle again…..

      I can go on and on and on. But Goku no matter whether you like it or not is a cretin in this since it’s a fitting way to make him more appealing to younger audiences and get him in dumb situational humour with out rim or reasons.

    • Verum Serum

      And if you find the comment to long please just don’t be one of the many assholes doing the ego-noticing way of responding with “tl:dr who would read that shit fucking faggot” or something similar just ignore it then.

  • Siddharth Kulkarni

    how dafuq zamasu has skill to find dragon balls . he aint got no radar. and if zamasu can do it , then even trunks can do it .

    • Chandra

      He asks Zeno about the locations

  • 14M4N0NYM0U5

    What a fucking waste of an episode. DBSuper is only fillers. What the fuck are they thinking.


    • fallacies

      ppl in asia are paying money to go see this. there should be riots… if i went to the theater, and saw some filler BS, i’d surely be holding someone accountable.

  • asukuu

    episode was removed?!?!?!

  • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

    I believe Whis will reverse time and revive Gowasu after drinking the poisoned tea.

    • Chandra

      may be not, its not been a huge time after he reverses the time in Resurrection F.

    • Milan Babic

      He has limit how often he can do that. So i don’t think so.

  • Chandra

    This episode is freaking awesome, all the suspense in par with the DBZ, about how the things settle down. But the fights need to be more fuelling and involving. The fight with Beerus and HIT are epic in this series.

    Background animations are awesome while, the animations regarding the face and body are just worthless, just compare the scenes with Resurrection F and DBZ’s faces of VEGETA.
    Story is really good introducing different characters from around the universes.

    • fallacies

      this episode was garbage.

  • GhoulKiller9001

    This video has been removed:O

  • GhoulKiller9001

    All of these people with super saiyan bardock avatars are saying stuff is non cannon yet their profile picture is ‘non cannon”

  • The last Number

    Hey at least this is still better than GT

    • fallacies

      nope. probably worse

  • kartikay

    friends we h,ve words to say some people say that sayans have changed colours its preety much hard to digest but they h,ve been worked very much on that so appreciate them 👍 i loved db dbz gt and dbs too so lets see what they do next

    • DBLeon


  • Harem R Saed

    all blaming and accusing but i think about next action

  • Alice Fateburn

    If you have nothing good to say, shut the fuck up and don’t watch.

    • fallacies

      alice stfu, and get out of the comment section.

  • Tenzin Nyima

    Can anyone please answer my question. How did Zamasu get the second wish? I mean, first he asked for a servant. But shouldn’t the Dragon Balls scatter to the universe?? I mean why did the balls scatter after the second wish?? Shouldn’t they scatter after the 1st wish??

    • DBLeon

      He used the time rings to skip a year.

      • DBLeon

        Also he ask Zuno where the locations of the Super dragon balls were.

    • fallacies

      this show is very simple; they explain everything at least twice… stop your dumb questions, and re-watch the episode…

  • Some guy


    • DBLeon


  • Real Black Goku

    l fucking hate dumbass Goku baby Trunks is smarter than him

    • DBLeon


  • Rishav Kumar

    plz try & provide direct download links as always (unlike this one). or upload on simple file sharing sites like mega !!

  • TheAgressiveBear

    And the(non-racist) wish of ep 58:

    • supaman


  • loooool I SWEAR people come her solely to complain about Super.

    • supaman


  • supaman


  • Alexandre Jean-louis Carriere

    is it me or each time i see goku like a jackass i JUST wanna close the show… put goku mature,,,

  • kloontje05

    i like dragonball super it’s only to bad that dragonball GT story line is totaly forget ….. but just maybe there will be a link in the dbs series in a other universe where GT played out

  • SSJ-Mad

    is yagarobi gay? i would of held that butt so nicely

  • Ethan Salazar

    So any one else see Zamasu was wearing 2 potara earings???!!!

  • supaman


  • Dyshawn Bilbrew

    eh the show is ok is has a mic of z and dragon ball but the animation has always been poor and the story is always 50/50 black has been the only cool entry so far and yet at the same time it’s just a reskinned goku after we just had a reskinned vegeta. Let’s be honest here why didn’t he copy the king or someone way stronger than goku?

  • fallacies

    great… a whole episode going over shit we already know…

  • berry allen

    it is sad how goku isnt as serious anymore, like at all. i guess when you get to a certain point of strength you dont have to be. but anyways the way super is going right now i feel like some awesome shit is comming our way and heres why

  • justinchao

    If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it!!!

  • Daniel Martin

    Right now, Zamasu is oddly the best thing coming from DBS. I think on the scale right now, I’d rather watch Dragonball or DBZ again. But it seems to be changing tone now and Goku is more serious.

  • Ben Graves

    It’s good because it’s different. It is STILL the charectars we love. Take a step back, and don’t be an asshole.

  • Khalid Farooq

    I believe the creators are not doing justice with this amazing series. Dragon ball z had so intense villains that really made themselves feel wanted. All of the characters apart from goku and vegeta had some level of important and influential role to play. Team efforts were required to take down the villains, agreeing that it became less important as the series progressed but still the support and development of other z fighters were visible. Goku was goofy but a lot more mature and serious than what he is presented at super, which makes me feel so irritated. Super is also emphasizing a lot more on goku and vegeta, while other characters has become stagnant and there portrayal is limited. Gohan is absolutely a weakling in this series which has agitated his fan following. The animation is also not that good. I feel dbz super is inferior to dbz by a wide margin. It lacks the punch and intensity. The much hyped goku black saga is not living to its expectations with a very confusing plot with overstretched phenomenons. The biggest flaw of dbz is its God hierarchy

  • Gwee

    you mfers come here every sunday acting like you pay for this shit lol you’re the same bunch that complained on boards week after week about how much you hate reading bleach. truly the stupidity is astounding

    • Coolester

      100 % agree

    • SSJ-Mad

      only thing i am complaining about is how Yajarobi didnt hold Mais ass

      • Gwee

        “i don’t want to hold a girl’s butt” i facepalmed

        • SSJ-Mad

          oh dude i would of held that butt and pressed my crouch up agains’t it mmmm

  • Coolester

    My god the comments here are ALWAYS disgusting. The one who maintains this site should disable the comments

    • CiscotheSoto

      You are right in a sense, but then there are those who give like honest opinions while being fair and not using profanity.

  • Shratterjack

    Good Lord.People come here everyday ,watch the latest episode and then rant about how awful is the series.This fact alone is completely illogical and in a way, hilarious.

    • Shratterjack

      I mean if you don’t like it ,just simply stop watching ,how hard is that?.Why post tortuous ,long winded paragraphs about how bad is the show.

      • Zardock

        The annoying voices I can handle, it doesn’t fit many times but it’s tolerable.

        The animation quality is fine with me.

        It’s because there are only a handful of episodes like 57 which make all of it worth it, that doesn’t mean we need 5 episodes in a row where the plot is not advanced at all and some episodes they are filling half or more of the episode with ‘flashbacks’ and just camera panning at nothing. We want full episodes not 1/2 or 1/3 episodes.

  • AizenSamaKing X

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised. Zamasu killing his master was obvious the moment they introduced time rings. Same plot as usual.

    • Vegetasan

      the moment he made a tea

  • SSJ-Mad

    i think beerus wont like this and he will kill present zamasu

  • Ryan Nichols

    Again…everyone is an idiot. There are only two possibilities for this:

    1. Time Rings = Zamasu travels through time to a future/past version of himself. One of them wishes to have Goku’s body and the other wishes to be immortal. They are both Zamasu but also different. Goku/Saiyan bodies get stronger when they are injured or on the point of defeat and they recover. They get stronger with each battle which would explain Zamasu, the genius Kai’s ability to learn so quickly from one battle against Goku in Goku’s body.

    So future Zamasu wishes for Goku’s body and then goes back in time with a time ring to an alternate timeline (I.E. just like freaking TRUNKS) and tells THAT Zamasu to wish for immortality.

    That’s what time rings can do.


    2. Zamasu is the God of Destruction counter part to Zamasu just like Supreme Kai is the counterpart to Beerus God of Destruction. Just like WHIS casually said that they are a pair and if you kill one…the other dies (like Piccolo and Kami used to be) so that’s why Goku was like “All I have to do is beat the Kaioshin?” (which would be super easy for him).

    So with that…their energy is similar but different enough. And since Black doesn’t seem to be invincible…that’s the one they would have to defeat.

    Lastly…notice the hand blade that both Black and Zamasu have?


    Put two and two together and you’ll know the whole arc, I.E. the new “Deadzone” DBZ reboot with Kai’s instead of that stupid *other* green guy.

    And…in case anyone forgot…immortal or not…..Goku has this magic “call the god of everything” button who has the power to wipe out universes on a whim…and erase them. Think Zamasu and Black have a chance against that?


    So after they do some fusion shit and Vegeta and Goku resurrect Gogeta/Vegito and Adult Gohan and trunks fuse and all that shiz…..the god of everything will just be like “poof you’re gone Zamasu” or “poof you’re good with no evil in you.”


  • 2shadez

    Dragon ball z fans are the most saltest and whiniest fans I have ever seen in my life. Yea dragonball super isn’t the best of the series. Honestly the plot is everywhere and nothing is making sense. But I’m still enjoying it. My thing is why do some of you guys act like whiny 16 year olds and complain about everything. If this show is sooo shit why watch it? No one in the comment section wants to see a long ass essay of why you hate the show. If I felt the same way you guys did I would have been stopped watching it. That’s what you call being a grown ass person not some internet whiny pissy pants over a anime? Really? Yall don’t put this much effort into real life shit.

  • Shinobu

    I think we should all accept the fact that DBZ stands the test of time as one the greats. Its Iconic. There will never be a show like it. Period. Moving forward because so many fans requested a new series…. we finally have it and we should accept it and see how this plays out. For crying out loud I’ve watched dbz full series countless times and each time things i didn’t like started to become the things that made the show great ( i.e. battle cries, transformation yelling). So lets just enjoy the show and figure out wtf goku is going to do about black and this douche zamasu

    • Zardock

      There are some glaring flaws that are starting to get annoying. I love super just because it exists, but some of these things need to be fixed. Trunks actually able to hold his own for a moment vs SSRose Black Goku when Black Goku pretty much defeated SSB Vegeta in one attack. 2 or 3 days before that SSB Vegeta couldn’t even be touched by Trunks. This is only one of many obvious issues.

  • Zack Harris

    Did anybody else lose it at “Make me Black.”

  • Zardock

    Dragon Ball Super is like the lottery, you could win big with episodes
    like 57 where tons of stuff happen, but most of the time you get an
    episode like 58 where absolutely nothing happens and the plot is barely

  • Taste of GOD

    Next episode:
    Black went to goku house and give chichi a taste of rose

  • Celtic fag

    I wonder if there will be a Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta?

    • Celtic fag

      Maybe even a Kaio-Ken 10X Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta….

      Ah… wishful thinking…

      • Celtic fag

        And who would be more powerful, Super Saiyan Rosé Black Goku or Kaio-Ken 10X Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta?

        Now my comments are getting too excessive…

  • Hina Williams

    Im willing to admit that super doesn’t have the same charm and excitement as Dragon Ball and Z butv it does make the worl, er universe of Dragonball in general all the more expansive, makes it feel bigger because there’s other universes thatre just alternate outcomes to universe 6 and it’s interesting to see what each universe could be like.

  • Super Saiyan Butthole

    Black and Goku fusion, im calling it now.

  • Mark Hughes

    @zorawarheisenberg:disqus 100% agree with all of what you said. This sucks ass and only watching for nostalgia purposes.

  • Surendra Kumar

    when 59 episode is arriving

  • HEatedheavy

    Really, after 58 episodes I’ve come to a conclusion that the show is about Bulma, every fucking character has been shunned , Piccolo is the new Krillin, Tien is nowhere to be found and again, mainly all the talking is done by bulma. Gohan – fuck that hoe. Pan ? Why even bother ? Fucking Pilaf gets more air time than Piccolo or Gohan. All the events of the show don’t lead to anything special…every 10-15 episode a new villain pops out of nowhere like ‘Hey’ !

    • Jason Brody

      If you hate so much there’s plenty other anime to watch. There’s a lot of fas that actually like the direction of the show including myself but to each his own.

    • Bob

      You mean like in almost all of Dragonball?

  • Payeton Harvey

    If you don’t like Dragon Ball Super and you are just commenting on every new episode that you don’t like it is obvious you like it because if you didn’t like it that much you wouldn’t even comment you would just simply stop watching it.

  • Jason Brody

    I just wanna know if Vegeta will ever grow out of his weakness of loosing his cool whenever he meets an a opponent stronger than himself. Then has a temper tantrum and try to do everything by himself only to be KO’d in the Beginning of the fight. If he would just learn to work together with others he could make a real difference. Even Whis tried to tell him that. He always does that, Black, Cell, Hit, Android 18, majin Buu, Goku, etc.

  • Jason Lu (Kazeker)

    lol lemme in on this

  • joshuanunnaley

    i like super.i think its more interesting than dbz..especially this black and zamasu shit..dbz got nothing on that.and we dont even know what villain gonna be next..or even the omni king tournament..comeon..and its gods why would they keep them a normal sayain color if they are gods now.i do agree that they are overusing goku..i do agree about that but its suppose to be diffrent..not the same shit..or it would still be z ..and the animation in dbz had its horrible moments.super is more bright and colorful..they did that because not only i it gods..but also because the new computers are made to show brightness and color.if you dont have a updated computer or phone then you would not see how nice these new episodes of dbs looked compared to dbz

  • Norris Kilgore

    ffs plz filter these bullshit adds that wont let us escape and keep lagging our computers…i dont mind adds, but these bullshit malware attacks are uncalled for

    • yeh

      Dude… Adblock Plus

  • Pakari

    Zamasu wishing for Black reminds me of that opening scene from Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Both Black and the Future Warrior were summoned using Dragon Balls with neither having a real origin aside from being summoned.

  • Tx Kidd

    “Make me Black” goku 2016

  • has no one thought of the time travel flaw? Goku was already dead in the future. He died of heart problems. there fore this guy would of never met Goku in the future. Which he would not of wished for him as a servant… I still waiting for the one liner that makes this ok haha.

    • Andy James

      Well he did meet the present Goku. And besides, his beef is with humans as a whole, not just a couple of saiyans.

    • Bob

      If you really think about it, Trunks shouldn’t have existed anymore after he told our main timeline heros about the androids. I mean, lets face it, 19 and 20 were vastly inferior to 17 and 18. They would’ve killed them before ever having to face the real threat, and Goku would’ve survived the heart attack. Soooooooooo…. why is this argument only coming up now?

  • Zack Myers

    aye apparently you haven’t noticed or read into shit about the db franchise…. the Japanese version and the American are two totally different goku’s. the american version is more Hero, to the japanese having a more joking fun loving goku. not saying that the american version goku doesnt joke around or have fun, but hes def a much more serious character in the american version…

  • Jason Lu (Kazeker)

    Haters gonna hate

  • Matt

    How does this make sense? Goku in the future is dead so he never would have visited Zamasu and made him want a Goku copy. Also Zamasu would have not seen Goku fighting Hit and seen the super dragon balls in the back so he wouldnt even know about them. Super is cool but its breaking too much of the dbz story.

    • Bob

      Ever think that future Zamasu is just present Zamasu in the future? I mean, let’s face it, time travel doesn’t seem to follow any real rules. After the first visit, Trunks shouldn’t have had anyway back to the present, since telling them about the androids was enough to change things.

  • forTheHorde

    This doesn’t have the excitement of Z.

  • bobbyjbrown

    they should’ve made goku black turn out to be goten

    • Bob

      That makes no sense.

  • runetide

    I love how many of these comments are people whining about how awful they think DBS is. If you dislike the show so much, why do you keep watching it? Idiots.

    • leo lampard

      Cause we got addicted to it AHole.why else do u think

  • leo lampard

    After reading the comments i thought of giving my own thoughts about DBS
    First of all about the SS thing in DBS. I think that Akira is trying get a new base for the SS.I mean that the power of gods are way beyond the power of a normal SSJ like in the battle ssj3 goku vs beerus where goku gets his ass kicked. But they totally blew it in episode 57 when trunks and goku faught against zamasu and black. I mean cmon even vegeta couldn’t defeat black in his SSB form.Yea I know that vegeta wasn’t prepared for that SSR but still he couldn’t have fought him cause when I look at the fight between goku and beerus in the earlier episodes I find it like SSJ3 couldn’t even scratch beerus whereas SSG could fight toe to toe with beerus and the more improved version of SSG could not stand a Chance against SSR but that FUCKIN SSJ2 fought toe to toe with SSR BLACK.I MEAN THATS FUCKING INSANE.
    And about the maturity thing someone talked about in the comments he is fucking right.Yea there is a need of comedy but its like he is mad or something. At least he could be serious in battles in other DBs but this I mean cmon he is a grandfather of kid he at least need to have common sense. DB’s like the part in cell saga and others there was a seriousness which I think lacks in DBS.
    Yea the animation is FUCKED UP!!!NOTHING MORE TO SAY
    The guy that wrote the 1st comment that comes in the page has wrote some serious cons of DBS.Guys u should read his comments.

    • Bob

      Beerus hasn’t shown his full potential yet. For all we know, he could curb stomp Black if he wanted to. I mean, they outright say that Beerus didn’t use his full power against Goku in Battle of Gods.

  • gotenks

    For the episodes content, Akira touches more on time travel and also immortality, which Freeza tried to gain but failed when he was in planet namek.

    Whis ability to travel back for 3 minutes, Hit’s ability to stop time for half a second, capsule corp time travel machine and the time ring. The whole saga was and is focusing on time. Everytime I see time traveling content, most of them failed, hope that this time Akira can do a great job.

    As for immortality, back then, Akira dare not take that path in freeza’s saga, but he is now taking this path, we should just sit back and look forward to how he wants to develop on this.

    As for transformations, it’s the only way to differentiate the characters’ level.

    Gods are just stronger characters with special ability, they can also die, like kaio when goku teleported exploding cell to kaio’s small planet.

  • You Lie

    Why is chi-chi such a fucking bitch…? Can she not complain about every fucking thing? He pulled a fucking vegetable from the ground in the intro, she loses her shit. I want to backhand her.

  • Powered Rich Person

    They made this show for retards. They put such a generic anime spin to it which pretty much CRUSHES the saga of DB/DBZ… Lets me real, Trunks crying ? Trunks being a bitch, thinking he doesn’t have to get strong because his dad and goku are there ? HE WOULD NEVER DO THAT. Gohan not part of the action because school/ work ?! WHAT! never. Goten and trunks fusion ss3 WEAKER THAN Gohans lowest SS1 form ?! Please someone do something.

  • Powered Rich Person

    Trunks being able to fight someone as strong as Super Saiyan God 2 is very ridiculous. Whoever is writing this needs to die.

  • kaloncpu57

    Two things here:

    1. Since Goku is now friends with Zeno (King of All, or whatever you want to call him), I can see them bringing him to deal with an immortal enemy. …unless they just deal with him in the past and stop everything from happening.

    2. For anybody who thinks Gowasu is completely dumb for not seeing that Zamasu is not as good as he thinks, I think the wording from this episode is pretty important. Zamasu’s “doubts” about the roles of humans and gods are definitely settled, just not in the way Gowasu thinks. The whole thing with brewing tea to tell if his heart is calm might not tell the whole story. Zamasu WAS having inner conflicts on whether the gods should interfere, but now his mind is settled and his heart is calm.

  • Anson Ong


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    its good right

  • BronChalton

    I love all the comments hating on this show, but it is episode 58. You’ve been here for a really long time only to take a shit on it now. Are you guys constipated or something?

    Bad jokes aside, I’ve had a lot of fun with this show. By the end of DBZ, the Saiyans of Earth were the most powerful people in the universe. After Frieza, there were no other aliens that could beat them (i am excluding the ones from the various movies, like Broly, Cooler, etc.). The Androids had to be created, and Buu was a beyond ancient monster that was resurrected. I kind of wondered what they would do next, and opening up on the God and Multiverse angle is one of the best things they could of thought of. It makes finding new and powerful opponents much less of a hassle to bring about. Beerus and Whis have been great characters (this arc, they aren’t as fun or well placed, but we have spent a lot of time with them), and they added a lot to the ever-expanding cast of Goku’s friends and allies. Do I think this show is going to be winning any awards? No. Do I think its the best anime to grace my computer screen in the last few years? No. Does it remind me of DBZ while still blazing its own trail? Yes, I believe so. Its funny, flashy, has cool battles, and is surprising me all the time. The twists and turns, and how our beloved heroes will react to different battle situations is lots of fun (the tournament was great).This arc in particular is interesting, because for the first time i know of (reply if i am wrong), DB has a mystery. Who is Zamasu and why is he doing this (this has been answered for the most part by this point)? Its not exactly a DB staple to have anything more than suspense driven battling.

    But I also wanted to present an idea. DBS isn’t just a new show, but its also a victory lap. Think about it! We have been re-introduced to both Frieza and Future Trunks. Even bringing back Kaioken in a big way. Who knows who (or what) will come back from the past to present Goku and Co. with new challenges and enemies to face.

    And for those who believe this is ruining a great thing: This show is so much better than DBGT. I get what GT was trying to do originally: Merge concepts from DB and DBZ (High level action with an adventure feel), but it, in my opinion it was just a shitty version of both. You know what gets old really quickly? Using fusions as solutions to various battle problems. Sure it gets the job done, but the characters aren’t showing any growth in order to get stronger. It was fine in DBZ (the introduction with Gotenks was cool, and Vegito was borne out of very dire circumstances that saw Vegeta swallow his pride for the sake of his family). But is SSJ4 Gogeta really necessary? Even Majuub. And the villains born out of absorbing or fusing (Baby, Super 17, Omega Shenron, etc. (all of which were created out of weird and unique circumstances in order to make powerful villains)).

    Anyway, those are my thoughts and opinions in a (hopefully coherent) rant.

  • Dnsijsns

    My nigga Goku said make me black lmaoo

  • Chaz

    Here’s a food for thought, if goku died in trunk’s timeline how the fuck did zamasu know about him? If goku wasn’t as strong as he was when he fought zamasu before the buu saga shit even the before cell since he died way before that? Just think, it does not make sense or add up

    • Σουηδός

      According to the manga Zamasu and Black can move through different timelines as well, so they settled down in the timeline of the future Trunks since it was the only timeline in which the god of destruction of the 7th universe was dead…

  • afzal

    brolly will come back

  • Jesus

    All niggers should die

    • Patrick James

      How about your mom dies first, while you lick the shit out of her corpse?

  • Alpha

    Its kinda obvious by now Goku isn’t the only idiot, Vegeta is too. I expected more from Vegeta at this point but i guess i was wrong. Its obvious that if they both fusioned into Gogeta and went super saiyan god form then they would stand a chance.

  • Zack Sherrill

    If you read what Tari Yama stated in several interviews along with how the show progresses the regular supersayain transformations are all variations of the original super sayain. Then following the show the god power is the next level sayains can attain. Whis’ character is meant to explain what toriyamas ideas are for what’s going on with these new things and the direction he’s going with them. Whis has tried to explain to Goku and Vegeta multiple times that super sayain is useless because it’s just a temporary power up that wastes ki. The true form of a god is just their original bodies using god ki and containing it in themselves using it efficiently. The reason they turn super sayain blue is because it’s basically a crutch so they can use God powers. Beerus is centuries old and most likely took centuries to obtain god ki and is still being trained by whis himself. Which means goku and vegeta are not going to obtain that level of power on their own in a day which is why they use the blue transformation to imitate that power. Its also why everyone’s who’s at god power is surprised by how strong they are because it’s not something you can get that quickly. The guy goku fought in the tournament was 1000 years old and he was shocked by goku being on par with him despite being so young! Fortunately for sayains they have a special ability to increase their strength after healing from a smack down. Because of that they are able to accelerate their powers dramatically which is why we’ll probably see these characters obtain some true form of a sayain God and not these imitations. Also trunks can attack these godly characters because super sayain transformation is based on their emotions in battle, he’s fighting to save the world and protect his stabbed father. This gives him a boost as well as using the element of surprise to attack these guys who are way stronger than himself. DBS is definitely more tailored to young children, but also for the people who have been watching this since they were kids were a lot older. Our expectations as adults are a lot higher as well as how we perceive these things. We remember watching dbz as a child being awesome and seeing as a grown adult it seems childish. Gokus attitude gets annoying but it’s part of his character, not to mention it’s Japanese based and that’s what they like in animes. With this I’m thinking toriyAma is in a dilemma when writing because he’s trying to attract a new young audience as well as entice the audience that watched when it started. It’s obvious when you see them use classic moves like kaioken and final flash(for loyal adult audience). Then goku acts like a bumbling fool and future trunks gets all lovey dovey with the girl(for new young audience). Personally I’m just happy to have new episodes of a show I loved watching as a kid and I’m entertained. I never expected it to be this awesome show that was going to be perfect in every way. It is what it is and I can t wait to see the direction they decide to go.

    PS also if you remember from DB and DBZ a few of the villains wanted to obtain immortal bodies, even vegeta tried. I think toriyama is showing us finally what it’s like for a bad guy to be immortal and how he thinks they should be defeated. It’s got me curious, and it ought to be interesting for sure!

    • Barış Ozan Gürsoy

      finally someone understands

  • Dokkan Aaron

    i love how the first half of this episode is basically the second half of the last episode


  • CodeREd

    Dragonball Super is amazing! Toriyama is still king of shonen.

  • James Fatherree

    this is the only episode i can watch. All the other ones i cant

  • James Fatherree

    somebody please tell me what to do now. i wanna start at the beginning but i cant

  • michael ceballos

    wait isnt there going to be close to 300 episodes of super and youre comparing 50 episodes of super vs 200+ ep of dbz? youre crazy , give it time to develop.

  • Don Crain

    Wtf? They fucked up. Trunks is in an alternate future. How would his timeline’s Zamasu meet Goku, who was already dead? Yet somehow fought him?

  • EhnzaneSwiizle ‘ItzEhnzane’

    I just like how Zamasu just casually say ‘Pretty Peas’

  • EhnzaneSwiizle ‘ItzEhnzane’

    Whis is now a theorist and a coincidence puzzler…

  • IllIIllIlIlIlIlI

    At times super is good, and at times it is like am i watching a child’s show. Why do they also keep making Goku seem dumb as fuck? And why do they also make him want to fight EVERY fucking somewhat strong guy? was never like that in DBZ. Sure he might have wanted to test his skills, but now the guy just seems like he is on everyone’s DICK!!!……And Vegita, he’s a Ruthless prick who loves his family so keep him like that. But he although COCKY is a good ass fighter, so stop making him seem like such a pushover….DAMN!!! Also take Goku out of the show and EVERYONE dies……no I in team!

    • IllIIllIlIlIlIlI

      I spoke before i saw Goku actually figure out that the DragonBalls were used…lol

  • IllIIllIlIlIlIlI

    Happy to see Yajirobi…LOOOOOOOOOL!!!!

  • Enix

    alright heres my theory. I’m only on episode 58 btw so dont spoil it if im wrong or right. What I think is that when Zamasu killed Gowasu or whatever his name is, he was able to use the time rings. However, they didn’t know why Black could. My theory is that since the lives of the Kais and the Gods of Destruction are tied, and if one died then the other does too, I believe that Black became the God of Destruction or the Makaioshin, and has access to using the time rings.

    • Enix

      oh I copied and pasted this from the side chat thing so I said I’m only on 58 in there. Obviously im only on 58 with the fact that I commented on 58. Sorry, forgot to cut that part out.

  • akash nil

    the video is not playing just buffering..it never happened before, why now?

  • yahir

    not to be racist but did anyone else laugh when he said make me black